Kalie Dodson

Happy birthday to the best boyfriend/ best friend ever I love you!!!!
Happy national boyfriends day my love I love u so very much cant believe this year will be our 3rd year together as everyone also say time flies when your having fun you make my day 10x better when I see and I love your goofy way. I love you very much John Kade 😍😍😍😊😊😊😘😘😘
Lol no hashtag was made but I had fun at deer run
I've lost 2 people I didnt know well but still loved cause they are family in less than a month its acts so fast and times flies by like its nothing they can be talking and so happy and next second minute or hour they are gone
I'm in great grief for my papa his brother passed away last night R.I.P Tracy fly high
Beautiful day in Nashville with Anna, Dad, and Stacie
My main people
New haircut
Kades win
Look at how big our baby has gotten Kade 😍😍😍😘😘@kade347anderson
My hair Is growing do long and it looks stupid 😂😂😂
Thanks Instagram for not helping me with the other account that's stealing my personally pictures and name. Sorry for the people who continues to be scammed
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