my ipad's dead and yeah

mmk so my ipad died so i cant talk to you guys and that's also why i've been inactive i'm currently typing on my computer rn but yeah

I'm bored and was too lazy to edit this so this is a raw photo • • #starstableonline
we can all agree that Friesians are i n c r e d i b l y majestic??? • • #starstableonline
No caption here ?? • • #starstableonline
Hi again,, • • #starfam #starstableonline #PicsArt
Hey hi hello !! • Horsey is looking pHOTOGENIc • • #starfam #starstableonline #PicsArt
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idk what I'm doing here ,, swipe left ig - - - {} In The City {} A soft palomino gelding with a muscular body and a pretty face could be seen wandering the streets. He had celeste blue eyes and a fair blaze that streamed down his face to his nose, ending with a pink fade. He had a pale, ghostly white mane followed by a long thick tail. Angel wing feathering covered each hoof, and each leg was dressed with a sock. His hindquarters were lightly dappled, followed by his back and shoulders. - - - {} In The Wild {} His regular blood was replaced with melted gold. His celeste blue eyes were replaced with a deep amber pigment and his dark pupils made his eyes look royal and innocent. He now had a rich gold coat gifted with a metallic sheen. He had a pale blond — almost flaxen — mane, followed by his tail. His giant hooves shined like gold ingots, and meanwhile, you could still make out his fair blaze. - - - #starfam #starstableonline #PicsArt #horse #wildhorse #sso #ssoedit #GoWild
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