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in a world where you can be anything, be kind

PART 1 of a little dance we put together...Incase you’re watching @guiltypartyofficial , then you know Bella & Benny know how to party (hence the shots🥂)! (PART 2 on @sebastiangenta page!) @atthellolab Make sure to catch new episodes on Youtube every Tuesday! ✨ #GENTASIBLINGS
Happy freakin Friday!!! everybody keep crushing it 💪🏼
Thank you to the lovely @marianalvergara at @privetaesthetics for doing her magic to my skin ✨Being in the sun my whole life is fun and all but it sadly comes with dry skin & sun irritation! I really struggle with keeping my face hydrated and fresh...Today I got an Oxygen Facial and I feel like a new lady w/ a glowing face 🕊
DAY 1 of being a FITNESS INFLUENCER 💪🏼 @sebastiangenta thx
Gonna take a moment here to talk about where I am in the past 2 years i’ve had many ups & downs: I’ve made many life changing decisions, i’ve lost close friends & have met amazing ones. I’ve made mistakes just like i’ve done so many cool things I’m proud of. I’ve seen so much of the world & have learned so much about myself. Today i’m in the best place i’ve ever been, mentally, physically & emotionally. I love who i am, the people in my life, & the place that I call home. I know I have so much more to learn and see, but I just wanted to say that i’m really freakin proud of myself. I try to make the most out of everyday and surround myself with humans that help me grow & love and i’m rlly excited to see what else life has in store for me ❤️ Alright im done being cheesy af... (comment something you’ve learned in the past two years)
heading back to the west coast with a smile on my face...had a great weekend at home w friends & family ♥️
back in my element, thanks to @redburymiami ♥️
who’s that????? @guiltypartyofficial premiere baby!!
can’t express how grateful & happy I am for the whole @guiltypartyofficial experience & to see it all come together...last night was a dream! Thank you @atthellolab & @fullscreen for having it all happen. Getting to work with my brother and now my good friends (the rest of the cast) it didn’t even feel like work, i’m so grateful i get to do this with my life and meet so many amazing people throughout it. Seeing how Guilty Party has only makes me wanna work harder & continue to pursue my dreams. I’m a really happy girl!!! Check out a new episode every Tuesday- Link in bio! 💭🥂
THE DAY HAS COME! @guiltypartyofficial Episode 1 IS OUT NOW! The show premieres today and you can catch a new episode every Tuesday! Go meet Bella, LINK IN BIO 💛! Thank you @atthellolab
a really really happy girl
we definitely did @horrornights the right way...considering Montana’s face hahaha. Thank you @universalhhn @unistudios 👻 ✨
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