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todd hits a single leg and then puts you in a cradle wyd
✋🏻 STOP 🚨 best friend alert 🚨 since birth 👶🏻 we’ve been like 🤞🏻when i’m without you i feel like 😔 but when i’m with you i feel like 🥰 and nothing 🚫 and NOBODY 🚫is missing ❤️🖤 #skoff #jett #skotcast
zane keeps saying “winter is coming”. we had to remind him that Game of Thrones isn’t real life and it’s actually summer that’s coming before he got another sunburn. 📷: @memorycardfull
this was the only picture i got of my outfit sorry kristen 📷 @notalent
zane is nobody’s bitch
just got our stomachs pumped, ready for day 3! 📷: @memorycardfull
he might look like the biggest douche at this music festival, but deep down matt is a really sweet guy. 📷: @tienphotographer
if you swipe left i save david from drowning
dear toff, we have taken too many shirtless photos together. we look like assholes. anyway, you are getting old, really OLD. but hey, at least you’re talented, good looking and funny. we don’t always see eye to eye, that’s because i’m slightly shorter than you. if you think i am going to continue to be semi heartfelt then you are a dipshit. happy birthday, best friend.
happy birthday todd, it’s not your birthday yet but tomorrow we are leaving to go to coachella. it’s also your birthday tomorrow. i could’ve waited and posted this tomorrow but i didn’t. anyways it’s cool that we went from going to shows together to playing in shows together. if anybody wants to tell todd happy birthday, don’t! just buy tickets to our show at the house of blues. linked in my bio. maybe next year we can perform at coachella for your birthday. why am i writing like this? goodbye
15 😎 sophomore 🙈 she has my 🍆 and i have her 🍑 ehs football is life 🏈 junior varsity 💪🏻
happy birthday twerp
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