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What are your favorite go-to commands to teach your pups? We’ve shared some of the best beginner commands and tricks every dog should know. Link in bio - head to the blog! #vetorganics
How does your cat communicate with you? #purring #headbutting #meowing #kneading other? Let us know and check out the blog to find out surprising things your cat may be trying to tell you. #vetorganics
Who’s kitty rolls on their back for belly rubs? Check out our #vetorganics blog to find out more about cat communication - are you listening to your cat and interpreting correctly? Link in bio.
Nutritious. Delicious. If you’re dog could shop online, this is what he would buy. 🐾 shop #vetorganics and choose #EcoTreats to see a difference in energy, enthusiasm, and health in your pup.
Besties. Who has love like this? #vetorganics
Did you know grapes are one of the most poisonous foods for fur-babies? Learn more about humans foods and table scraps pets can’t can’t have on our blog. Link in bio. #vetorganics #petnutrition
What’s your favorite dog command? There are some every dog should know, and there are some that are just plain fun. Check out our blog for our ongoing series on dog commands - from basics to advanced and everything in between. #vetorganics
This dog food from #vetorganics is nutritious and delicious for dogs. #ecoeats is dehydrated, rather than flash frozen and it’s as close as you can get to a whole foods diet without the cost and time@of preparing an entire meal of fruits vegetables and protein every day. It’s also #pesticidefree #organic #allnatural #freefrom #fillers often found in commercial dog food, #glutenfree #vetapproved and great for all life stages. There’s no reason to deny our pups the nutrition they need for a long a long healthy life. Give it a try!
Why do cats bury their poo??? May not be a pressing question, but if you’ve always been a little curious, click the link in our bio and head to our blog. #vetorganics
What is your number one training secret? Toys, time of voice, treats? Basic commands are covered in the latest blog post. Do you have any to add? #ecotreats #vetorganics
“Table scraps pets cannot have” There are a lot of foods here that tend to surprise people. Check out the blog for more. Link in bio. #vetorganics
#ecodigestive from #vetorganics is an everyday supplement for dogs and cats. Commercial dog food can be difficult for our fur-babies to digest because of by-products and fillers. Add EcoDigestive to their meal and watch the change in behavior and energy, not to mention the noticeable absence of flatulence - a common symptom of digestive discomfort.
Many people don’t realize that coconuts, coconut water, and coconut oil are toxic for dogs. We love to use it for cooking and other great uses, but as guardians, remember to avoid sharing food that has been cooked in coconut products and any foods containing coconut. 💕
Such sweetness.
Are you planning for your senior dog or cat’s health? Vet costs can add up later in life, but it doesn’t need to be a stress point if you plan ahead. Check out outlet blog for sound advice and ways to prepare beyond simply saving money. Link in bio.
It’s #allamericanpetphotoday and we want to hear from you! Show us those precious fur-babies. 🐾💕👌🏻😍 tag @vetvetorganics and/or #vetorganics
Do you budget for your pup? Or are you winging it? Advice and pro tips available on our blog. Link in bio.
Are you budgeting for vet costs? They’re inevitable. And every pet guardian should be educated and prepared. New blog post. Link in bio.
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