Commercial Photographer Teams: @oracle_lures @deadonplastixllc @_river2sea_ @wootungsten

Been a real challenge fishing multiple places with ultra clear water in MD this past week. @megabassamerica has been the MVP πŸ’―
Barely hooked but not going down without a fight. πŸ‘ŠπŸ’¦
All the fish this morning had the stank (β–€ΜΏΔΉΜ―β–€ΜΏ ΜΏ)
The Esox family is back destroying lipless cranks all day with @rapalausa
3" Spark Shad @megabassamerica + @ownerhooks Flashy Swimmer underspin did work this morning πŸ’―
S-Crank 1.2 in E2 Craw by @megabassamerica
LE Chart Tail Shad Vision 110 from @megabassamerica
S-Crank 1.5 Phantom @megabassamerica
Vibration-X Jr. G Gill @megabassamerica
S-Crank 1.2 @megabassamerica Whats your favorite squarebill and type of retrieve? Been trying to get more into cranks as frustrating as it can be. πŸ™„
@jackall_jp @jackall_usa HL Bluegill Chop Cut πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ Have you got to throw it out yet?
One of the best vibrating jigs I've ever used. Hooks are always sticky, most durable powder coating for every rock contact, and it's always custom made and hand-tied. The Chatta from @lunkerlunchbaits
Haven't touched my frogs in awhile. First cast of the day, she slammed @spro.usa bronze eye. How many of you love frogs as much as I do? πŸ˜‚
Drop shot when all else fails. πŸ’― What's your fail-safe technique? @gamblerlures @wootungsten
Forgot to post this up the other day. From factory to tuned, these prototypes are proving to do work πŸ’―
Harder, better, faster, stronger. Now to test some prototypes...
S-Waver 200 Rainbow Trout by @_river2sea_ . More of my work can be found on
@spro.usa BBZ Rat 50. How many of you anglers throw rat lures? Do you have a specific one that you like more?
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