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A unit of the National Park Service, Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River protects scenic, recreational, cultural, fish and wildlife resources.

It’s a beautiful day for a river trip, partly cloudy with a high of 75 degrees. But that is all going to change tonight and over the next few days. Heavy rain is expected through out the river valley tonight and over the next few days. Be sure to check the weather and river conditions before heading out on the water. #upperdelaware #wearit #rain #thunderstorms #safetysaturday
This black rat snake, one of the longest non- venomous snakes in North America at up to 8ft can easily climb trees and often make them their homes. They eat small mammals, birds and eggs. They can also rattle their tale to mimic a rattle snake to ward off predators. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #blackratsnakes #snakes #wildlifewednesday
The 14th annual Zane Grey Festival is tomorrow, Saturday July 14th from 10:00 - 4:00!!! The family oriented event truly has something for everyone. Children can participate in a scavenger hunt, get their face painted, learn about water safety or participate in a variety of crafts. Adults and children a like can take a horse-drawn wagon ride around Lackawaxen, watch a live birds of prey show or relax and listen to music while over looking the beautiful Delaware River. Many authors will be autographing their books, including Mort Malkin, Poet, who composed a poem to help Upper Delaware celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #zanegrey #zanegreyfestival #lackawaxen
While the views at the end of a long hike along the Upper Delaware River can be breathtaking, they can also be dangerous. Most viewpoints are very high up on cliffs so it is important to be cautious while approaching to prevent any accidental falls. #hiking #viewpoints #safetyfirst #tustenmountaintrail #upperdelaware #findyourpark #takeahike
Don't underestimate the power of rocks!!! Rocks can be dangerous, especially when they are wet. Watch your footing when hiking on rugged trails and walking alone the riverbank. #safetysaturday #upperdelaware #findyourpark #wearit
If you are near Skinners Falls this weekend, stop on over and check out the thousands of tadpoles near the rocks. In just about another week, they will begin to develop more and we will be able to identify exactly what kind of frog or toad it will be. What do you think? And don’t forget to be extra careful, the rocks can be slippery when they are wet. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #skinnersfalls #wildlife
Happy Independence Day! The Zane Grey Museum is open today and the rest of the week from 10:00-5:00. If you venture out on the river please remember to wear your life jacket!!! #upperdelaware #findyourpark #independanceday #zanegrey
An adult eagle had dropped a shad into the nest, and you can see here that the young are having a bit of a food fight. There was plenty of fish for both young, and each got a share. The 3rd young is absent and presumably fledged not too far back. It was unseen, likely in a nearby tree. The other 2 will likely fledge this week. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #baldeagles #WSR50
With today’s high near 97 and 52% humidity, a day on the river is the perfect spot to be. If you venture out today please limit your time outdoors and drink plenty of water and re-apply sunscreen often. And don’t forget if you decide to swim, please wear a life jacket. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #wearit #hydration #sunscreen #heatwave #safetysunday
This northern water snake successfully surfed the waves at Skinners Falls! #upperdelaware #findyourpark #snakes #WSR50 #makeyoursplash #whackywildlife
On a cold dreary day like today, be sure to be extra prepared with dry clothing and rain gear to help prevent hypothermia. #upperdelaware #hypothermia #findyourpark #safetysaturday #WSR50 #makeyoursplash
These 10 week young are at the final couple of weeks before they fledge. The young up high above the nest is “branching out”. Young get more adventuresome a couple of weeks before their first flight. The young on the left has stretched a wing , giving up a great view if its flight feathers ready to go. The wingspan of a fledgling eagle is actually slightly greater than an adult due to longer flight feathers. Things will equal out after the fledgling’s first molt. #upperdelaware #yearofthebird #findyourpark #birdyourworld #WSR50 #baldeagles Photo Credit: Scott Rando
New this summer is a partnership between Upper Delaware and the Mill Rift Civic Association in supporting a museum collections management internship opportunity this summer. Our new intern, Elizabeth, will be working with the NPS museum collection to learn techniques and strategies that can be applied to the Mill Rift Civic Association’s collection. The MRCA collection has been on display for a number of years in their historic Town Hall (which is on the National Register), but has never been inventoried. In addition to providing a thorough cleaning that will be complete before the town party on July 14th, Elizabeth will be photographing and inventorying all of the items on display in the Town Hall. Check back later this summer to see some of the exciting objects she’s working with on Museum Monday’s. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #history #museummonday #millriftcivicassociation
Day one of the Delaware River Sojourn was a huge success !!! Great weather, great food, great people and a great river is what it’s all about!!! #upperdelaware #findyourriver #delawareriversojourn #WSR50 #nationalcanoesafetypatrol #makeyoursplash
This morning, an adult came into the nest with a good sized shad and was just barely able to get into the nest with it; the trio of 9 week old young are taking up most of the space in the nest. The adult was just able to get the fish in near the edge of the nest. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #yearofthebird #birdyourworld #WSR50 #Americanshad #wildlifewenesday
Rangers spotted these smallmouth bass spawning yesterday near Narrowsburg, New York. The females can lay anywhere between 2,000-14,000 eggs depending on their size. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #smallmouthbass #fish #fishing #WSR50 #makeyoursplash
While using the river, watch out for strainers like this one! Strainers are half submerged trees that can trap and force you underwater. If you find yourself being unavoidably carried toward a strainer, swim aggressively at it and get on top to safety! #upperdelaware #submergedtrees #riversafety #safetysaturday #wearit #upperdelawareriver
It’s a gorgeous day in the river valley!! #upperdelaware #findyourpark #WSR50 #hawksnest #upperdelawarescenicbyway NPS Photo
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