Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, targeted to the outdoor, work, recreation, fashion, repair and orthopedic markets.

At @utmbmontblanc you will see alot of #YellowOctagons , and not just under the shoes of the #TrailrunningTeamVibram athletes! We’re challenging you to make a story or a post every time you’ll see it during the #UTMB week! Use #VibramUTMB and we will share it on our stories 📸 @amsleeping2
#VibramMegagrip gives you unparalleled grip on both wet and dry surfaces, from the rocky cliffs of Portugal, to the surfboard surface! Enjoy it, as @adventure.addicted , also on #VibramFiveFingers V-Alpha and V-Aqua, the #NaturalTrainingTool by Vibram.
#VLRtechnology A lighter and more lasting sole for your #Motocross boots! We have the right sole for every different activity. Follow @vibramsolefactor_usa or @vibramsolefactor_europe and discover more about #VibramSoleFactor project!
Perfect for your free time, the Vibram Furoshiki it’s your turning point!
Here we are, back on the road to @utmbmontblanc !�@audreybassac and other #TrailrunningTeamVibram  athletes are hardly training powered by #VibramMegagrip and #VibramLitebase technologies to get ready for one of the most amazing #ultratrail  race!
Maximum grip, agility and reactivity thanks to #VibramMegagrip technology! Discover @scarpaspa and other #Vibram partners’ products powered by our #GroundBreakingGrip
‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet’ (W. Blake). Like the #ItalianExpedition to K2, in 1954, made possible also thanks to the high quality of #VibramSoles . Discover a little bit of our history, follow @vibram_chronicles
Inspired by different colors and cultures, perfect to #TakeItEverywhere ! Let your trip around the world begins with #VibramFuroshiki , #TheWrappingSole !
Young climbers making their first moves in a competition entirely dedicated to them. The Rock Junior is a part of the @rockmasterfestival and Vibram is proud to support this event dedicated to teaching sportsmanship to the athletes of tomorrow.
The harder the adventure the sturdier the equipment! That’s how @adventure.addicted faced #GR20 , one of the most demading trail in Europe, using high performances #Vibram soles! #YourConnectionToEarth @vibramfivefingers @vibramfivefingers_eu 📸 @giuseppe.ghedina
Can you guess what is missing? Give it a try and slide to discover the answer! Discover more about our history on @vibram_chronicles !
A good place to get lost is a place where you can find yourself! Explore #Nature with the natural feeling of #VibramFiveFingers ! #YouAreTheTechnology @vibramfivefingers @vibramfivefingers_eu
Your reaction when you discover you’re going to have great adventures in the wild with @alpina_sports_official boots powered by #Vibram soles! ⛰️⛰️
That moment of the year to just enjoy holidays has come! Remember your @VibramFuroshiki ! Just #WrapAndGo !
Strong emotions, great power and top-notch skills. This is the Rock Master Festival and Vibram powers the performances of the best climbers thanks to its high technology compounds. @rockmasterfestival
Not an average surf trip with @adventure.addicted. Ride the Portuguese waves with VibramFiveFingers V-Aqua!Its #VibramMegagrip technology features unparalleled grip on both wet and dry surface!
100% true our original philosophy: #VibramFiveFingers V-Alpha is a protective tool for the foot which allows ground sensory perception, performance and dexterity. It’s the essential outdoor minimal training tool.  Find it on or by Vibram flagship stores in Milan (via Sanzio, 6) and Boston (292 Newbury St.). #YouAreTheTechnology  #Vibram  #NaturalTrainingTool
The ultimate lightweight solution for high performance footwear, sacrificing nothing in #performance , #grip and traction. This is @scarpaspa #SpinRS powered by #VibramLitebase , the Vibram technology for #LightnessWithoutCompromise , tested and filmed by @trailrunningreview
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