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A unit of the National Park Service, Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River protects scenic, recreational, cultural, fish and wildlife resources.

Despite the dusting of snow in the morning this evening turned out to be rather nice. The temperature was 55 degrees which the daffodils appreciated. May warmer days be ahead! #upperdelaware #spring #daffodils #findyourpark
The shad are running! Yesterday down in Lambertville, NJ shad were spotted in the Delaware River making their way upriver. It may be a bit early on the Upper Delaware but has anyone seen any yet? Please take a picture and share it with us. #fishfriday #shad #upperdelaware #findyourpark
Along with the common grey squirrel, the red squirrel can be seen scaling trees and jumping from treetop to treetop. When jumping they use their tail for balance. Unlike the grey squirrel red squirrels do not bury nuts but rather store them in hollow logs. #redsquirrel #upperdelaware #wildlifewednesday #findyourpark
Mark your calendars for the opening of the Zane Grey Museum for the season on Saturday, May 26th. The museum will be open this summer Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. #museummonday #zanegrey #upperdelaware #summer #findyourpark
The town of Lackawaxen has not changed much since this photograph was taken in 1933. Though the name of the railroad has changed the old Erie Railroad Bridge still spans the Lackawaxen River. Photo from the HAER collection in the Library of Congress. #throwbackthursday #lackawaxen #upperdelaware #erierailroad
Downy woodpeckers can often be seen on tree limbs or trunks. They have a shrill whinny call and their drumming can be heard in trees. In flight they have a distinctive rise and fall. When walking or hiking any of the trails in the river valley keep your eyes and ears open for this distinctive bird. #yearofthebird #upperdelaware #downywoodpecker #findyourpark #wildlifewednesday
Robins can be seen flying from tree to tree in increasing numbers. This is a wonderful sight as thoughts look towards the summer and warmer weather on the Upper Delaware. Thanks to Scott Rando for this photo. #upperdelaware #robin #yearofthebird #findyourpark
Snow can still be found around the Upper Delaware but signs of spring have begun to pop up. One sign is the return of the turkey vulture. These birds can be seen soaring high above the river often in groups of five or more. #turkeyvulture #upperdelaware #spring #wildlifewednesday
These black bear cubs, born around mid-January were large enough for tagging by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. They will spend time in the den with their mother until April, then they will emerge into the world for the first time. Thank you to Scott Rando and the PA Game Commission for the sneak peak at these adorable cubs. The full article will run in the River Reporter next week. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #blackbears #pagamecommission #wildlifewednesday
What does Booker T. Washington National Monument and Upper Delaware have in common? Booker T. Washington tells both the story of slavery and the early years of young Washington. As for Upper Delaware rumors abound that the Delaware and Hudson Canal was part of the Underground Railroad. It may never be known for sure but makes for an interesting idea. #undergroundrailroad #slavery #bookertwashington #rovingrangers #upperdelaware
What a great picture of the Roebling Bridge. Thanks to Scott Rando for sharing. #roeblingbridge #upperdelaware #findyourpark
Lackawaxen and the Upper Delaware received another blanket of snow yesterday leaving the area a winter wonderland. #upperdelaware #winter #snow #roeblingbridge #zanegrey
Look back to Friday’s storm.
The warm weather has certainly melted a lot of our ice along the river but only just in time for a spring snow storm. Be safe if you are traveling throughout the river valley tomorrow. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #WSR50 #riverice #
This immature eagle was spotted along the river recently, can you spot what is wrong with this picture? Unfortunately this birds left leg is missing. This unusual situation might be detrimental to a bird with out a mate, however this resourceful creature seems to be otherwise healthy and appears to have a full crop. Did you know that bald eagles are not only hunters, they are very opportunistic and will scavenge for food. #UpperDelaware #FindYourPark #baldeagles #scavengers #whackywildlife #wildlifewednesday #yearofthebird #birdyourworld #WSR50 Photo Credit: Scott Rando
With warmer weather take some time to hike the Mongaup River Trail. You never know what you will find! #upperdelaware #lichen #takeahike #mongauprivertrail
Our wintering population of bald eagles are beginning to head back north to prepare their nests. That means this will be the last weekend to visit the Delaware Highlands Conservancy at their field office in Lackawaxen and at the Ten Mile River and Lackawaxen eagle viewing areas. One of our eagle watchers snapped this beautiful picture of a mature bald eagle in flight last weekend. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #baldeagles #getoutside #birdyourworld #yearofthebird #WSR50 Photo Credit: John Fusco
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