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When you find out that it’s the Chinese year of the pig.
Happy 4th Birthday to the most handsomest ham and best lawnmower I’ve ever met!
One last look at 2018. Have to say, the roster’s looking pretty good for 2019. Happy New Years! 🥂🍾
Wish the person taking this picture would have told me to move my big head so we could see the castle. Either way missing Disneyland!
Anyone else use a Waterpik and end up with their mirror looking like you sprayed it with a spray-bottle? 😪
Important Life Update: I met Li’l Sebastian last Friday. #lilsebastian #byebyelilsebastian
It was a good night. Congratulations to @aneshaley and @50shadesofbrai ! Love you guys!
One year ago today I made a commitment to end my contribution to the exploitation and suffering of animals. I knew that I couldn’t sit idly by and say I love animals as I contributed to their suffering. I couldn’t say I was concerned about our planet and global warming as I contributed towards its destruction. I had to make a change. I’ll be the first to admit that not everyday has been easy nor have I been perfect in my approach, but as small as my contribution has been I know I can make a difference. As you begin to ponder over your New Years resolutions please take the time to consider and commit to helping end animal suffering; even if it’s one meal a day, or one day a week, you also can be the salvation that our planet and our fellow sentient beings deserve. For health, for our planet, for animal welfare. #govegan
Trying to teach Inu how to dog and roll in the grass.
Kevin has been a super stinker lately, but can’t stay mad at a face that HAMsome.
It’s been a while since I posted so here’s Ame watching me do some Labor Day cleaning.
I will never get tired of these nerds and their late night zoomies.
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