Victor Hallman

#lauramellado ❤️ #ElliottHallman 💙 👻:Victootall

Forehead kisses are her favorite 😘 @lauramellado
What she said 🤪 @lauramellado
River with my booooo👌🏻
Happy 5 years with this mommy 😍 it’s been an amazing journey and can’t wait for all the years to come.
Mini vaca starts with pina colada’s
She will always hold on and I don’t mind ❤️
Happy birthday to my lil boy. It’s crazy how 3 years have gone by. He has became the best person I know, a heart full of love and kindness. I am so excited to see the person you will become but I don’t want you to grow up too fast. Daddy and mommy love you @elliottahallman
Neon is my favorite 👅
Am I officially a Disney dad?
our new video is up link in bio 🙌🏻 who do you think won?
My roll dog ❤️
My partner in crime 🍑
❤️ babygurl
@lauramellado loves when I give her the look ❤️
Litivities ❤️
Time flys with you babe ❤️ but I remember it all❤️. Should I shave the beard and go back to this?
When she says she fantasizes about @ozuna 🙄 check out our “never have a ever challenge” link in bio !!!
My fav Latina 🇲🇽
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