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This is UN1T - We Train As One! ⚫️Strength ⚫️Cardio ⚫️Mobility 📍London Bridge - Borough High St 📍Fulham - Wandsworth Bridge Rd

UN1T London Bridge vs UN1T Fulham Trooper! The competition was fierce, with both teams bringing their A game! After two hard fought battles, London Bridge walks away with the win! There may have been home court advantage, so keep your eyes peeled for a rematch in Southwest London😜 Thanks to everyone that came down!! We Train As One ☝🏻 #un1tlondonbridge #un1tfulham #wetrainasone #trooper
Southeast vs Southwest, which UN1T will win?! Tomorrow is the ULT1MATE contest: a competitive Trooper between Team UN1T London Bridge and Team UN1T Fulham! Come support your studio! We will be cooking up a storm on the BBQ, selling baked goods and raising our glasses to the athletes! Help us raise funds for our charities of choice and have a great time with your UN1T! 7pm at UN1T LB! Cast your vote on who you think will win! #wetrainasone #trooper #un1tlondonbridge #un1tfulham #whowillwin 📷 @mark_roe
Yesterday we moved into our Power phase: the third and final phase in our 12 Week Programme. Power training focuses on building explosive strength and enabling athletes to apply the greatest amount of their force in the shortest amount of time. Whilst strength training focuses on increasing this ability to maximize the amount of force, power training aims to reduce the amount of time it takes to apply this force. This phase sees a mix of heavy lifts, Plyo movements, and ballistic exercises. It also plays a role in maintaining and restoring function as well as increasing range of motion. This can be anything from one to six reps on strength exercises, combined with a few higher repetition Plyo moves. So what are you waiting for, get yourself booked in! #wetrainasone #powerphase #un1tlondonbridge #un1t #plyometrics #strength
We are starting our Power phase with a bang! 💥 Our COMPLEX class incorporates complex training of compound lifting and Plyometric exercises followed by our MONDAY METCON finisher! It’s especially important to exert as much power as possible to fatigue your muscles during our third phase. Set your timer to 6 minutes and work through this burner in a pyramid fashion! Do each exercise 10 times, then 9 times and so forth until the clock runs out!⠀ ⠀ High burpees ⠀ Squat jumps⠀ Push ups⠀ Ice skater + vertical hop⠀ Jack knives ⠀ ⠀ #powertraining #wetrainasone #un1tlondonbridge #un1tfulham
A special TROOPER for our member @tpwhizzle ! His “Stag Trooper” session went down a treat! Well done for completing the entire class in costume and crawling from station to station in an “udderly” difficult class! We were so mooooved we had to give you Super Trooper! 🏆 #wetrainasone #un1tlondonbridge #un1tfulham #supertrooper #stag
Are you ready for R1DGE to launch next Tuesday?! The newest class to hit the UN1T timetable, R1DGE is a competitive cardio session working with a partner to scale the R1DGE and get back down. Tried and tested by the UN1T team! Who’s booked in for this newest class?! #un1t #wetrainasone #r1dge #un1tlondonbridge #un1tfulham
Great to have this UN1T and his lovely fiancée in for a class and training as one! 💪🏻 @chrisrobshawrugby @camilakerslake #rugby #englishrugby #wetrainasone
Happy birthday to the one and only @robsmyth_un1t ! Your UN1T family hopes you have a day full of cake, happiness, and the UN1T classic - birthday burpees! #happybirthday
We focus on basics at UN1T: building strength, endurance and mobility. Mobility is so often forgotten in a training programme, but we offer yoga at both of our studios and reformer P1LATES in Fulham. Mobility is fundamental to building a well-rounded athlete and can help you achieve those all important strength gains. So what are you waiting for?! See you at P1LATES tomorrow!⠀ ⠀ #mobility #wetrainasone #stretching #pilates
Who else wakes up excited for Metcon Monday?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️Whether the weekend was filled with fitness, or filled with fizz, there’s no better way to kick off a new week than with a burst of endorphins!⠀ ⠀ Today’s Metcon is caliente, adding all the spice to your Monday! Can’t make it to the studio? Complete this circuit at home and tag us for your chance to win a UN1T class! Set the timer for 5 mins, and complete as many rounds as possible, with 15 repetitions of each exercise!⠀ ⠀ Touchdown Squat Jumps⠀ Gorilla Burpees⠀ Cross Crunch⠀ Mid Squat to reverse lunge⠀ Leg raises⠀ ⠀ #metconmonday #finisher #conditioning #wetrainasone
Ain’t no event like a UN1T event! This time, we are calling on YOU to represent your studio in the ultimate throw down! UN1T Fulham vs UN1T London Bridge in the most competitive Trooper the studio has ever seen! Which studio can say they are the strongest?! Spots are limited so book your spot for the most epic studio battle! Thursday, 16 August at 7pm. BBQ and drinks to follow! Entry £5 which goes to charity! ⠀ #trooper #studiobattle #fulhamvslondonbridge
Throwback to last Saturday when this group of TROOPERS had just completed challenge no.7 - Climbing the 3 Peaks in 24hours!! Such an incredible achievement, taking all their hard work and dedication at UN1T outside, to smash this challenge in record times! We are very proud of you all! #weascendasone #wetrainasone #teamwork #12challenges #un1t12 #3peakschallenge #fuctionaltraining @griffiths.se2018 @penny_hty @graceyloufree @bexsherwood @ksmythx
We Train As One. We push each other to set targets and strive to crush these goals. Everyone’s at a different stage in their fitness journey. Whether you’ve just started at UN1T with a ROOK1E class, or regularly attend classes during the week, what do you train for? Share with your UN1T what goals your working towards and how we can help you get there 👊🏻⠀ ⠀ #fitnessgoals #yearlytargets #personalbests #wetrainasone
Are you heading away on holiday in August? Well, London Bridge Head Trainer @garywilliamspt has put together a travel friendly version of one of our cardio classes ENT1TY to show you exactly how this works! Make sure to add this to your holiday plan and tag us if you try!⠀ ⠀ The workout:⠀ 20 secs on, 10 secs rest. Complete two sets of each exercise followed by a one-min rest once you’ve finished. Repeat two times!⠀ ⠀ Squat jumps⠀ Push ups⠀ Plyo lunges⠀ Jack knives ⠀ Squat thrusts ⠀ Corkscrews⠀ Shuttle sprints ⠀ Plank toe taps⠀ ⠀ #holidayworkout #tabata #wetrainasone #summerholiday #20minutehiit
Technique Tuesday is here and today we’re sharing our tips for the T-Bar Row! A great back exercise, we often include T-Bar rows in strength sessions. The form is tricky to get right, so here are our top 4 tips to help you nail it:⠀ ⠀ 1) Keep your feet firmly planted on the group about hip width apart. A strong base sets you up for the lift!⠀ 2) Bend forward at the hips keeping your back flat and knees bent.⠀ 3) Keep your head as high as possible and keep your torso parallel to the floor.⠀ 4) Keep your arms close to your body as you row and ensure the movement is slow and controlled!⠀ ⠀ #wetrainasone #12weekprogramme #strengthtraining
Have you considered our 60 day PROJECT? The UN1T Nutrition Project can help take your training to the next level! But it’s not easy! We sat down with John Rogerson to get his top tips for taking on the 60 day plan. Check out the blog post to hear more tips! Link in bio!⠀ ⠀ 1. Be accountable⠀ 2. Train your mind as much as your body. The project is a mental challenge as well as physical!⠀ 3. Maintain PMA and spread it amongst your fellow Project UN1T!⠀ 4. Balance - it’s a lifestyle change so do everything in moderation.⠀ 5. STRETCH! Listen to your body throughout the challenge.⠀ ⠀ #60dayproject #un1tproject # wetrainasone #trainingprogramme #nutrition
This time last week UN1T took over Regent Street along with @lululemonuk for the Summer Streets festival! We put on 5 Trooper classes on one of the most iconic streets in the world! ☝🏻#wetrainasone #un1t #lululemon #regentstreet @regentstreetw1
COMMUN1TY! It’s more than just training when you walk into UN1T. One of our top memories? This group of lunch time legends crushing their ZONE class! Share with us some of your favourite memories at UN1T! ⠀ ⠀ #wetrainasone #community #lunchtimelegends #fitnessfamily
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