Commercial Photographer Teams: @_river2sea_ @wootungsten @deepcreeklures @reeldemonbearings

DC Super Razor Beetle 2019 Season @deepcreeklures ❎ @visions_dk
Just as a reminder, please leave your fisheries cleaner than you came. I understand we all have break-offs all the time but when the water levels are low try to grab as much as you can and dispose of it correctly. As of the lead in these broken jigs and random rigs, I'll be collecting these to recycle and reuse for other people that make lures. πŸ’― -Kevin
Is it Spring yet? 😭
2018 Shimano Metanium DC @fish_shimano_north_america
Vibration-X Jr. @megabassamerica
Early winter grind. πŸ˜“
Precision is key πŸ’―. I firmly believe in prevention maintenance so I can reduce equipment failure when I need everything to run 110% πŸ’―
Who else dreads fishing in the cold winter months? πŸ™„ Also if you got a stupid amount of reels you switch out with often, a hack you use is a camera lens bag to carry all your reelsπŸ’― as of now, I guess I'll start super-tuning these and swapping them all out with @reeldemonbearings 😎
@vmchooks Tokyo Rig with @reactioninnovations Sweet Beaver. How many of you anglers have tried these yet? How was your experience with them?
Alright, I had to get the matching @megabassamerica LE Vision 110 +1's 🀣 from @anglers_pro_shop
Picked up all these @megabassamerica limited editions from @anglers_pro_shop if you're still searching for these, hit them up!
Custom Alewife plug from Black Talon Plugs
Bull Gill by @bullshad_swimbaits
Winter can stay away forever😀
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