Vanessa Lain Torres

Wedding/elopement/destination photographer, mother, wife. Living in Lockhart and traveling to Santa Cruz, always. Partner to @gold_epicure

Living the slow life in Lockhart, Texas. #nerdlife
These two got married at Chapel Dulcinea and then we wandered around South Congress to all their favorites spots and THE spot where they had their first date. #tbt
Sometime you only get five minutes after dusk to spend making portraits with your clients. But when they’re super sweet and super in love, you can still make a little magic together. These two are the cutest.
Just finished up this mega sweet wedding, and I have to say this one was a breath of fresh air. So fun, gorgeous but still relaxed, carefree, and full of style. Also I just really like these two.
On the blog today, this gorgeous couple and the FANTASTIC group of vendors they chose to help execute their dream day. Can I just say, I adore this wedding!!
I should be sleeping still, but hey! I’m so excited for the new year! I had some killer clients in 2018 who made me love my job more than ever before. I’m so, so excited for the new ones coming to me this year. I also am so grateful for my little family, our sweet little town and the community within it, and all my friends and family that I’m so lucky to have. Happy 2019 y’all!
When it’s so cold and so overcast but the armadillos are calling you.
Oh hey. Could these two look any better together?
Way too cute. Just way too cute.
A quiet little bambino vs. (quite possibly) the most mischievous in the family💕
See more of this super modern, super fun, and super gorgeous wedding on my blog today. I blogged! I can’t wait to share even more of my fantastic Fall season weddings soon!
Texas forever, y’all.
Seriously? Seriously ❤️❤️
Finishing up this romantic wedding, and it’s jam packed with love and all the feels.
Good times, y’all. Good times ❤️🎄
Dance like you mean it, y’all. ❣️
Used my house as a studio for this gorgeous gal, and now I’m feeling all kinds of inspiration. Love her ❤️🌵
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