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Viscously in love with Stephen King & H.P. Lovecraft Slayer of the Witch-King/knower of things 👹metal/post-punk/macabre👹 💌 💌

I graduate highschool this week
Happy ~almost~ Yule! How are you guys celebrating?
I stole this from ~tumblr~ so credit unknown. I’ve seen this pic a lot and it’s truly one of my favorites pictures of this house. One day I’ll finally get to visit Salem. What’s on your bucket list of places you have to see? I have too many to list but the witch house in Salem is pretty far up 🖤
Can y’all believe I started hanging out with this hottie around this time last year. That’s my best friend :’) ~ can’t believe I haven’t seen you in 24+ hours @gruesome_winter
I have recently been feeling very... Merry🎄🕷🖤
I really wanted to find a macabre Christmas painting to celebrate day 1 of corny halmark movies but I couldn’t instead you’re getting this ~ Judith with the Head of Holofernes by Francesco Cairo. Happy December everyone... 🕸🎄🕷
Double, double toil and trouble
She’s red!
The world is a vampire...
I was going to write out this overly long and sappy post and then I realized that was probably way too personal to put online. So here’s this. Happy birthday to one of my closest friends. It’s crazy I’ve known you for 5 years yet we didn’t form an actual friendship until this time last year. It’s been a super crazy yet very happy year. I’m so happy I met you and Nicole, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we do in the future. I love you so much dummy burger :’)🖤
I stole this from @vampijre Happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving friends!!! 🍂🍁 Hope you all have a good day ~here’s a cup of joe nicole made for me last night~
I know it’s getting late but this will forever remain on my top list of macabre/late renaissance pieces. Jacopo Ligozzi - Memento Mori circa 1604 (remember your death). It’s not depicted here but this artist was actually most known for his use of flora and fauna - as well as his originality. •••• 🥀What’s your favorite art movement? Aside from Renaissance I, also, really love Impressionism. It’s so simple and elegant :’) 🍁
Much needed appreciation for Tim Curry (pt 2. bc the first time I posted the wrong Addams family... I also forgot to post the lord of darkness and his home alone role the first time smh) Anyways, Whats your favorite role Tim has done? • • • • • • • • • • #timcurry #lordofdarkness #pennywise #homealone2 #addamsfamily #gomezaddams #therockyhorrorpictureshow
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