Vinny Anatra

If it's got a motor, I'll like it. If it's a dog, I'll pet it. If it's fun, I'll have it. Marketer of things and stuff for [HOONIGAN] NY-->CA

Had what could be the best burger in Germany along with all sorts of automotive envy at @jpperformance.bigboost. Check it on the latest ep of Autofocus w/ @larry_chen_foto.
@frontrunneroutfitters roof top tent and @futuratrailers make track days so much better. 📷: @motolyric
Shitheads in million dollar cars. @larry_chen_foto and I smash on the Ruf (@Ruf since1939) fleet on the last ep of Autofocus. Check it on @thehoonigans YT.
Laguna Seca in the rain... meh. Tracksgiving in Monterey with the track squad made it worth the asinine amount of money spent on gas hauling this thing. 📷 @corkscrewlife
We went to Germany to shoot a new show with @larry_chen_foto. It’s called Autofocus and you should watch it.
Phase one of the Raptor build is up on @thehoonigans YT. Goal is to build my ultimate tow and expedition rig aka The Towverlander. First up @frontrunneroutfitters bed rack and roof top tent paired with @kchilites / @mracksusa setup on the roof.
Good times. 📷: @lusciousy
Cold weather, the addition of @aprperformance rear aero and screaming induction from the @evolveautomotive CSL box made for some good times and my personal best lap times (1:57.6 CW13 3300lbs w/o fat driver). 📷: @lusciousy
Can’t wait to test out this @aprperformance GTC-250. Hopefully the additional drag and weight will be overcome by the added power from the @evolveautomotive CSL box! Few more hours of work then hitting the road to Super Lap Battle (a day late).
Should I install my aero for @globaltimeattack Super Lap Battle? I have an @aprperformance GTC250 I have been waiting to put on and I guess this would be the right event for it. 📷: @amyteshima
We went IN on our first SEMA “booth”. Five days of utter mayhem in our pseudo Donut Garage set, Baja 1000 build on the ScumBug at the @bfgoodrichtires garage, Forza gaming battles on our simulators and, of course, our 1-hour SEMA special episode. All captured live on Twitch and also for DT eps on YouTube. Shout out/mega props to this dysfunctional family for making it all happen. @thehoonigans
Not a sticker/branding person but I’m a sucker for the @recaro hit on the seats. Ricer or nah? 📷: @rubyw0o
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