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On Monday’s, we mask! Do you spot any of your favorites? Btw, I am seriously trying to try new sheet masks but I always find myself going back to the @paparecipe_official honey masks 😅 they are sooo amazing! Every time I try a new one, I always compare it to these. What are your guys’ favorite sheet masks? 🙂
Happy Friday, lovelies! Boy, has my skin been fluctuating this last week. I’ve been breaking out from my workouts (problem has been solved thanks to @biodermausa 🙏🏻) and my skin has been on the drier side as well. I’ve been using these products to keep my skin hydrated and will probably continue to do so as the weather will start to get a bit drier 🙂 the ones that have stood out to me the most would be the tatcha water cream, bliss world honey mask, laneige lip sleeping mask (obviously 💁🏻‍♀️), and the wow you super serum. But a combination of all these products being used over the last week has definitely been helping my skin stay and look hydrated 💦 —— Products shown: • @blissworld pore patrol & honey mask • @tatcha pearl illuminator & water cream • @laneige_us lip sleeping mask • @traderjoes rose water facial toner (love spritzing this mid day) • @saturday_skin wide awake eye cream (love pairing this under tatcha pearl illuminator) • @wowyoubeauty cu-tea mask & super serum (this serum is AMAZING) • @pixibeauty glow tonic • @freshbeauty soy cleanser • @cosrx snail essence —— Also, sorry I’ve been so MIA. I’ve been going so ham at the gym lately I have no energy to take pictures 😅 but I’m back on and super glad to be! I’ll be spamming so many of you with lots of love and comments soon. xoxo. 😘
Morning gym routine! 💪🏻 —— The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working out extra hard which means I’ve been sweating like craaaaazy! Sweating to the point where my tank top, sports bra, butt crack and hair is super wet 😂💦 I’ve been looking for something to bring with me to the gym and Tbh, I don’t want to wash my face with a cleanser at the gym because there’s only one restroom and a lottttt of people use it 🙅🏻‍♀️ so I’ve just been waiting until I get home to cleanse (10-15min drive) and by the time I get there I’ll notice a few small bumps would appear 🤦🏻‍♀️ so here’s my routine that has been helping my acne stay at bay. My skin has been so much more on point after adding this to my routine 😌 —— - Wake up -> cleanse with @cosrx morning gel cleanser -> tone with @pixibeauty glow tonic -> hydrate skin with @saturday_skin glacier water cream (your skin get super dehydrated while working out - so make sure to hydrate! 💦) -> drive to gym & work out -> apply @biodermausa sensibio micellar solution with a cotton pad and wipe away. DONE! —— I had no idea what micellar water was until I saw a sign that said “most popular item”. Did some quick research and brought it home with me! So how does it work? When you wipe your face, the micelle molecules pull up any makeup, sebum and dirt from your skin. Kind of like a magnet! And it’s gentle enough on your skin so you wouldn’t need to wash it off so you leave the hydrating ingredients behind in your skin to be absorbed. This also acts as a 3 in 1 (cleanser, toner and moisturizer). Sooo to any of you guys that work out, I definitely do recommend this product! Hope you all enjoyed this mini review 😂😘❤️
Story of my life 😂 how many of these moments have you guys had? ❤️🤑 — Repost via @newbeauty
PINK PINK PINK TO CELEBRATE PINK WEDNESDAY! 💕 (had to make an exception for the bright on mask. It’s one of the fav’s! 😂) Current favorite masks! It was hard to choose. To be honest, I like all the masks I have. But these ones in particular stand out to me because all three help with my skin texture, gently exfoliates, I wake up still glowing, makes my skin suuuuper soft, and basically shows me instant/overnight results! Have you guys tried any of these? What are your thoughts? 🙃 —— Products shown: ☀️ @drunkelephant Sukari babyfacial ☀️ @origins rose clay mask ☀️ @farmacybeauty bright on
You know you can count on me when it’s texture Tuesday! I’ve been quite MIA the last couple of days. Been catching up on lotsssss of work 😅 how have you guys all been!? I can’t wait to catch up on all the posts I’ve been missing out on 💕 —— Here is a texture shot of essentially all my favorites! (I have more favorites that didn’t make the texture cut 💁🏻‍♀️). It’s funny that when people ask me what my favorites products are and sometimes I want to say “I love them all!” But I actually recently realized which ones were truly my favorite. It’s the ones that you grab subconsciously and use without any sort of second guesses. That’s when yaaaa really know it’s true love 💕 I guess the only bad thing about that is it holds be back from trying other new products 🙈 is anyone else the same? —— Products pictured: • @olehenriksen banana bright eye cream • @blissworld mighty marshmallow mask • @saturday_skin glacier water cream • @laneige_us lip sleeping mask • @tatcha the pearl • @skinfood_official strawberry black sugar mask (no matter how good this smells do NOT lick it 😂 I may or may not have tried this🤔) • @wowyoubeauty hey Cu-tea! Mask
Happy Thursday! I am off to Malibu for the weekend and I packed wayyyyyy too many skincare products. But is there such a thing as too much? 😂 —— Pictured: • hey cu-tea cucumber & green tee purifying mask • super serum* • slay cleanser* • lip butter* • woke up like this rosehip & retinol night moisturizer* —— Than you to @wowyoubeauty for kindly gifting me some products to try! So far my boyfriend and I are LIVING for these products. I was actually in the process of testing another brand which I completely dropped to continue using these after trying it for the first time the other night 😅 can’t wait to have a review up for you guys! 💗 ——
💥SLAY THE DAY GIVEAWAY💥 -CLOSED- CONGRATS TO @katetakesashelfie !! —— Did someone say Summer is over? I think not! Imagine being bronzed up like it’s nobody’s business, year around, for your weekend trip or a night out in the town 💁🏻‍♀️ everyone will be asking you where you went to get your tan on 😉 Baja Bae and I are happy to announce that you won’t have any summertime sadness because we are going to be giving away not 1 BUT 2 bottles (because 1 ain’t enough) of Baja Bae’s lotion + waterproof makeup pouch! —— Baja Bae is a 3 in 1 caramel lotion that works as an everyday tinted moisturizer, a tanning accelerant (tan darker + faster in the sun) AND a facial highlighter to give ya that sun kissed glow ☀️did I mention it smells as if heaven and earth joined forces and made a summer baby? 🙈 too good to be true? Check out my instastory to check out my time in the sun using Baja Bae 👊🏻 —— HOW TO ENTER? ⚡️ Follow @undoubtedlydewy & @bajabaeofficial (No follow/unfollow because I have nothing but time to CHECK if you do 😂. Plus you’ll just be blocked and miss out on my awesome giveaway I’ll be announcing next week) ⚡️Like this post on this page & bajabae‘s page ⚡️In one comment, tag 2 friends you’d like to turn into a bronzed baby with you (1 entry - 2 tags PER comment - unlimited entries) (NO celebrity, giveaway, or fake accounts 🙅🏻‍♀️) —— 🔥ADDITIONAL ENTRIES🔥 ⚡️Repost on your feed (5 entries - must remain on your feed for the duration of the giveaway) ⚡️Repost on your story (3 entries - must remain in your story for 24 hours and TAG me! I will send you a ☀️ to confirm I saw it) ⚡️Comment & like on mine & Baja bae last 3 posts and add a ‘☀️’ to your comment (2 entries) —— US ONLY! GIVEAWAY ENDS ON 9/27 11:59PM PST This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. Must be 18 to enter. —— GOOD LUCK AND SLAY THE DAY, BAE 🔥
Story of my freaking life #livingmybestlife 🙈😭💕
TEXTURE FREAKING TUESDAY! This was my first time ever squirting out products because ya girl doesn’t like being wasteful 😂 I was kindly gifted a few items to try out from @wowyoubeauty and I tried EVERYTHING last night because I couldn’t help myself but I can say my first impression is definitely solid. I’ll have more of an updated review in the next week or so 💕 —— P.S. stay tuned this week for a “??? x undoubtedlydewy” GIVEAWAY!! Hayyyyyy!
Here’s a little pink pick me up 💕 —— @saturday_skin ‘no bad days’ set + waterfall glacier water cream —— How was your guys’ weekend? I slept in, watched too many tv shows, and bought things I didn’t ‘need’ but whatever makes the heart happy 🤷🏻‍♀️ P.S. I’ll be in Malibu next weekend! If anyone has any recommendations on things to see, eat, or do I would love to hear them 💕
As the weeks go by, our time together is slowly coming to an end. You were my first oil cleanser and you will always have a special place in my heart. You were everything I could have dreamed of for my “first”. It was good while it lasted but I think it’s time to move on. It’s not you, it’s me. Can you guys tell I’ve been watching way too many romantic comedies?! 😂 —— I am so glad to have discovered “the 10 step” regimen. I had no idea what the heck an oil cleanser was and when I tried it I just felt like I was rubbing nonsense oil all over my face for no reason 🙈 I stuck with it and realized my makeup would come off without any effort, my face had slowly gotten brighter and clearer. But I am reaching the last of the pumps and I am on the search for a new oil cleanser! I’ve gotten so many recommendations from all you lovely people. I am a bit torn between clean it zero and the farmacy balm. So we shall see where fate leads me to within the next couple of days! P.S. this cleanser was only $9. Such. A. Freaking. Steal.
Omg. It’s not a pink picture 🤣 —— 🌟 @wkndcosmetics simple pimple patch $15 —— Have you guys ever had an event to go to that same or following day and a crater decided to plant itself on your face? Smack dab (probably) right in the middle! Well fear not these babies will be your life saver. This is the first time EVER using a pimple patch. Why couldn’t someone have told me these existed?! I have been getting some pretty annoying forehead breakouts due to not washing my face right away after working out and these have definitely been a game changer for my skin. I’ll literally leave these on over my zits during the day so I don’t pick at them and when I remove it (6 hours later/overnight) my zit will be sooo tiny and the gunk gets all sucked out - you can actually see it on the patch 😜 I’ve also left this on non-Whitehead’s as well and my zit is practically non-existent just a tinnny red spot but that’s better than it looking like it’s about to explode 🤣 TMI. Anyways, would I repurchase this product? 100% ! It’s practically 31 cents a patch anyways which fits into my budget 🙌🏻
Can anyone guess which product this is?! Hint hint* I wore it last night on my instastory 😉 if it isn’t obvious enough because it’s on everyone’s feed, it’s the @blissworld mighty marshmallow bright & radiant whipped mask 💕I have been so jelly of everyone’s packages with the cute little hearts and all and found some cute substitute ones from @daiso_usa yesterday #accidentalpurchase 😅 —— I’ve used this mask about 5 times so far and I am seriously in love with the texture and result of this product. It feels like you’re putting whipped cream on your face and it smells amazing. I completely understand that there are other products out there that could give you a more bright & radiant glow however it could sometimes be double or triple the price. This bliss mask only cost me $13 (not including the 20% discount from target) and I definitely think you get your moneys worth! I love the high end products but I also love budgeting as well. Ya girls gotta make room for her daily boba budget 😂
It’s thirsty Thursday and my skin is definitely loving all the hydration it’s been getting 💦 here’s a basket full of goodies that I threw together in 10 seconds lol! Do you spot any of your favorites? Currently lovin’ this rose gold basket! I got it from target for onlyyy $5 🙌🏻 —— Also, I’m looking to try some new face masks! What are you guys’ holy grails? And yes, I have @drunkelephant Sukari babyfacial already 😂
This @saturday_skin kit makes #pinkwednesday sooo much more fun! I’m currently in the process of testing out these products.. so far I can say that the first night I tried the rub-a-dub+eye cream+moisturizing cream I woke up the next morning with my face being incredibly soft and bright buuuuut I’ll give it some more time before I have an actual review for it 🙃 —— Products shown: • Saturday Skin No Bad Days Kit $39: - Rub-a-dub refining peel gel - Daily dew hydrating essence mist - Wise awake brightening eye cream - Featherweight daily moisturizing cream • Waterfall glacier water cream $39 —— Have you guys tried @saturday_skin ? How do you like it?
Uh-huh, honeeeeeeeey 🍯 —— Current obsession - Papa Recipe masks! —— I’ve only tried a few different brands of face masks the last couple of weeks and these ones have definitely stood out the most! What I like about this mask is that it does contain a lot of brightening ingredients such as licorice root, diamond powder, and glutathione. After masking, I noticed my skin looked (obviously) bright, plump, and luminous! I purchased the individuals for $3 from @miibox but I believe you can get a pack of 10 for $20 at the store or on amazon! 🙂 I liked this a lot more than the papa recipe rose gold mask (pictured behind the brightening mask) because I felt the brightening effects were a lot more noticeable! 👏🏻 hope you guys get a chance to try this because it is seriously sooo amazing and it smells so good 🍯 what are some of your favorite masks that I should try? I’m always looking for a reason to spend money when I shouldn’t 😂💗 —— P.S. I am sooo tempted to get a mini fridge for my creams and masks. Should I?! 😜
Yes to texture Tuesday! My favorite day out of the week & I didn’t miss it! Have been playing around with the @blissworld products this week and I am absolutely in love with the products + the prices 🙌🏻 —— Products (ft. the super cute headband by @etudehouseofficial ): 🍯 @blissworld In the Honey mask 🦄 @blissworld Mighty Marshmallow whipped mask 🐙 @blissworld Pore Patrol deep detox soufflé mask —— If you plan to get these from your nearest target, make sure you check if they have it available! They’re always out of stock or order it from the bliss website (free shipping $40+ ftw)
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