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*Ruby* - Vegan since July 29 2017!! 🌱🌱🌱🌱 I love all animals! Why love one but eat the other? 🌱

Made ramen last night, came out great! 👍😁
@Regrann from @the_black_snow_monkey - So heartbreaking. Please consume wisely. @Regranned from @cristinakitty11 - ORANGUTANS ARE LOSING THEIR FOREST HOMES, AND THEY NEED OUR HELP _ To help support the rescue of endangered orangutans, please visit: @international_animal_rescue @bosfoundation @orangutanoutreach These outstanding organizations work day in and day out to make sure that the orangutan survives. _ 📹 @thedodo
@Regrann from @4.every.animal - #Repost @vegan.remi.2.22 • • • You can help end this cruelty by eliminating eggs from your diet. Buying eggs from small farms is not the answer, nor is raising backyard hens. It’s worth reiterating: the same hatcheries that supply commercial egg farms with female chicks also supply most small farms and backyard chick distributors; in the U.S. alone, these hatcheries brutally kill roughly 250 million male chicks every year. But even supposing one could find some way around this murderous supply chain, it’s important to consider that all egg consumption (like all dairy consumption) perpetuates the idea that it is morally acceptable to use animals, and to exploit female reproductive systems. Consuming eggs from any hens sends a powerful and harmful message: it normalizes the practice of controlling and commodifying female bodies and reproductive processes, and it legitimizes the practice of breeding sentient animals into the world as property, to exploit them for flesh and secretions we have no biological need to consume.
Hoppy 1 birthday to my adorable baby! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you! @littlebunbunbunny
@Regrann from @brightveganfuture - (1257) #Repost @fierce_vegan_mama - If I can express anything to you all, it is that EVERYTHING is energy... Every. Single. Thing. So, if one is to understand anything in or about the world, one must first understand and accept the fundamental principles of frequencies and energy. The thoughts we think are energy... The emotions we feel are energy... This is no different for our non human animal brethren. When one consumes (or wears, for that matter) the flesh, skin or secretions of an animal who was bred into existence just to be killed, tortured, mistreated and neglected along the way then eventually murdered in fear, anguish, torment, and sadness - what do you think is going to happen to YOU when consuming these things? The problem is, most of us DON'T think about it. Most of us just eat blindly. This chosen blindness to the truth is a major factor in the decline in happiness, harmony and love amongst humans, and thus, all over the earth. The terrible, negative energy that comes from eating animals - no matter how well we perceive the animal to have been treated while alive - NEVER dies or is is passed from the animals directly to us. One cannot expect to live a TRULY happy, harmonious, loving life if one dines on the flesh of other animals. Energy never dies. Energy IS everywhere and IS everything. YOU have the ability; the POWER to STOP perpetuating mass suffering of not only non human animals, but humans, all other creatures and Mother Earth, as well. ◽YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT◽ Look into Schumann Resonance for further evidence of this. #whetheryoulikeitornot #everythingisenergy #energyneverdies #energy #chooseveganism #veganismisthefuture #veganismistheanswer #ethicalveganism #veganfortheanimals #veganfortheearth #veganforhumanity
@Regrann from @belinda_vegan - #Repost from @tanyasrocksforjustice by ・・・ When you wear a coat with real fur, know that an innocent being was skinned alive so you could look like an ASSHOLE! Maybe if you knew that a pet just like your cat or dog died for the fur, then you would you stop paying for this cruelty? Come on people! Think! The cruelty stops when demand stops! Please sign petition, link below! RP ・・・ LATEST PETITION BAN THE IMPORT OF DOG FUR (to Canada) Fur coats made from the skins of cats & dogs, often from kidnapped pets, confined to dirty, rusty cage before being skinned. Chinese workers throw dogs to the ground and stomp them, before skinning them alive. Other dogs are anally electrocuted, before skinning. The only way to end this horrific practice is to BAN the import of pet fur and enforce strict labeling requirements. Many countries already do. Not Canada. Please sign, to demand a change -------------- #InstaSaveApp #fur #fashionista #furcoat #fashion #thatlife #dogs #doglover #dogsarefamily #dogstagram #catstagram #catsareawesome #pets #cutepets #petlover #artsy #instagood #fashionblogger #dem #luxury #kardashians #jlo #justinbieber #mansbestfriend #dogsarelife #cats #unfucktheworld
@Regrann from @janegoodallinst - Dr. #JaneGoodall & the Jane Goodall Institute want you to join us in #recycling /reusing your #tech ! Minerals used in our #technology are mined in areas like the Democratic Republic of the Congo & the process destroys habitat, threatens #chimps & other #wildlife + intensifies human conflict. You in our do-good community can do something about it right now: #call2action18 | #drjanegoodall #drgoodall #conservation #chimpanzees #africanwildlife #savewildlife #savetheplanet #recycling #ecoconscious #reducewaste #mobilephonerecycling #mobilerecyclingday
@Regrann from @true2myrootz417 - @Regrann from @carterfelder - For more info: . ▪️ ▪️ 🔸 ▫️ ▫️ . #govegan #nonviolence #justice #peace #animalrights #nonuse #nouse #noanimaluse #stopusinganimals #leavethemalone #abolitionistapproach
I dont get the point of killing animals 😱😡😭😖😔🤨🌱
Credits: @blissfulvegan. This dog is going to be killed tomorrow 1/29/18. He is scared and depressed! He needs a home, please someone help him! He is available at HARRIS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, Houston Texas!. Call (281)-999-3191 Please hurry! Visit
@Regrann from @detroit_pit_crew_rescue - For those that think Michael Vick is Worthy, please look at these pics of the puppy that he is holding and how the poor dog was treated!! No, he didn't serve time for dog fighting and no he was never remorseful! Even his own bodyguard said Vick didn't give a fudge (nice word) about those dogs! Do you still think he is worthy??????
@Regrann from @vswolf - Repost By a_lallie_: Courtesy of @diegoloveseverything WARNING - I’m not going to share the video but I advise you not to swipe across twice as if you do you will see extremely graphic images that will break your heart. _ Just read the below story instead and then search for and sign petitions to get justice for this poor dog whose senseless suffering we will never be able to comprehend. RIP 💔😢 . _ There has been worldwide outrage to the brutal killing of a Golden Retriever in Changsha after the Chinese government responded in support of the officer. _ The dog called Coke had been tied to a bollard at the side of the road by his owner and was set upon by police. The policeman started to beat the dog over the head in an attack, which witnesses said lasted up to 3 HOURS. The cries of the dog could be heard by shoppers. Children also witnessed the horror. The police responded that darting or shooting the dog was not an option as the bullets could have ricocheted onto a passing person. _ The policeman who beat the Golden Retriever to death has since been awarded a medal of honour for being a “Defender of the People” which has spurred worldwide demonstrations across the globe. Changsha Police said the officer was carrying out his duty of controlling the city’s pet dogs according to their rules and regulations. (via #EasyRepost @AppKottage )
@Regrann from @jacked.animals - WAKE UP People! GOVEGAN @2plantbasedbodies Why? Have the sense and power to accept that you've been brainwashed from day 1 to eat what profits big business, and in that process you've been brainwashed to believe that that "food" is good for you, all the while you've been poisoning yourselves and your children, causing sickness and disease to those you love. The good news is that IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE NOW! Don't wait til you are fighting for your life to start to fight for your health. You can have a healthy long life by eating zero animals! If you need help, I WILL HELP YOU! Feel free to dm me for any type of recipes or advice. Why not try it? What have you got to lose?? Go Vegan💚🌱 #2plantbasedbodies #ditchdairy #california #vegan #plantbased #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganlife #veganlifestyle #veganism #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #earthlings #animalrights #animalliberation #compassion #veganfood #plantpower #health #nutrition #protein #healthy #healthylife #eatcleantraindirty #veganguyl #crueltyfree #vegangains #govegan #cali #calilife
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