Make something out of nothing
So much blur 😍
Recently uploaded a few updates to my website. If you know it, you know it. Check it out 🤧
Blue skies white snow
Bringing it back with some of that Philly fire
Portraits on the next level
From 40 degree rainy weather to 90 degree sunny sun shine ☀️
You know I couldn’t resist hitting a rooftop in this gorgeous city
The Reykjavik opera house has the most interesting ceiling I have ever seen in a building. Very unique
Beaches made of rocks
So many endless waterfalls
When you submit this picture into a photo contest and lose to an iPhone photographer 🧐 just kidding. Shoutout to all those people taking amazing pictures on their phones. After all that matters is the shot #equipmentdoesntmatter
One of my older pictures
Bright nights
Lookin down
Bling bling
Happy national puppy day
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