💗We must be our own example, First🕉

“Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you’re right.” - Henry Ford . . Have you ever let your imagination run free?! I mean really run wild? For me, I was afraid of thinking something for fear of my own thoughts of disappointment afternoon. Thinking it was not possible. That it was too outlandish. People will think I’m crazy if I ever said I wanted to do this or that. . . It took practice. In fact, I still practice expanding just to see how far my creativity can go. I’m am more at ease. Yet I KNOW I can think even BIGGER. . . I heard on a documentary, Cynthia Sue Larson said to allow yourself to think every morning, “How good can it get”. (Author, Research, Speaker) . . I’ve just started including this into my morning, before you even open your eyes 👀 thoughts and intentions for the day. . . It keeps me open and allows me to look for the grace and good in every day. It’s simple, not without effort though. When I think of the ‘mantra’ it gets me excited about the possibilities... which there are endless amounts of. #tryit . #iammylist
How many times do I hear, ‘i just don’t have timé, ´when the kids are older’, ´Our family is just getting settled’ etc ... TOO MANY! . . There is so much guilt and shame around a women, and mothers even have it worst, taking time for herself. As if that wouldn’t teach your children to also take care of themselves, in the future as adults but also now as they are children. In fact you could even use it as a teaching point. Don’t we want them to be more successful than we ourselves? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to SHOW them how?! . . For starters : 1) Not waiting on anymore to take care of them. Enable them to take initiative. Give them options of what to do when you’re unavailable and putting in some ‘you-time’ 2) Respect your time 3) Build appreciation 4) Demonstrate it’s ok to have a little challenge, (while waiting for you, dad doing it - not like you would, they themselves doing whatever it is) because life will show us that 5) What better way to learn patience?! Today everything is at our fingertips, and NOW. Let them practice BEING in the now 6) and lastly That we have valued!! We value ourselves and we have value to each other (like appreciation but more specifically- it needed its own line item 😘 . Sisters, the world will not come down on you or them if you take 30 min daily or an hour every other day, or however you manage it. Start even smaller than that if you need, but START. . . Create a MOVEMENT in your household in 2019. Self care! For everyone! Get the family involved. Create a cool name, something fun. . . Don’t let another year, another month, week, day go by and you don’t honor yourself, your time, your energy and your body. . . From my heart 💚to yours! Namaste 🙏🏼
A glorious moment to feel the fresh water of the mountains 🏔 run down over my body. The energy of thousands of years of life, way beyond my existence, was exhilarating. . . Enjoying the moment, literally basking in its essence. . . To think, the people of this country, most do not have running water. I have stood under strong running water via my shower in months. It typically is very low output, as to conserve. . . Many also, fetch water daily. A large container is used to storage water. A smaller bucket gathers water for specific use (cleaning cloths, dishes, bathing) and then the larger container is recovered. . . Many of the baths occur around 5/5:30am outside of their@living compounds, alongside the pathway/dirt roads i walk to my client. Mostly the children. As well, I privy to a many morning roadside urination due to the lack of plumbing, running water. Also after cleaning or cooking etc, the used water gets thrown into the middle of the street/dirt roads, no sink, just buckets are used for these things. . . Gratefulness is in abundance. To experience the technology and the simplistic of life, is to have a profound appreciation for both spectrums. . .
When you just have to try to do a yoga pose in nature but it’s ‘slippery when wet’🤣💦... Such a breath taking cascade aka waterfall. . . The beauty of nature is brilliant, without words. It seems redundant to try to express what I felt and experienced while absorbing my surroundings. . . I believe we forget so quickly the profound affect getting away from our city living does for our whole Self. We are apart of the living breathing life force that permeates this earth. We thrive on what is natural. . . Even if you can’t get away immediately, but you KNOW you need to, and WANT to.... try ‘Earthing. Earthing is when you ground yourSelf via barefoot walking, sand, dirt, grass. Walk slowly and imagine your roots connecting to the deep center of the earth or roots growing like trees 🌳 from you feet. Sit if you can, bask in the moment. Take some deep breaths. Slow yourself down and listen to you body. See what you body and energy needs. Move accordingly. . . You don’t have to take a lot of time. Take 15 mins often. Gradually, you will begin to notice sooner when you need a refill of ‘nature’s juice’. The energy and calmness we gain from a few grounding moments is incomparable to any energy drink or extra cup of coffee for focus. . . I can’t wait for you to try it, regularly and let me know how it feels for you. Peace, love and grounding 🌳🧘🏼‍♀️⛰ #yogaforlife
You never know when you’ll have a chance to stand amongst the trees!! . . #yogis #standtall #grounding #earthing #mountainriver #treepose #rastafari #meditation #adventure #opportunities #lovethelifeyoulive
This is a follow up post from Saturday, 10 of Nov... . . I recorded this 2 days later. However, i decided to wait to post to see how the week went. I was still discovering small unconscious thoughts and emotions. It continues to even today. I’m grateful for this continued clarity and process of making space for new experiences. Unloading the heavy stuff, the baggage 🧳 of yester years, has a real freedom to it. I highly recommend it. . . It’s not easy. I am committed to my personal growth and expanding my life fully into being what I am here for. And discovering each day as it’s own and seeing the unfolding of life revealed, is precious, scared. . . I believe in you. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Allow yourself to gradually build your strength, resolve and confidence as you develop a deep appreciation for the process, trusting it as you go. . . I’m here for you. Got questions?? Let’s talk.
When we ground ourself, take root and ‘show up’ for ourself, we can’t help but to stand tall, balanced expanding our life. Taking root isn’t necessarily going back to our roots. Most times, those times, involve stories that we’ve been told. Stories that we told ourself. Stories, some of us, are STILL telling ourself. . . It means, rooting to your higher self. The self you are meant to be. Full of purpose, before the stories got anchored in via family, social, cultural and limited self expectations. . . Mom my once told me, you don’t have to keep playing the same ´tape’ aka story over and over again Sonya... you can crush that one and record a new one. That stayed with me. I remember being stunned. And annoyed, that she of all people would say that to me. Lol silly I was judging her, she was loving me. . . So build your own foundation with your OWN stories. Rooted and intertwined with the life you want to create, the higher self that knows you believes you have everything within yourself, ALREADY, to be firmly rooted and ready for a better life, living laughing and serving your life’s purpose. . . As we practice yoga in our mats, we tune into the little nuances that stretch and strengthen our body’s and our resolve to stand for ourselves and be who we are authentically. Without the need to over commit, judge and abuse ourself with wretched mental and emotional self talk. We deserve better, as we do less of the above we do more to love ourselves deeply. Acceptance with our inner, as well as the outer, and more importantly the higher. . . Practice your 🌳 TREE. Root you foundation deeply through connecting to the 3 arches of the foot. Imagine those roots growing down, down down to the core of the early js center. Hold with your point of focus. As you progress, close your eyes, and see through your minds eye all that your tree of life has in store for you. #namaste #thirdeye #6thchakra #roots #treepose #vrikshasana #yogilife
Do you show up for yourself ?! Be vulnerable to yourself! Honestly?... Do you show up for yourself? In your life?? Every day? . . Perspective is everything? I was practicing yoga during my teacher training and as our teacher took us through a session in which she asked this question? Do you show up for yourself? She explained, how we come to our mats, our daily practice, IS how we live our lives. If we judge ourselves as we take an asana, mostly absolutely, we are treating ourselves, verbally, with the exact same tone and judgements. The moment I received this reflective statement, in a flash, I noticed several times in my life, as a mother (which I held tremendous amounts of shame around this), I did not stand up for myself. But, I also (worst - I self judged myself harshly. i felt i deserved it) I did NOT show up for my children. This was an extremely painful self admittance. I had to face the fact, (deeply stare myself square in the face, eye to eye), and in those next few moments, I purged that guilt and shame I had been carrying around for YEARS and years. I broke down and cried like a baby, sobbing. Went to find a corner and envisioned the entire scenario over the course of the years and the affects. It wasn’t that I pretended it never happened, I had never fully went to a place where I even opened my heart to myself to be worthy of my self forgiveness. To accept and be fully accountable for the experiences my children under went because of my self negligence, lack of love and I can say selfishness in the moment. The lessons to emerge from this ripple effect are still being discovered in many circumstances. . . To further add to the layers of lack of ‘showing up in my life’, my youngest sister holds judgement of 20yrs, not speaking to me. My children and I have had open discussions around this timeframe of life, they can forgive me.... yet for her, I am not worthy of her love, nor forgiveness. The compound affect of family divisions etc., I was holding on to another deep layer of ‘trying to prove my worthiness’ of my sister love. I wouldn’t allow myself to let it go for self punishment. ...i paraphrase... con’d I’m comments
For some reason, I’ve always liked this asana. It just feels good. After my car accident, 5yrs ago, I literally thought I would never be able to do certain poses and workouts. With proper instruction and muscle activation as well as (most important) spinal alignment, my neck, shoulder, hips and back have been better than ever. . . At first, I attended classes and found myself in consistent pain. I thought, oh I just need to rebuild my muscles. Yet, The issue was in the yoga classes I was attending, the teachers were not queuing the Asanas well nor were they creating flows that were conducive to hip and spinal health. I was a little nervous about taking my yoga teacher training. Wondering if I would, IF MY BODY, would make it through. Thankfully, I had an amazing teacher. I’ve haven’t had any of the pains from my accident injury’s since. . . Make sure you are getting good instruction when you practice yoga, no matter where you are receiving the instruction. . . Halasana | Plow Pose > Benefits include: 1️⃣Improves digestion and appetite. 2️⃣Effective in Weight Loss. 3️⃣Strengthens the abdominal muscles. 4️⃣Beneficial for diabetic people. Those people should do this regularly. 5️⃣It helps to make spinal cord strong and flexible. 6️⃣Cures the symptoms of menopause. 7️⃣It helps to reduce stress. 8️⃣It normalizes blood-glucose level and stimulates the internal organs. 9️⃣It stimulates the reproductive organs. . . This pose gives flexibility to the spine as well as strengthens the back muscles. 📝 NOTE: Don’t practice on days of moon cycle. . . Breathe slowly, create some space for your neck, hold the posture for several minutes (1-2 minutes). Slowly release the pose to return to Shavasana. Repeat this for 3-5 times. . . #plowpose #halasana #digestion #healthmatters #yogaheals #caraccident #spinalhealth #yogilife #properalignment #flexibility #practice #yogapractice #yogateacherpractice
#tbt Remembering Costa Rica and my yogi 🧘🏼‍♀️ tribe... we had so much growth in this platform. Certain moments in life truly mark a pivotal point, and this was indeed on of them. With each one@of us having a different story, coming together for the oneness of yoga was extremely powerful. To see transformation, not only of self, but of ´strangers’ we met only 21 days prior. We had a very poignant teacher, who kept us going and pushed us even when it pissed us off, yet and still the love was more than sufficed for the uncomfortableness we felt in brief moments of angst. I am grateful beyond words for my yoga tribe and teacher. I look forward to going back for more yoga teacher training. Going deeper into the layers and core awaiting to be freed from my human experience. Soul inspiring and awaking. . . #yogateachertraining #costarica #lessonslearned #soulful #yogitribe #loveofself #selfawakening #selfactualization #universaloneness #honor #bethechange #sisterhood
We always have a choice. When I begin to feel like I don’t, because I can’t think of a ‘good’ option, I pause to consider the fact that we all have ‘infinite possibilities’ available to us at all times. I let that marinate, so as to active my creative juicy unconscious mind, to flow and tap into the universal wisdom of the ‘one mind, one heart and one spirit’. Then and only then can I be open to receiving ideas 💡 and other options I had not seen prior. . . Settling on something which does not resonate with me, makes me feel “off”. Keeping myself ♎️ balanced is something I prioritize. . . Sometimes it’s simply (or not so simply) a mindset. And that’s just it. Many times the ‘option’ IS a mindset shift. We choose our thoughts. Therefore we also choose our emotions. Hence we choose what type of life we live and create. . . Choose wisely. Let our life lessons inspire our laughing, loving and leaning into fear, letting go of the crap 💩 that doesn’t serve us. YES, this too is a choice. Listen to our higher self via our hearts navigation. Our hearts are not mushy and weak. It is intuitive and touches our soul, our spirit in a way our heads (run by thoughts) can never do. We must Trust ourselves. Practice keeping our word to ourselves in small things. We build our self love and confidence in profound ways by doing this. Allowing our self belief to deepen and grow to a solid foundation enabling us to dream even bigger. . . So don’t settle. Never settle for the half-ass, bullshit. Lies you tell yourself. Opinions unsolicited by others, even family, spouses, children etc. . . . YOU, and YOU alone are worth the price of being your authentic self from the inside out. Stand in your power! Believe without a doubt your dream life is a life of endless possibilities, as real as you can pinch yourself right now, you will fulfill your life’s purpose!!
When I challenge myself to go beyond what I think or believe I can go is the only way I find out I can go further. . . As I become more aware and notice my thoughts in the pauses of life, I find the areas of which I limit myself via my ‘imagination’. Meaning the stories I cycle through my mind. Those are in the past so therefore they are in my memory aka imagination. As is the future thoughts of expectations. . . Awareness, without judgement is loving myself; in spite of my fears, in spite of the stories and experiences in my head, in spite of the external voices of others. . . Stretching myself more and more each day. I am not special. I am not unique. We all have an endless capacity to break through our self inflicted pain, ceilings and limitations. It’s a matter of practice and witnessing our thoughts with acceptance. . . What areas of life do you witness the desire to stretch and expand? . . 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 note in the comments and I will personally send love and light for your self acceptance and expansion 🦋❤️
I was WAYY too excited to finally receive my ‘love package’ from my cousin in the States. It got here in FIVE days (surprisingly)! However, it stayed in customs for another 13 days ☹️ . . TODAY was like Xmas. I mean, obviously, not really. But the level of gratitude for a few supplements, including plant based / non soy protein.... was simply exquisite 💃🕺🏼💃🕺🏼 . . There was much more purpose for this ‘love package’ but that remains off the record right now. . . I go through highs and lows and sometimes even lower. For a variety of reasons. NOT because I have any regret whatsoever, but because it’s rough. I would be lying if I pretending shyt was challenging, even beyond what I thought. And truth be told I’m extremely resilient. I’ve had a ton of practice. This current ‘school’ of lessons and experience is like a PHD in Challenges, Over-Coming, and Obstacles. Frankly, many would have said eff it by now. . . This week is my first time feeling like, i NEED a real break. I believe the Universal Intelligence KNEW that. Hence my package today... gave me life. . . Side note: I was in the hospital for 12 hr Sunday... I’ll do a video LIVE tomorrow (WED) around 7am EST to talk about that experience. . . Side note II: IF You feel inclined to send a ‘love package📦 ’ I’ll happily accept. 💕 . S M I L E - Live your BEST life ... song by Lil Duval, Snoop Dogg, Ball Greezy . . #plantprotein #carepackage #lovepackage #healthmatters #guthealth #togo #lome #livinginafrica #mylifejourney #mystory #iammylist #challenges #overcoming #tenacious #takecareofyourself #yogi #kodjiovakope #goodkarma #chocolateprotein #livingmybestlife #smile #lildubal #snoogdogg #ballgreezy
When I say to myself... I ‘need’ to ‘do’ this or that, it takes me out of the moment of being. . . . You may ask, how do you get anything ‘done’. The interesting thing is, I’ve learned to allow life to live through me, I get to be one life, meaning one with now aka ‘being’. . . . Think of it this way.., E. Tolle says “Life is the Dancer and” ‘I am’ “the 💃 dance”.... and I love the dance of my life. . . In practicing this, I continue noticing how my ego is strong in other areas based on the story I’ve hung in to from past experiences, upbringing, role via society has given.... etc. . . To be free of the personal self...the need to be right, conflict, complaining, the need to be better or the feeling of less or more, judgement in certain areas of life. See where you notice your mindset in these regards. . . #beinthenow #practicequietingmyego #lifeisthedancerandyouarethedance #eckharttolle #anewearth #selfdevelopment #yogilife
Happy Sunday! . . . Sorry for what?! . . -Messy hair, hidden ✅ -Feeling Sexy & creative, mesh v-neck=veck 😜 ✅ -Comfy- stretchy 👖 & flip flops ✅ . . Sometimes you just have to break out of your own old mold and discover how something else feels. How else can we experience something new!
Happy weekend! Don’t wait for the weekend to be ‘happy’. . . If that’s your current situation, How long will you allow that to continue? Time is a currency with an exchange rate you can’t afford to waste. #thinkaboutit #believeinyourself #iamMylist #livehigher #vibratehigher #beyourTRUEself #smile #weekendselfie
Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ at my place. . . It’s important to reset. Our nervous systems are over taxed with the social fast moving TV influenced technology addicted life most people lead... we have to find a way to decompress on a regular bases. . . . 5 min of focused breathing and ‘corpse’ position as an example, a great way to do that. It’s one of my faves! #tryit . . #iammylist #taketimeforyourself #reset #reboot #selflove #yogis #lome #yogalifestyle
I used to be Leary of using the word ‘goddess’. Maybe you are now. I didn’t know why I had a ‘thing’ about it, it just made me feel uneasy, uncomfortable, weird, you know to call myself or consider myself a ‘Goddess’. I began to use it little by little. Just as I would taste a new food, bite by bite. As I explored the usage, as well as learning, I began to notice the more confident and self love along with inner power and strength.... I noticed, it began to feeeel more natural. Now I fully embrace my goddess consciousness. Not that I have conquered all, but that I KNOW I can and will with more grace and elegant, sexuality and authenticity!!!! . . #tryit #bitebybite #tasteandsee #practice #iamMylist #inner #strength #goddess #conscientiousness #Meditation #yogi #practicepractice
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