Vera Ora

Psychiatrist - Advocate and Supporter of Mental Health 🙏 Mother of Elena, Rita and Don Ora. Love styling! We have a cat called Bruno.

🦅PHOENIX 🦅 Album Pre-Order Nov 23 ! Well done RITA @ritaora #linkonmybio
Whispers giggles 🌈👩‍👧‍👧 #daughters #treasure
Ready for Monday?! Sometimes all you need is new perspective or you can just stay shady 😎 #VisualsWithVera
Winding down evening 🌔 #VisualsWithVera #Burberry #YSL vintage belt #Kangol hat @oranick 📸
Rita: Mum turn around towards camera! Me : .... ummmm I am good , lol is this fashion?! 😂😂😂 #beforeandafter #laugh #fun #jokes
Summer don’t leave us just yet! Thanks @amoena_company for making me look and feel like a 🌹 #futuredreamscharity #ambasador #amonea #mastectomy #swimwear
I’m not in the limelight myself, I’m a working medic, and my day to day job doesn’t involve having my make-up and hair done! But I love this swimwear range and I love Melissa Odabash. I was so pleased and proud to be asked because this is a cause that is very close to my heart and very special to me. If I can help any women who are going through treatment then I will feel that going through it myself had a point to it 🌹 Amoena are market leaders in post mastectomy fashion and products which I use and highly recommend 🌟 #VisualsWithVera
What an amazing day with @melissaodabash @futuredreamscharity @Amoena_Company thank you so much I was so proud to be a part of this campaign supporting women that supports women with breast cancer 💕💃🏻💋🌟 Amoena are market leaders in post mastectomy fashion and products which I use and highly recommend 🌟 . . Isha krenare te mar pjesë ne përkrahjen e grave te afektuara me smundje te gjirit me dizajneren e famshme #melissaodabash dhe organizaten bëmirese #futuredreamscharity #amonea #ambassadors #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerawareness #breastcancernow #futuredreamscharity #mastectomy #swimwear #swimsuit #mentalhealth #psychiatrist
My hair copy cat 🐱 @elenaora 💕🌟
Summer ending visuals 💝 #VisaulsaWithVera
About every 7 weeks body water/fluid is renewed mostly by what you drink. You must be thinking about your own habits right now, its ok just be aware and detox if you need to, stay pure people. I am trying to do the same. C'est la vie 💦 #VisualsWithVera
‘Be my voice’- campaign helping survivors of sexual violence in Kosovo lead by Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT) ‘Behu zëri im’ - kampanja përmes së cilës synohet përkrahja për të mbijetuarit e dhunës seksuale gjatë luftës në Kosovë. Honoured to continue working on Rita Ora’s contribution and involvement in this very important campaign supporting vulnerable women and tackling stigma. Happy to share my mental health knowledge and experience while working with vulnerable women in the UK. This is such an important and sensitive cause! 1.Chablise Stoner,  Policy Adviser  Head of Reconciliation and Integration Team from British Embassy Pristina / Udheheqese e programeve per Pajtim dhe Riintegrim. 2.Feride Rushiti, director of Kosovo Center for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims /Qendra Kosovare për Rehabilitimin e të Mbijetuarve të Torturës (QKRMT) 3.Sebahate Pacolli Krasniqi Head of the rehabilitation unit at KRCT 4.Erëmirë Berisha, Policy Delivery Assistant , British Embassy Pristina #ritaora #woman #mother #family #stigma #emotional #emotionalpain #vunerablemoments #mentalhealth #help #support #prishtina #kosovo
Sea Food glory ! #saranda
Bravo @ritaora #VMA winner #Shqiponja me 🏆 #avichi 🙏
@missoni made feel like a 🌹 #VisualsWithVera
#unicef Sardinia italy 🇮🇹 was not an ordinary event, made me feel extraordinary too 🌹 #VisualsWithVera @prada dress @burberry shoes #villaarmonyluxurycostasmeralda
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