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If it's got a motor, I'll like it. If it's a dog, I'll pet it. If it's fun, I'll have it. Marketer of things and stuff for [HOONIGAN] NY-->CA

New episode of Staff Inspection is up. This time the s14 bay gets flossy with all sorts of rad bits like the @plazmamanracing intake mani, @turbobygarrett GTX3076 gen 2 and @chasebays tucked rad and accessories.
Too tired to life. C H A M P
My perfect blend of track and street. I’d like to shave some more weight out but having air con, heat and all creature comforts is pretty great. Since a lot of people ask for details on the setup: @recaro Profi XL @mobileweldspecialist cage @caeracing shifter @hardmotorsport bulkhead blockoff @renownusa wheel @stackltd gauges @ompracing 6points belts @breykrauseauto quick release ext mount It has come a long way from the stock grey interior with coffee stains everywhere.
50 shades of white. Laguna Seca x @speedventures Shutter dragged by @amyteshima
The rare feeling when you unbox something and it is WAY nicer than you even expected. @plazmamanracing billet intake manifold, TB and fuel rail for the 1jz is really helping this project snowball out of control. This, paired with @deatschwerks 1200cc injectors and 400 fuel pump, should be plenty enough to get the s14 ripping. Champ did not share an equal level of excitement.
Sliding on to the main straight, four wheels over the rumbles, of Laguna Seca makes you feel like a hero even if you’re clearly not. Nice to see the AFRs on the @buildjournal tune looking spot on. @caeracing shifter and @renownusa wheel also... 🤤.
Killing time while waiting for the fog to burn off at Laguna Seca. Had a blast chopping it up on track with @bernooo and the @speedventures team! 📷: @amyteshima
4runner update: pretty surprised how well this thing tows, even up mountain passes. Cruises at 75mph no problem with the @eibach_offroad lift, 33” M/Ts, bags in the rear springs and a @mishimoto trans cooler. Still want a raptor tho...
For all of you that have been asking when we would have some videos on the s14, the answer is TODAY! Brett of @collinsgarage swings by to slap their billet adapter bits on the 1jz vvti / CD009 combo from @jdmcalifornia and swing it into its new home. Can’t wait to get this thing ripping! (Link in my stories)
Taking this dude on his first road trip this weekend. If you’re at Laguna Seca for @bimmer_challenge stop by our pit, get some free pets with Champ and tell me how to not suck.
TFW you have an event coming up and all you need to do is change tires and fluids. Fresh @bfgoodrichtires Rival S and trying out some new Ravenol courtesy of @motorsportfluids. Laguna Seca bound with @speedventures this weekend!
The fun part. @turbobygarrett GTX3076 gen2 mounted on a @futurefab_jon v-band mani with a @turbosmarthq flame spitter. Can’t. Wait. To. Rip. (DT eps coming soon!)
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