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This is UN1T - We Train As One! ⚫️Strength ⚫️Cardio ⚫️Mobility We believe everyone is an athlete. Train beyond your comfort zone and train as ☝🏻 !

It makes the UN1T staff so happy to see you giving your best effort in class! Let’s get after it for the third week of hypertrophy tomorrow 🙌🏻 #un1t #wetrainasone #hypertrophy
TROOPER is the only way to kickstart the weekend 💪🏻🔥💪🏻 Amazing work troops! #wetrainasone #un1t
We’ve partnered up with @mindfulchefuk this month to keep ourselves fed and fueled for UN1T classes! For your chance to feed you, and 3 of your friends with a Mindful Chef box each, all you have to do is follow these simple steps: 1) tag your 3 buddies below! 2) Share with us your favorite UN1T class to sweat it out with your squad! Simple! Winner will be contacted directly! #wetrainasone #healthyeating #mindfulchef
LEG1ON Technique Tips! Want to improve your pull up? Take a little look at our stories for three top tips to mastering those pesky pull ups! #techniquetips #wetrainasone #strength #pullups
The best part about the UN1T community is that members become family. The worst part is when they have to leave! @steph.g91 @nathmayz you’ve been a large part of this community, bringing constant cheer, laughter, and enjoyment to those around you. You’ll be sorely missed! Your UN1T family wishes you the very best in your next adventure ❤️ #un1tfamily #wetrainasone
Attacking today’s Metcon like... A savage little session, this one is easily transferable to your living room if you missed class! Set your timer for 5 mins and GO! Min 1 - 2 Burpees followed by Squat Jump + Plyo Lunge Min 2 - 4 burpees followed by push up to squat thrust Min 3 - 6 burpees followed by bicycle crunch to V sit Min 4- 8 burpees followed by Hugh burpee to jumping jack Min 5 - 10 burpees followed by reverse burpee to tuck jump Get after it UN1T!
STRONG week at UN1T ahead! Sunday nights are a chance to refocus and set your goals for the next 7 days. What will you accomplish with the help from your UN1T? #wetrainasone #goalsetting #accountability #teammates #boutiquefitness
The winning Troops of the day! Saturday’s starting off strong with the fittest community in town! #trooper #wetrainasone #un1t #cardioworkout
First UN1TY of 2019 was BANGING! @geerobson29 created a dynamic session with running (of course!) and loads of teamwork! What a way to kickstart the year! Amazing effort by the whole UN1T tonight! 💥 #wetrainasone #unity #fridayfitness #conditioning
🚨 NEW CLASS ALERT 🚨 BU1LD is on the menu tomorrow! Looking to BU1LD some lean muscle? With 3 sets of exercises in each UN1T, we will warn you now: you’ve got first row tickets to the gun show 😏 #wetrainasone #un1t #fridayfitness #newclassalert #strengthtraining
UN1TY is BACK with a bang this Friday! Programmed by Gee-UN1T (@geerobson29 ) you can expect things to get spicy very quickly 🔥 The first UN1T social of 2019 to follow with beers and non-alcoholic spirits provided by @seedlipdrinks ! Book in through MINDBODY! #un1ty #cardioworkouts #fridayfitness #wetrainasone
Can anyone else relate to this feeling after today’s ENG1NE?! Team conditioning is about focusing on effort. It’s about working hard for your team and delivering your absolute best for the team! If you’re not gassed, you’re not working hard enough! I’m UN1T, We Train As One. #un1t #teamconditioning #athlete #londonfitness #cardioworkouts #engine
Rev your ENG1NE! We’ve got team conditioning on the schedule tomorrow! Tag your UN1T that’s going to be the winning team! #teamconditioning #cardio #un1t #wetrainasone #tuesday
Well done to our very own @vossicle who was asked to be an ambassador for @lululemonuk Regent Street! Well deserved and excited to see the ambassadorship programme continue between UN1T and Lululemon, well done Vossicle! #wetrainasone #un1t #lululemon
First TROOPER of 2019......🙌🏻#un1t #wetrainasone
When you look at people who are successful and achieve their goals, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation. It’s a 7 day week not 5.........#un1t #wetrainasone
Meet Josh, who you will be seeing a lot more of in London Bridge! Josh is a super experienced coach with great communication skills. If you have not met him make sure you say hello next time you are in the studio or you will suffer in class! 😉😂💪🏻#un1t #wetrainasone
What an incredible 2018 for UN1T........Regent st take over, Everest Basecamp, Sweatlife, BeFit event, Turf Games, Ibiza Retreat, Shard takeover, 15 new UN1T classes, 24 hour TROOPER, global launch opening in Munich........☝🏻 Thank you all for your support in 2018, we have some BIG news coming in 2019! #UN1T #global #takeover #happynewyear
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