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#UNE is recognized as one of the top-tier comprehensive universities in the Northeast. #PortlandMaine :

This summer, undergraduate student Hope Dubois is working as an intern with the UNE Mosquito Control Project, which originated in 2012 from a collaborative effort between Associate Professor Noah Perlut and @SustainableUNE. Part of UNE’s overall Integrated Pest Management Program, the Mosquito Control Project seeks to reduce mosquito populations on the Biddeford Campus in two ways: by growing mosquito-repellent plants and by encouraging the habitation of native mosquito-eating birds and bats. "Having that hands-on experience of catching the birds, banding and weighing them, and collecting data and samples is simply priceless. A textbook may be able to tell you the process of how to conduct research similar to this, but actually being able to do it myself gave me the confidence I had lacked with animals and the outdoors." - Dubois, '21
Are you ready for @unefootball season? First home game kicks off Sept. 8th on the turf! #UniversityofNewEngland #StormTheGates #UNEFootball #WeAreUNE
📫Just a few short weeks until our undergraduate move-in day! New Nor'easters, who's ready? #UniversityofNewEngland #WeAreUNE #MoveIn
☁️ It's always a great day to be a Nor'easter! #UniversityofNewEngland #WeAreUNE
"Basket weaving was a project for us to be able to see firsthand what it was like to learn a new occupation. We had to be able to understand the process it took for us to put these baskets together and what went into the assembly mentally and physically. I felt that it was a good experience to be able to see how everyone processed the activity differently and how each basket was unique to each person." - Dani Trepaney, Occupational therapy graduate student, commenting on basket weaving in the Occupational Analysis course. #occupationaltherapy #otschool #otstudent #portlandmaine
This past semester, students in the Anatomy and Art in Renaissance Italy travel course finished the semester with a 10-day trip to Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Padua where they studied the fascinating origins of anatomical study in Renaissance Italy! These locations are the birthplace of modern anatomical science, and students got to discover the intriguing connections between human anatomy and the art of the Renaissance masters, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Bernini...not to mention, they got to share plenty of cannolis! #UniversityofNewEngland #TravelCourse #StudyAbroad #Italy
What a great time to be exactly where we are. @bonappetitmag just named Portland, Maine the Restaurant City of the Year, shouting out some amazing restaurants both in the city and around it. A few are in Biddeford! Link in bio for the full read #UniversityofNewEngland #Portland #RestaurantCityoftheYear #goodeats
For the fourth year in a row, we have been featured in Princeton Review’s Best 384 Colleges guide. The publication, newly issued for 2019, is highly selective, showcasing only the top 13% of four-year colleges and universities in the country. It rates institutions of higher education in eight categories, including academics, admissions, quality of life, financial aid and environmental friendliness #UniversityofNewEngland #WeAreUNE #PrincetonReview #College
"This summer, I'm interning on the Biddeford Campus with Alethea, UNE's Sustainability Coordinator, so taking care of the bees is one of the many things that I help her with. Since the Honey Bee Conservation Club isn't really here over the summer, Alethea takes over the hives to look after them. We have been checking up on the hives every now and again just to make sure that they are healthy and doing well. Just a few weeks ago, we actually split one of the hives because we found some queen cells so now we have three hives on campus instead of two and they are all doing really well. We have some honey supers that are getting filled up, and we will probably be harvesting honey soon!" - Elissa Kane, '19 @SustainableUNE #UniversityofNewEngland #SustainableUNE #SummerInternship #Internship #Maine #honeybees
We're so proud of our incredible runners at the 2018 annual TD Bank Beacon to Beacon 10k. Faculty, professional staff, students and alum's participated and cheered each other on at one of Maine's most popular road races. Thanks to our amazing community of Nor'easters who volunteered at the Medical tent, where their services were critically important. Congratulations, runners! @james.herbert @tdbeach2beacon #noreasters #tdb2b10k #uneb2b #universityofnewengland #community #friendsandfamily #unealumni
☀️🌻Yet another beautiful summer day on our Portland Campus. #UniversityofNewEngland #Maine #summer
The official 2018 @unefootball schedule is here! The first home game kicks off Sept. 8th on the turf. We hope to see you there! Full schedule in bio. #StormTheGates #UNEfootball
⛵🚤There's a reason Maine is called "Vacationland." Our Biddeford Campus is always reminding us why #UniversityofNewEngland #Maine #Vacationland #summer
#GoNoreasters ! UNE runners and President @james.herbert got together on Friday at Fort Williams to run the @Beach2Beacon10k course. Thanks to Heather Lauridsen & Matt Lemay from @NortheastDelta for joining. #b2b10k #uneb2b
"Last week, my dad and I kayaked for five days--a total of 62 miles--along the Allagash River, and it definitely was an adventure. Trying to maneuver the rapids was very nerve-wracking, especially when I tipped after the first 20 minutes, but that’s all part of the game. The highlight for me personally was that we saw about 15 bald eagles along the way!" - Pamela Grigg '20, Animal Behavior major
"This summer, I am working as a Marine Mammal Education and Research Intern with the New England Aquarium​, where I work on their whale watch boats. I am doing this internship for credit for my ENV major. The application process was really long and difficult, but I knew it was something I really wanted to do. Out of 1200 applicants around the world, the aquarium hires 60 summer interns and only 10 of those are hired for my specific position, so I am really grateful for the opportunity. I absolutely love it; it's a really amazing experience! I collect data while on the boats about when and where we see any marine species, what behaviors they are performing, if they have any associations, and which individual whale we are seeing (yes, humpbacks all have unique names and we can identify them based on the pattern on their tail!). I also do environmental stewardship and education, where I go around and talk to passengers, answering any questions they may have." - Haley LaMonica '19, senior Animal Behavior and Environmental Science double major from Everett, MA
☀️🚲Summertime on campus. With summer courses, internships, research projects, conferences, and more, our Biddeford Campus has been bustling this summer! #UniversityofNewEngland #summer #summertime #Maine
Work is important but so is fitness🏃🏋️ One of the many benefits of being a member of professional staff and faculty in our community is the access to employee wellness programming, which includes group exercise classes like yoga, pilates, and boot camp, personal training, workshops, and even ski discounts! #UniversityofNewEngland #yoga #wellness #fitness
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