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[follow @dcmarvelera ] 😭
[follow @geektdom ] it’s too hard to pick a favorite MCU hero. Can YOU decide your favorite? Who is it?
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] Dumbo. DUMBO! 😂😂😂
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] throwback to that time when Peter Parker went to high school with Peter Parker
[follow @geektdom ] Rate Killmonger on a scale of 1-10. GO!
[follow @avcngcrs ] Were you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? I think I sympathized most with Tony. That man killed his parents and Cap lied about it. Honestly once Bucky told Cap, he should have called Tony to tell him exactly what was going on and WHY Bucky did the things he’d done. Could have avoided the huge falling out they had. Not an easy conversation, but a necessary one. What are your thoughts?
[follow @superheroaxis ] Which DCEU character is your favorite? • • • Superman by: @deviantart Wonder Woman: Quirky Byte Batman by: @messypandas Aquaman: Reddit Flash by: Quirky Byte
[follow @superheronow ] Which on is YOUR favorite?! Comment below and tag a friend!👍🏻
[follow @geektdom ] Is Cap your favorite? Will he die in Avengers 4?
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] 🚨MILD SPOILER🚨Time vortexes. Remember that for Avengers 4 because it WILL BE KEY INFORMATION! Can’t wait. Let the speculation begin
[follow @avcngcrs ] I had NO IDEA that little kid playing basketball would end up being Killmonger. Great twist upon first viewing.
[follow @getfandom & @masaolab ] absolutely LOVE these posters 👍🏻
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