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I asked you... Wanna get nuts⁉️LET’S GET NUTS‼️🥜 #untouchabullzxlbullies 💖BOSSY’S L. BOOGIE #crazygirlsbelike
😈GORGEOUS GEORGE weighing in at 110 lbs and measuring 25”, turns 8️⃣ months old today‼️ Can you see the resemblance to his grandpa GrCh.TIMBO @kyfinestbulliessarahroach in this photo⁉️#InGeneticsWeTrust #untouchabullzxlbullies
HAPPY #tongueouttuesday from BUFFY THE BODY‼️👅 #untouchabullzxlbullies
😈BOSSY’S GORGEOUS GEORGE back when he was just 6 months, still looking like a monster‼️🧟‍♂️ #untouchabullzxlbullies
🖤BEATRIX modeling the AWESOME 31MM Rolls Royce Silver Cuban dog collar by @swoledogs ‼️It was provided completely FREE including shipping😱 by our good friends @bossykennels as a competition prize‼️Thanks so much @kattt_bk , the collar looks GREAT!👌 💎Get your dog some DOPE jewelry‼️ ☑️Great products and even better service‼️ 👉@swoledogs - Check them out‼️ #swoledogs #untouchabullzxlbullies
BEATRIX: I’ll race you to the truck‼️ GEORGE: I’m just gonna rest 😴 #cantstopatrain #untouchabullzxlbullies
💜BUFFY our KENTUCKY THOROUGHBRED maturing into a beautiful beast‼️Ch. Merc ❌ Trifecta daughter produced by @bossykentucky doing her parents proud‼️ #itsallinthegenes #untouchabullzxlbullies
🔥GORGEOUS GEORGE looking like the creature 🧟‍♂️ from the Black Lagoon‼️ #swampthing #untouchabullzxlbullies
When you dress up a silverback 🦍 GORILLA in a lilac-tri suit‼️ #lilactrisuit #untouchabullzxlbullies #GorgeousGeorge
😈BOSSY’S GORGEOUS GEORGE and 💖BOSSY’S L. BOOGIE‼️ Who would love to see a breeding with these two STUNNERS⁉️😍 #teamlilac #untouchabullzxlbullies
GEORGE ❤️ LOVES his INDESTRUCTIBONE‼️ If you’d like your very own #indestructibone for your 🐶 dog; check out @indestructibone or visit their website: bulletproofpetproducts.com and place an order today‼️ ➡️Use code “UNTOUCHABULLZ” at checkout to enjoy a 15% discount on your entire order before taxes and shipping‼️😱 #untouchabullzxlbullies #bulletproofpetproducts #indestructibonedogs #highestratedchewtoy
💕BOSSY’S L. BOOGIE looking like a 🗽 statue‼️ #untouchabullzxlbullies
People are always shocked 😱 when we tell them that GORGEOUS GEORGE is still a puppy. Can you imagine this boy at 2️⃣ years old⁉️ #cantstopmenow GET ‘EM GEORGE‼️😈#untouchabullzxlbullies
RUN BUFFY, RUN‼️🏃‍♀️ #streetlegallion 🦁 #untouchabullzxlbullies
🖤BOSSY’S BLACK MAMBA aka BEATRIX lookin’ like a 🧟‍♀️MONSTER while she’s doing work at the park‼️ #untouchabullzxlbullies
💖BOSSY’S L. BOOGIE #untouchabullzxlbullies
💜BOSSY’S BUFFY THE BODY (Ch.Merc ❌ Trifecta) on the 🐅 PROWL‼️#untouchabullzxlbullies
😈BOSSY’S GORGEOUS GEORGE is determined to reach the TOP‼️🏔 #untouchabullzxlbullies #cantstopmenow
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