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Thank you Stan! I grew up with your characters and they’ve always been a part of my life. I honestly can’t imagine a world where these comics, shows and films don’t exist. You are missed but thank you for everything you gave us. • Credit: @drmachakil
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Amazing artwork of what Jude Law’s Dumbledore would look like as he ages by @denvertakespics this is great. Seems like a painting you’d see in a museum that’s worth millions . . . or like the painting in Ghostbusters 2 and he’s gonna come to life and kill me😂 Are you guys excited for Fantastic Beasts?! Let me know in the comments below👇🏻
I audibly laughed out loud when Oliver made that fave when Iris kissed him 😂 who else is excited for this crossover? • Credit: @thedctvflash
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] Toy Story 4 character posters released! Are you guys excited for the final film in the franchise?! Comment below your favorite Toy Story character👇🏻
Have you met Forky? 😂 • Via: @cinemablend
I grew up on comics and some of my favorite heroes were created by this wonderful man. From my parents to me, to our children and our children’s children, he’ll be remembered forever. Thank you Stan. R.I.P.
Will this be the best crossover yet?! Which character are you most excited to see interacting with the others?! Comment below👇🏻 • This amazing artwork was done by: @ajdesigns0220
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] For those of you who didn’t know . . . Do you guys think Hela will come back in Avengers 4? Comment below👇🏻
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] say what you want about this film, it had its moments. Are you a fan of @brandonjrouth Superman Returns movie? Comment below👇🏻
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] here’s some awesome artwork to end your Saturday night. Which one is your favorite? Comment below👇🏻 • Artwork by: @ruizburgos
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