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I'm a little anti-social in these social situations twitter - imnotscottysire biz - Get Ticket to Ruin Your Party Tour below

i’m currently soaking my left foot in a bath because the toes in my broken leg went numb and stingy. i scrolled through instagram and saw all my friends met billie eilish at a music festival today, i hope they had fun. here’s a photo of me using both my legs.
lullaby - live acoustic video w/ @lianajernigan and @brucewiegner now up on my youtube channel. give it a listen if you’d like! @80fitz and i spent a lot of time on this song and it’s one of my favorites on the album.
santa came early this year and gave me a broken leg!
happy birthday sexy, today we celebrate you and your hot bod
me and my lil sis
old photo of bradley cooper, ed helms and zach galifianakas from the set of the hangover
me and my girls at the concert last night
3 years in a row i was the josh to his tyler, and it was one hell of a commitment. i guess that’s over. i wish you the best, i hope he bangs your drums like i never could.
im danny phantom and she’s my girlfriend who’s name i can’t remember, it’s just like real life!
you probably can’t tell but i facetuned this photo to make my ass look fatter
coachella called, they said if i do good on tour i can perform next year! haha, todd and i are going on TOUR to perform songs from my new album “Ruin Your Party”! tickets are linked in my bio or
when she puts saving the environment > boys 😍 haha, all 3 of my #BrightFight videos are up on my youtube channel. Check out the series! You won’t be disappointed or your straws back guaranteed! @atthellolab
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