Leaf it to Us Gardeners owner and Mum to two stellar, travel addicted kids! Life is busy but awesome!

Thinking of Paris today 😞 such an enduring landmark, we felt like it would always be there 💕🙏.
Super proud of @crazy_jacob487 finishing the series with a PB of 1hr 39m. A lot of hard work and determination has gone into that. 💕 huge thanks to @wererunnerstoo for running a fantastic series you’re a bunch of great people! . #wererunnerstoo #waterfronthalfmarathon #run #epic
Good morning Auckland- feeling a little fresh this morning! Good day for a wee run @wererunnerstoo #waterfronthalfmarathon #auckland #sunrise #lookingpretty #feelinglikeautumn #nofilter
Prepping for a tramp of the Abel Tasman = some quality time with this kid. Winning. @macpac #trampingnz #girlguides #girlguidesnz #waitakere #waitakereranges #macpac #winning #travellingkids #toughkids
Just like that another year has flown by and this guy of mine is 17! We’re so proud of him. He’s kind and considerate, fun and crazy. He’s been smashing his PB’s this year and we know he has what it takes to keep on moving up the ranks. Love you Jakie 💕
My poor husband is having to deal with the fact the last white wall has been given a burst of colour 😆 🌿🌺🌼🌸🌻🌷🌿 My flower garden suffered from lack of rain and lack of my attention so Isabella and I had to make some paper ones! 💐
I reckon he looks happier at the finish line. Congrats @crazy_jacob487 with a new PB of 1hr 44m 23s and coming 4th in the under 19s at the inaugural #maraetaihalfmarathon
Not a bad place to start a race this morning @wererunnerstoo - first #maraitaihalfmarathon this morning with silence for #chch thanks for another great event. #runningevents #runningeventsnz #nz #running #run #halfmarathon @crazy_jacob487
This kind of hate has no place in our country. Kia Kaha Christchurch and the Muslim community 💔
Recovery mode. I’m not great at sitting still, but with the wonderful @jeanbuzz and team running the gardening business, @greg_nz10 , @_ittz_isabella_ and @crazy_jacob487 running the at-home nursing I’m on the road to recovery after my op last week. It was a long time coming and hopefully when I’m back on my feet I’ll be back to the old me!! (Or maybe even better! Lol) So for now I’m able to sit in my amazing new outdoor space created by @emma.conning ‘s clever building husband and look through some exciting plans for catching up later in the year with my dear school friend Melody. Life is pretty good. 😘
It’s been a full on crazy couple of weeks back at work with this NZ heatwave! My work sidekicks and I consider ourselves the reasonably tough type but man we’ve been melting out here!! Dehydration has been kicking my butt- I’ve been doing silly stuff like chucking my phone in the wash with my work gear. 🤦‍♀️ If you have people working in your property this summer, make a friend for life by offering a cold drink. There’s also a lot of thirsty small creatures too - a shallow dish of water would be great for birds and bees alike. #hydrate #heatwave #leafittousgardeners #toomuchsun #thinkofthebees
I’m back to it after a wonderful break away with the fam. Off to work today (yep, Sunday) to get caught up on a few jobs. Oh the joys of self employment! 😂 Hope you’re able to have time with those you love this summer either at home or away. #summerholiday #mtmaunganui #sunset #eveningsurf #nofilterneeded #selfemployed #takingabreak #leafittousgardeners
Amazing fun day yesterday finishing with something I’ve wanted to do for ages- the Redwood tree walk at night, taking in the huge @davidtrubridge lights.... magic. We got there early and upgraded our tickets so we could do a loop while it was still light - so glad we did, it was a completely different experience to do it again in the dark! #naturewalks #rotoruanz #redwoods #davidtrubridge #lovedit #familyadventures #familytravel
Garelja Bros- never disappoints! Finally some sun and Boo well enough to be out and about. Ah summer. #strawberry #pickyourown #summertradition #familytime #gareljabrothersstrawberrygardens
Finally! My living room wall is complete with the long awaited arrival home of my Daughters Alpaca painting (top middle) that has hung at school for the year. In fact we very nearly needed to wrestle it off the art teacher 😂 Perfect in that spot @_ittz_isabella_ , well worth the wait! #livingroom #gallerywall #mylivingroom #kidsart #mytalenteddaughter
Needing to work hard to find the magic at the moment! Man it’s a hot and tiring week to work outside. Lots of stressed out people- I’m trying my best to not be one of them! Found this wee jem - water droplets caught in a spiders web this morning. #gardenmagic #leafittousgardeners #nearlychristmas #tryingtostaypositive #findingmagic #mindfulgardening
I’m in love with the view outside our kitchen window at the moment. The Star Jasmine is in full bloom and smelling beautiful. As you can see in the 3rd photo- we would otherwise be looking at the neighbours house- not that far away! Vertical walls of greenery or blooms are waaaaay more attractive! #lovingit #starjasmine #verticalgarden #gardenerathome #kitchenwindow #leafittousgardeners #makesmehappy
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