Ushna Shah

"You don't knowwww me" - Mrs. Pancakes

Karachittes! So my friends have opened this awesome supermarket, make sure you go check it out. It’s near Bahria shell petrol pump. #Repost @partners.supermarket with @get_repost ・・・ Best Quality, Best Price, Fresh Every Day! #partnerspk
More myths busted 👊 1. Skin tone doesn’t matter when you choose your hair color. 2. Coloring your hair damages it. #castingcremegloss by #loreal #mythbuster #ushnashah #lorealparis #lorealcolor #haircolour #chocolatebrown #colouryourownhair #ushna #balaa #raoalikhan #castingcremegloss @lorealhair #castawaymyths #castingcremegloss535 Ground management: @raoalikhan Makeup & hairstyling: @ericsenofficial
I had been waiting so long to finally share this. I am SO glad to be a brunette again! Teamed up with L’Oreal to dispel popular hair color myths. Popular Myth: YOU CANT COLOR YOUR OWN HAIR!🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 🧐 Say whaaat? 👊 you can and you will! Casting away hair color myths with #castingcremegloss by #loreal #mythbuster #ushnashah #lorealparis #lorealcolor #haircolour #chocolatebrown #colouryourownhair #ushna #balaa #raoalikhan #castingcremegloss #castingcremegloss535 @lorealhair Managed by: @raoalikhan MUA: @ericsenofficial Hair color: @tanzeelahashwanisalon with L’Oréal
THE most intimate interview I have ever done and probably will ever do! Albeit this came out recently; we shot this last year, (before our drama Balah was even written), just before I began shoot for Lashkara. For those who don’t know, @saminapeerzada ji and my family go way back so I couldn’t say no to her. Nothing was off limits (especially since I was super jet lagged) - We discussed everything, the acting process, my family, the industry, my upbringing, love, my accent and even death. This is as up-close, as personal and as Oprah as it will ever get 🙈 Direction: @fahdbinnur Makeup: signature glam by @zoyanasir Find full interview on YouTube: “speak your heart with Samina Peerzada, Ushna Shah” #ushnashah #saminapeerzada #balah #speakyourheart #upcloseandpersonal @speakyourheartofficial
Chilly walks ☺️
I couldn’t attend the ceremony and this speech was added in post-production, so a lot of very special people in the audience didn’t get to hear my sincerest gratitude. It was also shortened when added to the telecast for duration purposes so I am uploading it here. It’s very important to me that every single person who made the drama what it is and made Rani who she is know how grateful I am to them. Entertainment is all about teamwork! #ushnashah #HumTV - Also, it’s such an honor to have been nominated alongside such brilliant actors.
My beautiful sister and I ♥️👭
Woo hoo I’m a rebel just for kicks now, I been feeling it since 1966 now.
...And the ancient empty street’s too dead for dreamin’.
☀️ ☕️ Ab chai se kaam nahi chalega! #NESCAFÉ se #JaagnaTohParega #ushnashah ———— Brand: Nescafe - Nestlé Pakistan Director: The ever so awesome @adnanmalik1 Starring the O.G @mahirahkhan & Myself Ushna MUA & Hair: @ericsenofficial ♥️ assisted by @jystylestudio team Styling: @sohahsheikh DOP: @garndp Agency: @redcommunicationarts Production: @stimulusproduction Ushna ground team: @citrustalent Mahira hair & MUA: @Shammalq @iambabarzaheer
Tears. This little beauty has the voice of an angel. Let’s help her get in a studio and become a national treasure. May she be granted full health and recovery. Ameen. #Repost @allpakdramapage with @get_repost ・・・ Meet HUDA, a gifted child. She has a golden & amazing voice ❤. It is rightly proved that God’s blessing are always with such special children. Make it viral
Here's a tough one! Mutton or Chicken, which one is the bessst Karahi?! 🥘 #7UpFoodies #manalofoodkalove #ushnashah
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