Vitraria is a gallery committed to the promotion of contemporary jewelry and applied art. Around glass and more. Curated by @adornment_artjewelry

And it is with honor and incredible pleasure that we present the last artist exhibited at #cuttingedge curated by @adornment_artjewelry within @theveniceglassweek at @vitrariagallery , the Master @marcolongo_paolo 🙏 . . . Paolo Marcolongo, artist, gallery owner, a complex man with a unique and multifaceted inspiration, is one of the most significant representatives of the Scuola Orafa Padovana. In his jewelry all the complexities of the numerous sculptural, artistic, philosophical and aesthetic references that characterize his creative evolution find a compendium and perfect balance. His long-standing collaboration with Maestro Paolo Cenedese ensures glass of outstanding quality. The craftsman articulates his personal language without any simplistic or reductive attitude, even in his most minimalistic works. . . Paolo Marcolongo, artista, gallerista, uomo complesso dotato di un estro unico e poliedrico, è uno fra i rappresentanti più significativi della Scuola Orafa Padovana. Nei suoi gioielli tutta la complessità dei molteplici riferimenti scultorei, artistici, filosofici ed estetici che caratterizzano la sua evoluzione creativa trovano compendio e perfetto equilibrio. La collaborazione di lunga data con il Maestro Paolo Cenedese garantisce la massima qualità di vetro e risultati. L’autore articola il suo personale linguaggio senza alcun atteggiamento semplicistico o riduttivo, anche nei lavori dal carattere più minimale. .. . The exhibition will be open until October 7 but if you want to stop by for a toast together please come tomorrow starting from 6.30!! . . . #glassjewelry #artjewelry #jewellery #gioiello #gioiellocontemporaneo #livingvenice #murano #collecting #shoppingvenice #venice #glass #schmuck #adornment #theveniceglassweek2018 #visitvenice #art #glasslovers
Discovering the artists exhibited at #cuttingedge exhibition curated by @adornment_artjewelry within @theveniceglassweek at @vitrariagallery 👉🙌 . . Biba Schutz is one of those artists who has no need to deepen the analytical phase of her creative process. Her intuitive ability and emotional approach to work allow her to achieve incredible results. During the course of her evolutionary journey, Biba has experimented with a range of materials, searching for a balanced dialogue between form and content, construction and meaning. With the aim of creating sensual and liquid sculptures, she has dedicated herself to developing the most elegant, simple and balanced ways of combining metal and glass. . . Biba Schutz è un’artista che non ha bisogno di approfondire la fase analitica del processo creativo. La sua capacità intuitiva e l’approccio emotivo al lavoro le permettono di ottenere incredibili risultati. Nel corso del suo percorso evolutivo, Biba ha spaziato nella sperimentazione di diversi materiali, alla ricerca di un dialogo equilibrato tra forma e contenuto, tra costruzione e senso. Il suo lavoro è connotato dalla ricerca del modo più elegante, semplice ed equilibrato per associare metallo e il vetro. . . 1. Biba Schutz - necklace Black Score - photo credit Ron Boszko; 2. Biba Schutz - necklace poolingll - photo credit Ron Boszko; 3. Biba Schutz - brooch Thumbalina - photo credit Ron Boszko. . . Official opening on Wednesday at 6.30! 💥🔸💥 . . . #bibaschutz #glassjewelry #vitrariagallery #livingvenice #visitvenice #murano #collecting #gioiellocontemporaneo #gioiello #shoppingvenice #glass #glasslovers #glassjewelry #glassart #vetrodimurano #vetro #jewelry #jewellery #contemporaryjewelry #schmuck
Discovering the artists exhibited at #cuttingedge exhibition curated by @adornment_artjewelry at @vitrariagallery within @theveniceglassweek 🌈 . . . Agustina Ros is a young and promising glass jewelry artist who combines the sensitivity of art and the resolution of design. Born in Misiones, Argentina, she currently lives in Barcelona, the city where she has chosen to open her own studio with an international vision. Focused on the use of blown borosilicate glass, some pieces are then finished with metals such as gold and silver, and polished to improve the reflection of light. Her hungry desire to experiment, create and improve has already led her to receive several awards and to affirm the presence of her collections in international and creative contexts. Her creations are flexible interpretations of clean and organic forms, in which transparency represents the values of purity and originality. . . Agustina Ros è una giovane e promettente artista del gioiello in vetro che combina la sensibilità dell’arte e la risoluzione del design. Nata a Misiones, Argentina, vive attualmente a Barcellona città anche scelta per aprire il suo studio con una visione internazionale. Focalizzata nell’uso di vetro borosilicato soffiato, alcuni pezzi vengono poi rifiniti con metalli come oro e argento, con lucidatura per migliorare il riflesso della luce. La sua famelica voglia di sperimentare, creare e migliorare le ha già permesso di ricevere diversi riconoscimenti e di affermare la presenza delle sue collezioni in contesti internazionali e d’autore. Le sue creazioni sono plastiche interpretazioni di forme pulite e organiche, in cui la trasparenza è elemento valoriale di purezza e originalità. . The exhibition opens today but the opening will be held on Wednesday 12 at 6.30pm! . #oneofakind #adornment #schmuck #gioiello #jewelry #jewellery #jewelryart #jewelrydesign #glassjewelry #shoppingvenice #livingvenice #visitvenice #agustinaros #murano #glass #collecting #vitrariagallery #atemporarystudio
Discovering the artists at #cuttingedge exhibition curated by @adornment_artjewelry 💥 . Mio Toyoda uses the ancient technique known as pâte de verre, which allows the creation of three-dimensional objects without the use of a furnace. It consists of the creation of a clay or wax model and molding this with a refractory plaster that withstands high temperatures. This negative mold will hold the glass. When baked, the mold crumbles to reveal the previously created model. The piece is then deep cleaned, followed by the final installation. It is a technique requiring much time and patience. Toyoda focuses on exploring the infinite possibilities of the composition and density of glass, incorporating sand, silver, pigments. Finally, the pieces are polished in order to create unique objects characterized by a minimalist style. . . Mio Toyoda usa l’antica tecnica chiamata pâte de verre, che permette di realizzare oggetti tridimensionali senza l’utilizzo della fornace. Consiste nella realizzazione di un modello in creta oppure in cera e nello stampaggio dello stesso con un gesso refrattario che resiste ad alte temperature. Lo stampo in negativo è il contenitore per il vetro. A cottura ultimata lo stampo si sbriciola scoprendo il modello precedentemente creato. Segue una profonda pulizia del pezzo e l’installazione finale. E’ una tecnica che richiede molto tempo e molta pazienza con cui Mio Toyoda si concentra ad esplorare le infinite possibilità di composizione e densità del vetro, a cui incorpora sabbia, argento, pigmenti. Infine lucida i pezzi ottenuti fino a creare oggetti unici caratterizzati dal minimalistico aspetto. . . Her pieces will be exhibited at #cuttingedge exhibition within @theveniceglassweek at @vitrariagallery ◻️🔻🔸🔹🔺 . . Opening on Wed. 12 th at 6.30! . . #oneofakind #schmuck #adornment #glassjewelry #gioiello #gioiellocontemporaneo #jewelry #jewelrydesign #jewellery #vitrariagallery #sushikatten #theveniceglassweek2018 #venice #patedeverre #patedeverreglass #murano #muranoglass #vetro #glasslovers
Let’s introduce the artists included in #cuttingedge exhibition within @theveniceglassweek 💥 . . Fascinated by materials such as glass and porcelain, @beruinou confronts creation with a kind of ingenuity and simplicity. She loves to play with the effects of the processing of the two materials, whether through contrast or harmony: the brightness and transparency of the glass together with the opacity and the warmth of the porcelain, and thus to discover its unexpected and disruptive effects. . . Affascinata da materiali come vetro e porcellana, @beruinou affronta la creazione con una sorta di ingenuità e semplicità. Ama giocare con gli effetti della lavorazione dei due materiali, per contrasto o armonizzazione: la lucentezza e trasparenza del vetro insieme all’opacità e il calore della porcellana, e scoprirne gli effetti imprevisti e dirompenti. . . Come to see her pieces at @vitrariagallery from Sunday sept 9th until October 7th. We will celebrate the exhibition on Wednesday 12 from 6.30 pm! . #oneofakind #adornment #cuttingedge #jewelry #gioiello #gioiellocontemporaneo #theveniceglassweek2018 #atemporarystudio #schmuck #shoppingvenice #livingvenice #visitvenice
Beautiful view on the garden of @nanimocenigopalace during the opening of @vitrariagallery 😊 thank you all for coming! #vitraria #vitrariagallery #adornment
We are pleased to announce VITRARIA GALLERY official opening on Friday 18th May! Glad to welcoming you at the ground floor of Hotel Nani Mocenigo Palace from 6.30 pm. Great magical handmade jewelry to admire! Come and see.. @vitrariagallery @nanimocenigopalace @adornment_artjewelry . . #vitrariagallery #hotelnanimocenigopalace #venice #adornment #opening #handmadejewelry #contemporaryjewelry #design #gallery
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