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"You don't knowwww me" - Mrs. Pancakes 👉🏼

Señorita #ushnashah
Same place. Different me. #ushnashah #ubud
As much as I loved sharing my Emirates trip with you all. This one was just for me. No logging it, just serenity. Bali, as divine as you’ve always been, this time you were truly paradise. #ushnashah
👀 #ushnashah Photocredit: @safaarauf
The @emirates Lounge. The best thing at any airport. We feasted on continental breakfasts as well as Aloo Paratha’s, enjoyed high speed internet, made friends and even had the opportunity to use luxurious steam showers. Travel isn’t only comfortable with them, its incredible. We had a beautiful end to a beautiful journey. Dubai, you were fantastic. Thank you @burjkhalifa @atlantisthepalm @qasralsultanboutiquehotel and @palazzoversacedubai for your fantastic hospitality. Milan was majestic, thank you @sheratondianamajestic A very, VERY special thank you to @residenzadiripetta - perhaps one of my favorite hotels ever. Your boutique charm in the center is Rome is unbeatable. Thanks @eyes_of_rome for showing us the grandeur and history of your city, which is art in itself. This trip was fantastic and made even more special by an airline I have traveled with for years but collaborated with, and was able to review for the first time. Until next time. #emiratesairline #ushnashah Also, a BIG thank you to @safaarauf - by travel buddy and my girl in transit. #safaaintransit
Making friends up in the air. @emirates has the most poised and friendly flight crew. They go out of their way to help you with anything and accommodate you as much as humanly possible up in the air. Kat here made sure we had a fantastic time! #emiratesairline #ushnashah
A recent throwback I should say? #Repost @divamagazinepakistan with @get_repost ・・・ #Beauty in #Black ! #UshnaShah ’s fashionable foot forward for #DubaiDiaries ! 😘🖤🌟😍 @ushnashah
#Repost @thealikazmi with @get_repost ・・・ Monsters hidden amongst us in this world! #shame #justiceforasifa
Shots taken by the very talented @giuliahrvatinph artinph 📷 In front of the monument dedicated to the Roman mythological goddess of love: Venus. And the Colosseum. @eyes_of_rome #ushnashah #emiratesairline @emirates #rome
It’s been awesome collaborating with @emirates , I’ve been flying with them for years but this time I get to experience the aircraft in a detailed manner. I fits and I sits 🙂 I sleeps and I eats 🙃 This sort of reminds me of that glamorous song by #fergie . @emirates epitomizes luxury (what else does one expect, its a Dubai based airline, its THE Dubai based airline!) Every seat is like its own little world! You won’t want for a thing. 🛏 📖 📺 🥘 If you’re looking for comfort or if you’re looking to treat yourself, or if you’re looking to get routes to anywhere on the planet, you gotta go with these guys. So.Many.Perks. 😍 - this is as close to heaven as one can get (literally) #seewhatididthere #emiratesairline #ushnashah
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