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Took @in.kars.world hunting for the first time and got some luck and got a buck on opener day! #hunting #buck #7pointer
Happy Halloween!
Took a short walk down by thr river with @in.kars.world today #lacrosse #mma #mississippiriver
Went hiking today and got to over look La Crosse and see all the bluffs! #hiking #hixontrails
Out of all the sports i have done, #bmx has to be by far one of the absolute hardest one i have ever done and still do. I know a lot of you athletes might not agree with me, and idc. Bmx isnt only hard on your body, but definitely mentally hard to over come. You have to get over the fear of doing something before even doing it! Forcing yourself to get over the fear of fucking up and slamming yourself down into the pavement from sending something down a rail, stair case, gap, ramp, you name it. The slightest mistake can mess you up really good. Which i believe this sport if bmx has helped me gratefully in the start of my #mma career, mentally. Walking into that cage for the first time as nothing compared to sending something off a 10 set or rail i had to over come. I was quite calm in there, compared to entering a trick on my bike. Dont get me wrong tho, i definitely had my adrenaline running when i was in the cage, but comparing it to the stuff i do on my bike. The bike still harder on my mind and body because it is hard to brace for something that you dont truly see until milliseconds before. I am still going to strive and grow in both sports because i have the same amount of love, passion, and dedication towards them both.
Trynna feed the "friendly" raccoon a steak. Didn't go too well.. lol #mma #bmx #raccoon
If you can make it, you should definitely go out and see my boy @thekatokidmma (Trevin Larson) kick some ass in Madison this coming weekend! As bad as i wanna go bro, i sadly cannot make it to this fight.. im in the process of moving states.. i went to your first one and got to watch you conquer. I will go and see you conquer the rest after this one! I am so excited and nervous for you bro! I cannot wait to hear you tell me that you absolutely destroyed and took home another W! I wish you the best man. Im excited to be moving back up north and ill only he a couple hours away from you which means we could meet up on the weekends and get a bad ass training sesh in together😎πŸ’ͺ #cffc15 #mma #thekatokid
Couple of photos from my Muay Thai fight from earlier month. It was a good experience and im glad i did it! Learned a lot and this will only help me when i get a MMA fight! @fightcardent #mma #muaythai #neverbackdown
Had a fun time at the fights last night even tho it didnt go in my favor.. thanks for coming to support! #mma #muaythai
After having 2 opponents for my mma fight either be un eligible or pull out. I settled for a muay thai fight! #mma #bmx #fuckit #muaythai
Love this rambunctious dog! #oroe #puppy #dog #mma #bmx
Cannot wait to continue and add more to my left side! Got so many ideas but not enough money yet! #bmx #mma #tattoo
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@demaytraining throwing me into the shark tank! Helping me prepare for my fight in September!😎πŸ’ͺ #demaytraining #mma
Come see my first fight September 2nd in Rosemont! Grab your tickets now and select my name shown in the video. Its gonna be a great night hope to see a bunch of you there!! Link to the tickets in my bio @fightcardent #mma #ufc #fight #amateurfight
Fun day out at the michigan sand dunes! #mma #bmx #beach
#fbf to a manual 180! #bmx #prollybmx
Had a chance to meet @ricardolamasmma today at his gym in @ufcgymnaperville !!! #mma #ufc
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