vs presets and tutorials 🌸

give credit or you will be blocked. ☆彡 use presets on clips with similar length to my preview clips! here’s my youtube channel!! ⬇️

you use all three codes on the same clip. <3
i’m sorry for not being active, here’s some good shakes.
the effect i used in re-effect clip was called “flip” and i did “flip h” :)
ib phonuss :)
layers 1, 3, and 4 are the book covers, layers 2 & 5 are the color white, and layers 6 & 7 are 3d text. for the 3d text use the spacing on the next to last slide, and for layer 4 use the mask on the last slide. ib phonuss :)
you just put these presets on your clips in your edit, these are especially good for short edits. :)
for the 4th layer, use the mask on the last slide. :) ib phonuss (you’re literally so good i’m still in awe of your recent ok bye)
code 1 is applied with transform clip, code 2 is applied with multi layer clip, code 3 is applied with re-effect clip, and finally code 4 is applied with multi layer clip. :)
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