Tyra Banks

Perfect Is Boring is my new crazy, fun easy-to-read book πŸ’›. Get it πŸ“š at the link πŸ‘‡πŸ½!

45 days until you finally get #LifeSize2 ! But who’s counting the days until December 2nd!? πŸ’›
Hey @taylorswift. Lil artistic throwback of us at the @amas. Love the shiny boots, girl........................πŸ’›Tyra/Eve
β€ͺ#LifeSize2 premieres December 2nd! ‬ β€ͺAre you ready to shine brighter and farther? πŸ’•β€¬
Eve’s waiting for you. #LifeSize2 premiere date announced tomorrow. See you soon on @freeform ! πŸ’•
Eve’s great...
Congratulations @camila_cabello ! It was an honor to make this face and scream out your name for New Artist of The Year at the #AMAs ! πŸ’›
Scrolling through IG and you see someone who reminds you of your young just-started-modeling self. TyTy sees you, @sydnieeee_319 πŸ’›
I do C U
Meghan Monroe. Love what you, @meghan_trainor , and Marilyn stand for, girl. We need you!
A star is born, and to be honest, her star has never not shined bright or far. @LadyGaGa is a legend, a powerful female warrior, the truest definition of fierce, and now the star of the screen in 2018!
Throwin’ it back to my 19 year old self with big dreams and even bigger hair! Post your photos from when you were 19 and tag me! πŸ’› Photographer had so much to do making me a supermodel πŸ“·: @gilles_bensimon
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