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Happy Sunday! . . . Sorry for what?! . . -Messy hair, hidden ✅ -Feeling Sexy & creative, mesh v-neck=veck 😜 ✅ -Comfy- stretchy 👖 & flip flops ✅ . . Sometimes you just have to break out of your own old mold and discover how something else feels. How else can we experience something new!
Happy weekend! Don’t wait for the weekend to be ‘happy’. . . If that’s your current situation, How long will you allow that to continue? Time is a currency with an exchange rate you can’t afford to waste. #thinkaboutit #believeinyourself #iamMylist #livehigher #vibratehigher #beyourTRUEself #smile #weekendselfie
Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ at my place. . . It’s important to reset. Our nervous systems are over taxed with the social fast moving TV influenced technology addicted life most people lead... we have to find a way to decompress on a regular bases. . . . 5 min of focused breathing and ‘corpse’ position as an example, a great way to do that. It’s one of my faves! #tryit . . #iammylist #taketimeforyourself #reset #reboot #selflove #yogis #lome #yogalifestyle
I used to be Leary of using the word ‘goddess’. Maybe you are now. I didn’t know why I had a ‘thing’ about it, it just made me feel uneasy, uncomfortable, weird, you know to call myself or consider myself a ‘Goddess’. I began to use it little by little. Just as I would taste a new food, bite by bite. As I explored the usage, as well as learning, I began to notice the more confident and self love along with inner power and strength.... I noticed, it began to feeeel more natural. Now I fully embrace my goddess consciousness. Not that I have conquered all, but that I KNOW I can and will with more grace and elegant, sexuality and authenticity!!!! . . #tryit #bitebybite #tasteandsee #practice #iamMylist #inner #strength #goddess #conscientiousness #Meditation #yogi #practicepractice
The look when you’re not afraid to look into your own soul, and love what you see! . . #selfacceptance #iammylist #onelove #onemind #unconditional #blackandwhitephotography #selfiesaturday #feelinmyselftoday
Thinking about the master plan.... The new year, the day of my arrival to this place called ‘earth’, always makes me grateful and full of wonderment. . . To be grateful for everything I’ve experienced in life, was a concept I have doubted. Yet and still it is the ONLY explanation for where I am today. Therefore, I accept it all. I search for the lessons and the take-always from the experiences, let it go, ask for forgiveness and move the fuck on. . . Life is to be lived. #laugh #love #live #learn #letgo
I’m learning that as I share my practice, it’s even more impressed that my own individual one is even more consistent. . . Staying true to my commitments is one of the patterns on my yoga mat I struggle with. When the pose gets tiresome, I’m all to ready to ‘dismount’. Not that I do that all the time in life, I couldn’t ya e experienced what I have thus far. However, it’s always about expanding. So, I’ve been paying attention more to how and when I want to ‘quit’, ‘leave’ or other cooping ‘strategies’ I’ve unconsciously allowed myself to be sidetracked with. It’s been eye-opening. . . What and how we practice on the mat, is a reflection of the way we live our life. Don’t believe that’s possible... try it! Next time you practice yoga, ‘notice’ your thoughts and your patterns. I’d love to hear some things you’ve personally noticed about your practice. . . #zerojudgement #unconditional #selfloveisthebestlove #iamMylist #selfdevelopment #loveandlight #womensfitness #yogilife #mindfulness
Such a gorgeous sunset practice today. @marcelo.beach Soon we will have to take reservation and experience and the deck. . . So happy to build a yoga community here in Lomé!
When life is good you don’t have to fake your smile or anything at all. Living and loving authentically brings the natural reflection of your innermost self out to the world. #sharetrueself #onelove #iammylist
I just put my ‘order’ in and the universe provides. At times, most times, it’s never on my time... because the right time is when divine time provides. . . I find that the more I let go on holding my attention on a specific outcome, More comes to me in grander ways! #tryit . . I even got handmade yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ blocks for my class today!! #sograteful
In life, the yogic philosophy is nothing is neither good nor bad, it just is. It’s difficult for me to not get overly sentimental about this turning point in my life. . . When I came to Togo, I KNEW without a doubt I wanted to share my yoga practice with my new community. There were many challenges to step up and over. Tomorrow, is the day I’ve been desiring... I will lead my first practice at this amazingly beautiful location. The deck was built just for me... and quite the surprise I must add. I had no knowledge Marcel of @marcelo.beach had done this until we met again 3 wks after our first introduction through and mutual connection. . . . I feel super blessed. .Such a wonderful opportunity to share. . Join me tomorrow, if you’re in Lomé, (Sunday 16h) 🧘🏼‍♀️ Serenity Sunday Yoga See you on the deck at 4pm! . . . #mylife #yogilife #cocreatorofmylife #beaucoupcontente #abundancelife #energyattractsenergy
I went back to Costa Rica just this year to get my Cert... #tbt it has been almost a year since my first visit! Such a gorgeous country. As I now been in Togo for 8wks.... I’m finally getting some private yoga clients and starting an introductory class. So excited to share yoga with West Africa. Not many yogi 🧘🏼‍♀️ here. #gratefulaf
How I start my day is just as important as how I end it. For starters, I am eternally grateful for another day, another opportunity to live the the life I love, and Love the life I live and to share it with everyone I encounter with one-love! Let your light shine as you proceed with your days activities. We reflect our circumstances. So create what makes you happy. #smooches #iammylist #
As I walk through a path of crops, not knowing exactly what the end will look like, I found myself looking at the unleveled ground walking fast to get there. I quickly glanced up and notice all the beauty I was missing. In order to keep my head up, i had to slow ‘my roll’. I immediately became filled with peace and calmness. And to think I would have missed my amazing surroundings, the ‘journey’, had I simply not looked up and slowed down. . . It’s a constant reminder, for myself. Sllllllooooow down. The ‘path-way’ IS the journey . Don’t miss out on your blessings and joys of life because you are in a hurry. The unconditional gratitude I feel when I do this is wayy my satisfying than the rushed pace I default to so many times. . . Project GeoAg @tosoilless Togo-African HQ #aneho #riverrock #pilot #okra #sunflowersprouts . What brings you joy in your path? . .
I love it too @willsmith ❣️ Thank for sharing. The human touch is so powerful. When I was in massage therapy school, the statistics for people craving and needing to be touched was astronomical. I can only imagine it’s even more now, especially due to social media generation. . . #Repost ・・・ ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE STRANGERS!! It’s Crazy. I love this Concept. 📷: @renaldiphotos Concept here is a unique perspective as well. I wonder what they individuals that’s participates experiences personally from this shoot. ??? Will there be a follow up??? . . Reach out and touch the ones that mean most to you often. Be vulnerable to reach others and connected just a little bit more deeply. #onelove #sharelove #theresnothingelsebutlove @revivewithsonya
Bonjour! Good morning! Happy Day! I had a very interesting conversation with a young person last night... he said something that allowed me to take the conversation deeper. . . HIM: Something said stay Me: and you listened HIM: Yes, i didn’t know why I couldn’t leave, so I continued to sit. . . He was relating something that was life changing to him. How had he first not gone to eat at a particular place, left when he first thought about it, the life changing moment would have never occurred. . . I focus just on these top level details because it doesn’t matter about it. . . Me: If you want more of those amazingly awesome life moments, keep listening. Pay attention to how you feel throughout your day. Noticing your ‘inner voice’. You will continue to hear the messages. . . HIM: Who’s giving the messages Me: I call it Divine energy. There are many names ppl call it.., Holy Spirit, Universal Intelligence, your higher self, Universal Energy etc The more you listen via your feelings and energy you will be guided more quickly to you life’s path. HIM: Wow, OK 😁 Me: Just keep practicing & it will keep happening . . We all have the ability to live and co-create our best life. We don’t do it alone. We and everything in this galaxy is connected, why not tap into that powerful source intelligence for guidance and direction. . . “Everything always works out for me” mantra by Abraham Hicks . . I’ve been using this for about 1 year now... i see a difference in my life, i know you can too. My life is so different from last to this year. Try it!!! See how fast your life changes! . .
I had a blast tonight. We went out to celebrate our partnership with our lead NGO. I didn’t think we would meet 4 other contacts for potential business partnerships and connections. .. all while dancing and drinking beer and wine. I cannot begin to tell you how much i love my life. I can’t imagine being in any other place other than where i was. Ultimately, I am all about business, my legacy and helping people for the long haul, for change. . . I can look cute and all, but honestly, 🙋🏼‍♀️I don’t give a fuck, unless it’s contributing to the progress of my business. Just so you know. 😝🤓 #focus #alllivesmatter #africa #iammyList #women ’sempowerment #womenliftingwomen #africanleaders #agriculture #geoag #yali #togo #lome #nightlife #togonightlife #goddess
Today was the first time I went behind the scenes. . I see the cemented hut/houses, and the metal doors 🚪 people going in, but never could figure out the layout. It’s more like a of community living style, more or less depending on the individuals. Mostly, it’s with family. Sometimes, outside friends aka framily come in too. Today happened to be a time where someone was getting put out, non family. So that was an ordeal. . . Bathrooms, were, an outside rectangle, with a metal door. . Guess who had to pee 🙋🏼‍♀️. I was handled a plastics ‘tea kettle’ with 💦 water. When I asked what it was for, I was instructed wash my feet, ya know for the splashing. Mind you, i squatted. No toilet. Just a small hole more like a drain in the corner of the cement rectangle, holding the walls to brace myself. There were 3 side by side. . . Note 📝 to self: Now i see why it makes so much sense to wear dresses all the time, as Insee most women wearing... as well as flip flops. It’s like the national foot wear of the country. . . Each couple, family or person had their own one room, with a metal or wood door, one small window. . . Ya know, I’ve seen it on TV but it’s not the same at all when you see it, experience it. There’s so much in life to be grateful for. If you can’t seem to find something, you’re not looking nor appreciative of much of anything. . . . Complaining has no real purpose in life. If it’s a part of yours, I’d say lay it to rest. Use your creative brain more. Utilize your solution processor and turn your excuses into ‘how can i’ vs ‘why me’. . . I can’t even pull out all of the lessons and levels of gratitude right now, it’s still so fresh. I’m just taken back by how this is still present in our ‘modern’ world.
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