🏅Top Ped. XL AM Bullies ▪️Health | Structure | Temperament 🏠of BOSSY'S 🔹GORGEOUS GEORGE 🔸BLACK MAMBA 🔸L. BOOGIE 🔸BUFFY THE BODY 🔜🏠of BOSSY’S JOHNNY MO

😈BOSSY’S GORGEOUS GEORGE‼️ #untouchabullzxlbullies
People always ask “What do we feed GEORGE⁉️” and I always calmly answer the same way, “Other dogs.”🥩🍖 #rawfed 😂🤣😂 #justkidding #orijendog #untouchabullzxlbullies
Looking all GROWN UP at just 11 months old today😱 our girl 💜BUFFY never fails to impress‼️ #untouchabullzxlbullies
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GOT CHEST⁉️ 🖤BEATRIX #BlackMamba #untouchabullzxlbullies
Happy #tongueouttuesday from 💜BUFFY THE BODY‼️😘 #untouchabullzxlbullies
Guess 🤔 who turns 🔟 months old today⁉️ GORGEOUS GEORGE; or as they refer to him when he’s on vacation🍹🏝, EL HEFE😎 #10monthsold #untouchabullzxlbullies
Getting 🆙 close and 🅿️ersonal with 😈BOSSY’S GORGEOUS GEORGE‼️🔫 #untouchabullzxlbullies
When ❤️BOOGIE notices 😡 another 🚺GIRL checking out 👀 George‼️😂🤣 #jealousgirlfriend #untouchabullzxlbullies
Beautiful 💜BUFFY THE BODY flexin’ 💪🏻 those muscles‼️😍 The perfect combination of size and structure‼️ #InGeneticsWeTrust #untouchabullzxlbullies
“If you ain’t DRIPPIN’ you ain’t LIFTIN’‼️” 😈GORGEOUS GEORGE trying to keep up with his homie @teamlolo_ ‼️💪🏻 #balleralert #gymgoals #untouchabullzxlbullies
Our girl 🖤BEATRIX; mean-muggin’ 😡 letting everybody know what ⏰ TIME it is‼️😂 #meanmuggin #untouchabullzxlbullies
The 1️⃣ and ONLY 😈GORGEOUS GEORGE looking incredibly 🎩 dapper‼️🤩 #untouchabullzxlbullies
When you notice someone watching 👀 you while you’re trying to take a 🚽 pee‼️😂🤣 #untouchabullzxlbullies
😈GORGEOUS GEORGE wishing everyone a Happy Saturday‼️ #weekendvibes #untouchabullzxlbullies
TONGUES OUT GUNS OUT‼️ BUFFY is all set for the weekend😎 #TGIF Have a great weekend everybody‼️🙏🏻✌🏻 #untouchabullzxlbullies
If you haven’t already, be sure to get your copy of BULLY WORLDWIDE MAGAZINE and check out 😈GEORGE’s feature in the Next Top Stud section‼️ #untouchabullzxlbullies ➡️Go get your copy NOW‼️ @bwwmag @bullyworldwide @bwwshop1 #NextTopStud #bwwmagazine
When you’re out for an afternoon stroll and you notice a couple single ladies 👀 staring at you‼️😘😂 #flex #gymgoals #untouchabullzxlbullies
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