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The multigenerational Network of Black undocumented people organizing our communities and building power.#UndocuBlack

Update: The 11th Circuit Court has just granted Constantin Bakala a temporary stay of removal. But, we’re waiting to see if ICE will truly respect this court decision. So, please continue to call the numbers listed above:
Urgent: We need your help to #FreeConstantin . He was in detention as of 2/21/19. But, ICE has taken him to the airport to deport him. Please call his representative to demand his release:
Urgent: We need your help! Constantin Bakala, a immigrant seeking asylum from political persecution in the Democratic Republic of Congo is at the airport, subject to deportation. Please call and demand his release using the script above:
There is no national emergency regarding immigration.This is all a ploy to fund Trump & co’s white supremacist agenda. #faketrumpemergency #trumpisthecrisis #DefundHate
Did you know our spring session for the Ayanda Hand in Hand program is now open? ------------------------------------------------------ Registration Is open until Friday, February 22nd‬! Email us at Ayanda@undocublack.org ---------------------------------------- Our Spring Session will be from ‪March 1st until May 31st.‬ #Wellness #UndocuBlack #AyandaHandinHand
Our very own National Policy & Advocacy Director, @potarice will be speaking at #PowerRising19 . For those of you who don’t know about Power Rising, it’s a summit organized for Black women, by Black women around five key pillars of activism and engagement: Business & Economic Empowerment; Culture, Community, and Society; Education, Technology, and Innovation; Health & Wellness; and Political Empowerment. #iampowerrising
21 Savage has been released on Bond. We hope he becomes an influential and supportive figure in this ongoing fight for immigrant justice. -------------------------------------------------------------- #Repost @defineamerican ・・・ BREAKING: It's a victory for @21Savage & the nearly 500k people who called for his release! But the fight is not over for #21Savage or millions of undocumented Americans facing family separation & deportation. #Free21Savage @blklivesmatter @UndocuBlack @instabaji @ColorofChange
#Repost @americanfriendsservice ・・・ Today, our resistance is more powerful than ever – strengthened by our partnership w/ other groups impacted by inhumane immigration policies. Congress: Act now to protect immigrants from deportation! #SaveTPS @tps_alliance @seiu_org @advancingjustice_aajc @undocublack @fams2gether @cws_global @iamerica_action #HereToStay #DACA
🚨🚨🚨ATL Friends: If you’re available between 1-3pm, we need your support at the #free21Savage rally. It’s imperative we show ICE that we will not be moved in our fight to free #21Savage and all those behind detention bars🚨🚨🚨
HAPPENING NOW: Over a thousand working people are at the U.S. capitol, demanding Congress take action to #SaveTPS and create permanent protections that give residency to immigrant youth and TPS holders. TPS allows people to pursue their dreams, work hard, and stay out of the shadows. #TPSJustice --------------------------------------- Call your reps!
We’re entering week 2 of She’yaa (21 Savage) detention. We’re asking that you call ATL ICE Field Director, Sean Gallagher at 844-278-2934 to demand that they #Free21Savage
Stop trying to invalidate experiences of Black people simply because it's not your reality.
#Repost @jayesgreenj ・・・ Yesterday marked a week since She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, aka 21 Savage was targeted and detained by ICE. She’yaa’s case is so emblematic to what happens to Black immigrants and other communities every day: criminalized, targeted and separated from their families. We at @undocublack with @blklivesmatter , @instabaji , @defineamerican , @colorofchange and other partners have been leading the fight to free 21. Sign the petition at free21savage.org. Let’s fight to free 21 and all others folks in detention. #Free21Savage #grammys
#UndocuBlack recently had a conversation with @rewire.news about the #free21savage campaign and our work to fight for Black immigrants. ------------------------------------------ ”It’s no secret that the immigrants’ rights movement has had a deeply entrenched history of anti-Blackness and exceptionalism in this country. It’s the reason why UndocuBlack and other Black migrant organizing spaces exist. ---------------------------------------------------------------- In so many ways, She’yaa’s detainment has been a textbook example of what happens to Black immigrants in this country. I believe he was targeted for a host of reasons, even including the way he openly spoke out about family separation at the border. ICE also lied about why he was detained and used a mantle of criminality to justify this detainment. He has also been denied bond, which often happens to Black immigrants or their bond is set high.”
It brings us great joy to announce our spring session for the Ayanda Hand in Hand program. ------------------------------------------------------Registration Is open until Friday, February 22nd‬! Email us at Ayanda@undocublack.org ---------------------------------------- Our Spring Session will be from ‪March 1st until May 31st.‬ #Wellness #UndocuBlack #AyandaHandinHand
#StandWithLeeAnn in any way you can. Every bit counts! Link in our bio 🙏🏾🙏🏾
😭 lmao repost @latinarebel artist @tommysiegel #AbolishICE #MoodAF
The State of the Union is...Black✊🏾 Here we have Minnesota Representative @ilhanmn sandwiched between DACA recipient and UBN member, @rein_on and DED recipient, Linda Clark. #SOTU #StateoftheUnion2019 #SOTU
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