vs presets and tutorials ❄️

give credit or you will be blocked. ☆彡 use presets on clips with similar length to my preview clips! oh, the weather outside is frightful ⛄️

here’s a tut for the graphs :)
i finally figured these out sknsdnsnsn
okay y’all i’m out for today bc i’ve posted like 16 times sksnsns see y’all tomorrow 💕💞💖💓💗
idk how i’m doing all of these so fast oop
wow i’ve posted like 14 times that’s crazy
here you go! :)
the clip only shows 3 but they all are different and you can make them different clips :) you control it using the master keyframe :)
this surprisingly took like 2 seconds??¿
i’m gonna try and figure out the graphs 🧐
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