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😃 Tuesday is #HappinessDay ! 😃 To commemorate the day, the Kingdom of Bhutan has sponsored the exhibit pictured in these images, now on display at #UnitedNations Headquarters in #NYC . Bhutan has recognized the value of national happiness over national income since the early 1970s and famously adopted the goal of Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product. Everyone aspires to be happy. On #HappinessDay and every day, let's all stand up for kindness and compassion, which can help promote happiness and build a better world for all. ➡️ Scroll through for more pictures. 📷: UN Social Media Team / @aarao #GlobalGoals
Rural women, like the ones pictured here from Nagaland State in north-east #India , do 70% to 90% of farm work. However, less than 13% of agricultural landholders are women. Rural women ensure food security for their communities, build climate resilience and strengthen economies. Yet, gender inequalities, such as discriminatory laws and social norms, restrict their full potential, leaving them far behind men and urban women. The #UnitedNations is working to empower rural women and girls in India and around the world. Regram: @undpinindia | 📷: UNDP #GlobalGoals
“My step-mother wanted to marry me off to a man when I was 13. I refused since I was still a little girl and I wanted to study.” Florence, 14, is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Child marriage is a human rights violation, but education empowers girls to change the world. Our colleagues from @UNICEF , together with @UNFPA , @UNwomen and others, are working hard to #EndChildMarriage . Regram: UNICEF | 📷: UNICEF/UNI199292/Dubourthoumieu
This family is part of the 7.88 million people in need living in #Ethiopia . Three years of back-to-back droughts have affected many vulnerable communities, making the fight against hunger a pressing priority, mainly in the southern and south-eastern parts of the country. @un_ocha is working tirelessly to coordinate lifesaving assistance, protection of civilians, and enhanced humanitarian access to those who need urgent help to survive. Regram: @un_ocha | 📷: OCHA / M. Ayene/ 2017 GlobalGoals #ZeroHunger
“I was born in Buenaventura, #Colombia . Right now, I live in #Ecuador . I make shoes for women. I left my country because of the violence there. It was too dangerous. I couldn’t have my daughters raised in such a violent place." Carmen Perea escaped to Ecuador in 2006. Through her tireless work to integrate into Ecuadorian society, Carmen managed to start a small business making footwear for women. She believes that her gladiator shoes are a symbol of the daily struggle of women, representing style and courage. Every day, #UNHCR , the UN Refugee Agency, saves lives and helps build better futures for people like Carmen who are forced to flee. Regram: @refugees | 📷: UNHCR / Santiago Arcos Veintimilla #WithRefugees #IWD2018
Ella Van Den Heuvel, a #UnitedNations peacekeeper from the #Netherlands , embraces a member of the local community during a foot patrol with the @unpeacekeeping mission in #Lebanon (UNIFIL). UN peacekeepers from the Netherlands travel far from home to serve at great personal risk and under harsh conditions. Currently these brave men and women are #ServingForPeace in five UN Peacekeeping missions to help protect those in need and make the world a safer place for all of us. We thank them for their service & sacrifice. Find out more in our latest @instagram story! 📷: UN Photo / Pasqual Gorriz
"Change is possible and change is happening." Jaha Dukureh (@jahaendfgm ) was forced to get married at the age of 15. That's also when she realized she had suffered female genital mutilation (FGM) when she was 1 week old. Having her daughter was the spark that made her speak out against this harmful practice. Today, the newly appointed @UNWomen Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Africa is dedicating her efforts to mobilizing youth in order to #endFGM , child marriage and all forms of violence against women and girls. Regram: @unwomen | 📷: UN Women / Ryan Brown #TimeIsNow #IWD2018 #GlobalGoals
Superhero nurses working at the neonatal ward in Juba Teaching Hospital are fighting an uphill battle in South Sudan, where maternal and infant mortality rates are some of the highest in the world. "We are doing our absolute best but some things are simply out of our control,” says one of them. Power shortages and failing equipment means only 2 of the 12 incubators on the floor are functional. “If there are more than two babies who need incubator support, we just have to prioritize the child who is in a bigger emergency. It’s a very big problem." South Sudan is among the countries with the highest newborn mortality rates and the most dangerous place in the world for humanitarians – with 28 aid workers killed last year alone. Our colleagues from @UNICEF are calling for an end to the ongoing conflict, so they can help bring back hope and safety #ForEveryChild . Regram: @unicefusa | 📷: UNICEF / UN0159224 / Naftalin #GlobalGoals
As old as the war. 
At age 7, Mohamed is part of a generation that has lost so much in #Syria . He has lost his home, his country, his hearing, and his left hand. But he hasn’t lost hope. Now in #Lebanon , he attends a special school and is learning how to read and speak. There are nearly half a million Syrian children between the ages of 3 and 18 living in Lebanon. More than half of them do not receive any formal education because of limited resources, residency issues and work restrictions on their parents. As the conflict in Syria enters its 8th year, we're reminded of the 5.6 million refugees, the 6.1 million people displaced within the country, and the relentless suffering that has become a hallmark of the conflict. There are no clear winners, but the losers are plain to see: they're the people of Syria. Their suffering has to end. Regram: @refugees | 📷: UNHCR / Diego Ibarra Sánchez #NotATarget #WithRefugees
"I've been asking my parents for a new bag for a long time. Now we all have one!" says 9-year-old Zina. @unicef_iraq and its partners provided nearly 30,000 students with school supplies and backpacks. Violence has upended the lives of millions across #Iraq , leaving one in four children in poverty and pushing families to extreme measures to survive. Our colleagues from @unicef are on the ground to help restore basic infrastructure and services for children, including education, psycho-social support, health and water, sanitation and hygiene, and housing. Regram: @unicefusa | 📷: UNICEF #ChildrenUnderAttack #ForEveryChild #GlobalGoals
#ThrowbackThursday for a 'now and then' look at Room XX (today's "Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Chamber"), one of the largest conference rooms of the Palais des Nations, home to the #UnitedNations in Geneva, where the Human Rights Council holds its sessions. The photo combines today's view with that of the 1975 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. It’s part of an original photo project combining the old and the new, by Patrick Jacquet, called “The Way We Were”. Regram: @ungeneva | 📷: UN Photo / Patrick Jacquet #GlobalGoals #UNGeneva #PalaisDesNations
Children studying at schools supported by @unrwa , the #UnitedNations agency for Palestine refugees, flew thousands of kites this week demanding that their schools remain open despite the financial crisis. Their dreams fly high and their #DignityIsPriceless . #UNRWA provides assistance and protection to more than 5 million Palestine refugees, including 500,000 children. But the agency needs urgent funding to keep helping them get access to basic rights, education and health services. Regram: @unrwa | 📷: UNRWA #ForPalestineRefugees #GlobalGoals #WithRefugees
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