I congratulate France once again! 🇫🇷 👏🏽Summing up the results of the last World Cup, I only remember my joy when I was watching all of the matches. The whole world was sitting in front of the screens, and someone was lucky enough to dive into the thick of this event. I was only able to enjoy the matches on a go, traveling from one place to another, so I had to watch them online. This whole World Cup was full of energy and just amazing emotions! ❤️// ph: @mavrin
@mini_russia в очередной раз выдернули из суеты и устроили очень крутые выходные. Компания и место 🔥Надеюсь скоро увидимся 👋🏾 / ph: @mavrin #ростовнаmini
All made some bets?) Croatia 🇭🇷 or France 🇫🇷 ?) This championship made everyone to watch the football and I am no exception. Waiting for the finale 🙌🏾🙈 Photo: @mavrin // @mavrinstudios
Where is my racing car? I could be the best racer 😜😎// ph: @mavrin
Oops💦🔫 // @vi_odintcova / @galina.dub / @mavrin
Fashion show was amazing❤️Thx @guess / photo by @mavrin
Beautiful day.. God bless you guys ❤️ Ph: @mavrinstudios / @cosmos_journal
Many thanks for an incredible weekend on the Lake Como 🙌🏾 @guess does not cease to amaze and our meetings are becoming more and more frequent. I will remember these emotions forever. Thank you, @paulmarciano for a truly amazing fashion show❤️ @vi_odintcova / @irina_dreyt / Photo by @mavrin
Once again, Guess brand made an incredibly busy program) Yesterday, an Italian chef gave us a master class on pasta preparation. This was my first experience and I'm extremely happy. Thank you very much @guess ❤️ @irina_dreyt / @vi_odintcova photo by @mavrin #LoveGuess
Hey guys! We just arrived to the lake Como, Italy, along with our favorite brand @Guess ! Let the fun begins 😉❤️ @irina_dreyt @vi_odintcova ph: @mavrin #destinationguess #loveguess
Breathe me in, breathe me out..🖤 ph: @mavrin
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