Commercial Photographer Teams: @_river2sea_ @wootungsten

@vmchooks Tokyo Rig with @reactioninnovations Sweet Beaver. How many of you anglers have tried these yet? How was your experience with them?
Alright, I had to get the matching @megabassamerica LE Vision 110 +1's 🤣 from @anglers_pro_shop
Picked up all these @megabassamerica limited editions from @anglers_pro_shop if you're still searching for these, hit them up!
Custom Alewife plug from Black Talon Plugs
Bull Gill by @bullshad_swimbaits
Winter can stay away forever😤
It may be 45 degrees out but the Fall bite is going great (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)❄️
It’s that time of the year for one of my favorite lures, Jerkbaits! @megabassamerica @duojpn @bassmafiaod
@megabassamerica Dark Sleepers have been the juice lately 💯
Double up 💯 @housetek
Slowing fishing days are better with 80's dance music 💯
Sleep tight. Dark Sleepers from @megabassamerica
Calm before the storm. Giant Dog-X in Black Orochi @megabassamerica
Been a real challenge fishing multiple places with ultra clear water in MD this past week. @megabassamerica has been the MVP 💯
Barely hooked but not going down without a fight. 👊💦
All the fish this morning had the stank (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
The Esox family is back destroying lipless cranks all day with @rapalausa
3" Spark Shad @megabassamerica + @ownerhooks Flashy Swimmer underspin did work this morning 💯
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