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This is UN1T - We Train As One! ⚫️Strength ⚫️Cardio ⚫️Mobility 📍London Bridge - Borough High St 📍Fulham - Wandsworth Bridge Rd

We are nearly halfway through our 12 challenges in 12 months, and to mark the occasion, UN1T will be running some of London's iconic bridges! This next challenge will be on the 30th June and it kicks off from our Fulham studio at 9am! The distance is roughly a half marathon and ends at @levelsixpeckham Yoga studio for a session to stretch out all those weary muscles. It wouldn't be a UN1T event without a social! @peckhamlevels has loads to offer for food and drink, so come celebrate your amazing accomplishment! Join us for all, for part, or just for the social! Pop in to either studio or DM us for more info! . . #12challengesin12months #un1tlondon #werunasone
After our second tough 12-week phase, we are back to Hypertrophy in the studio. This phase will build on the stregth gains made over the past 8 weeks, and is designed to add muscle, which will in turn translate into bigger lifts. Training in the hypertrophy phase means you’re completing between 8 to 12 reps and fatiguing by the last couple, which will mean slightly lighter weights than those we have been lifting in the strength and power phases. If you want to find out more about hypertrophy training, check out our blog (link's in our bio)! . . #hypertrophytraining #12weekprogramme #wetrainasone
We are starting the week with a bang with today's METCON MONDAY! These finishers are designed to challenge and increase your metabolic output - so make sure you're giving it your all! Set your timer for 5 minutes and see how many rounds you can get: 2 Burpees 4 Squat Thrusters 6 Press Ups 8 Jump Squats 10 Butterfly Sit Ups . . #metconmonday #finisher #wetrainasone
Today’s epic squad for a very special Trooper session with @lululemonuk at their Regent Street store! We took the Troops through our signature class and they absolutely smashed it in true UN1T style, training as one and pushing themselves to their limits! . . #UN1TxLululemon #weekendwarriors #Trooper #wetrainasone
Today’s Super Trooper Team! Saturdays are reserved for our signature class and it's always the highlight of the week! 16 stations, 1 of which is the timer, our athletes have to Train as One to complete as many laps as possible - the winning score this week was 4 laps and 14 stations. What a way to start the weekend! . . #Trooper #weekendwarriors #wetrainasone
Less than 2 weeks until Sweatlife Festival with @lululemonuk and it’s safe to say we’re more than a little bit excited! We’ll be taking the Troops through our SQUAD class, arguably our toughest cardio class and it’s going to be epic! Who’s joining us - check out @lululemonuk for tickets! . . #sweatlifefestival #bringonthesweat #wetrainasone #engine #un1tlondon
Fulham's member of the month is the incredible @florabyford ! Since joining UN1T she has regularly been hitting PB's and we have loved watching her progress in the studio! Here's what she had to say about UN1T. Becoming a UN1T member has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions I've ever made. I joined my first gym when I moved to London two years ago and loved trying out a range of different classes. But after taking some time out following a knee injury, I was ready to step up my training to another level. I found UN1T on Instagram, signed up with my boyfriend to the 7 day offer and never looked back! I was hooked after my first legendary Trooper session (I don't think I've ever sweated so much in my life as I did in that class)! And it still remains my favourite class today - to be honest, it's my favourite part of the week! To me, that class showcases what UN1T is all about: working as a team to push yourself to your absolute limit. I always leave that class on the biggest high! I love the mix of strength and cardio, and the classes are perfectly structured so that you know vaguely what to expect, but you never get bored. But what really makes UN1T so special is the trainers. I don't think I've ever met such a talented, inspirational and truly lovely bunch of people! Each trainer brings something different to the table, but they all share the same passion, enthusiasm and skill, and the ability to push me to my maximum potential. They get to know every person in the room, and I know that if I'm having an off day, they're always there to keep me accountable and make me lift that heavier weight. Every single day, they come in with the biggest smile on their faces, and that positive energy rubs off on the whole class. All the members at Fulham have been so kind and supportive, and as a competitive person, they push me to work harder, lift heavier and keep going (even on the dreaded Airdyne)! . . #memberofthemonth #wetrainasone #un1tfulham
The last week of our Power phase began yesterday and our athletes are looking strong! We have loved the explosive plyometric movements incorporated into classes and challenging ourselves to perform classic compound lifts with speed. One of our favourite moves has been Dips, as they really test your upper body strength! We have put together 4 top tips, which you can test out in Base this Friday: 1. Make sure your shoulders are rolled back and down - don't shrug! 2. Lean your torse forward slightly and bend with your arms 3. Lock out your arms at the top of the movement, with your shoulders directly above your hands 4. To ensure this move is as powerful as possible, lower yourself down slowly and drive back up with force . . #trainingprogramme #12weektrainingprogramme #powertraining #wetrainasone
Today's METCON MONDAY is a spicy little number! Great to add to the end of your workout, this should push you to your limits and use all the energy you have left. Set your timer for 6 minutes and see how many rounds you can get: 10x Ice Skaters 10x Squat Thrusts 10x Sit Up to Russian Twist 10x Gorilla Burpees 10x Plank Toe Taps . . #metconmonday #finisher #wetrainasone
Stretchy Sunday’s! Mobility and taking the time to rest and recover is easily missed from a training schedule, especially when busy lives get in the way - but its key to building a strong athlete! So today you’ll find us stretching in the sun, what a way to end the week! @jonpaynephoto . . #mobility #stretching #wetrainasone
A huge congratulations to the epic squad representing UN1T at today’s @turfgames and of course a massive shout out to all of the UN1T members and other teams competing today. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 An amazing event, where everyone was pushed to their limits and training as one was key - this truly highlights what an amazing fitness community we have in London! Bring on the next games! . . #turfgames #wetrainasone #teamun1t
Leaping into the weekend like... . . #Friyay #weekend #wetrainasone
We are well into week 3 of our Power phase now and things are getting pretty explosive! One of the key moves in this phase has been the Dumbbell Snatch, which is notoriously hard to master! So, we have put together our 5 top tips to help you nail it - get yourself down to Base tomorrow to try it out! 1. Make sure you start with your feet hip width apart (you can suss out the perfect position by jumping and seeing how you land!) 2. Start with your knees bent and your hips slightly higher than your knees 3. Once you're in your starting position, roll your shoulders back and down and ensure your back is slightly arched 4. Drive through your heels and fully extend your hips 5. When your arm is fully extended overhead, it should line up just behind your ear. Positioning it too far behind your head can hyperextend your lower back and hurt you. . . #powertraining #wetrainasone #techniquetips (📸 @jonpaynephoto )
Today team UN1T celebrated #globalrunningday in style with @lululemonuk and a game of Lululemonopoly! Faced with a specially designed monopoly board and our phones, we set off on a swift 75 min race around the city to collect as many locations as possible! . . #werunasone #runlondon #un1tlondonbridge #un1tfulham
Do you want to train as one at this incredible villa in Ibiza? Now's your chance, as two spots have opened up on June's retreat in collaboration with @ralu_retreats ! Led by head trainer @robsmyth_un1t , kick off your summer in style with a 5-day fitness and conditioning retreat. Join us this June 23rd in Ibiza for 5 nights at this luxury villa, boasting an impressive rooftop performance area with spectacular views and private pool for the all important chillout time – it’s all about balance right?! ​ These spots will be snapped up quickly, so drop us a dm if you're interested! . . #raluretreats #wetrainasone #fitnessretreat
Start the week with a bang with today's METCON MONDAY! A metcon finisher helps make your body more energy-efficient, help you drop body fat and increase your metabolic output, while maintaining muscle. This week's metcon is guaranteed to burn out those abs. Set a timer for 6 mins and give it a try: Minute 1: Plank Shoulder Tap Minute 2: Jacknife Minute 3: Mountain Climbers Minute 4: Reverse Burpee Minute 5: 6 High Knees 1 Squat Jump Minute 6: Press Up Toe Tap . . #wetrainasone #un1tlondonbridge #unitfulham #metconmonday (📸 @jonpaynephoto )
At UN1T we’re always looking to challenge our athletes to step outside of their comfort zone both in and out of the studio, and our recent trip in collaboration with @ralu_retreats did exactly that. An adventure of a lifetime, and one that only a handful of people have completed, UN1T and RaLu Retreats took our ethos of training as one to the world’s highest peak – Base Camp of Mount Everest in Nepal. The trek was filled with incredible views, some intense training into the lead up, interesting foods and more. If you want to hear more about the highs and lows of the adventure, check out our blog post with @rory_williamspt , the link is in our bio! Where will your training take you next?! . . #wetrainasone #raluretreats #basecamp
Weekend warriors out in force! Today’s Trooper was a spicy one - possibly our hardest yet. What a way to start your Saturday! . . #Trooper #wetrainasone #weekendwarriors
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