Verity Nevin

Happy Birthday to this legendary 90 year old Grandad and Great Grandad!
Off course we’re not eating all the strawberries @mlcj2312 #trybeforeyoubuy
Nothing beats early morning TV in your dressing gown
It’s all about the ice cream #mrwhippy
Believe it or not we’re counting this as a successful first attempt with her #doddl spoon 😂
I’m sure we’ll soon be filing Nina’s artwork in the recycling, but the first one gets a frame
Nina is 1 today! Happy birthday, darling girl x
Happy Birthday, beautiful babies!x
Happy Birthday to Isaac and Fleur!
All set for nursery!
First snow since she was 2 days old!
Beep beep!
Christingle excitement all got a bit too much #ninaadvent
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