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Today was the first time I went behind the scenes. . I see the cemented hut/houses, and the metal doors 🚪 people going in, but never could figure out the layout. It’s more like a of community living style, more or less depending on the individuals. Mostly, it’s with family. Sometimes, outside friends aka framily come in too. Today happened to be a time where someone was getting put out, non family. So that was an ordeal. . . Bathrooms, were, an outside rectangle, with a metal door. . Guess who had to pee 🙋🏼‍♀️. I was handled a plastics ‘tea kettle’ with 💦 water. When I asked what it was for, I was instructed wash my feet, ya know for the splashing. Mind you, i squatted. No toilet. Just a small hole more like a drain in the corner of the cement rectangle, holding the walls to brace myself. There were 3 side by side. . . Note 📝 to self: Now i see why it makes so much sense to wear dresses all the time, as Insee most women wearing... as well as flip flops. It’s like the national foot wear of the country. . . Each couple, family or person had their own one room, with a metal or wood door, one small window. . . Ya know, I’ve seen it on TV but it’s not the same at all when you see it, experience it. There’s so much in life to be grateful for. If you can’t seem to find something, you’re not looking nor appreciative of much of anything. . . . Complaining has no real purpose in life. If it’s a part of yours, I’d say lay it to rest. Use your creative brain more. Utilize your solution processor and turn your excuses into ‘how can i’ vs ‘why me’. . . I can’t even pull out all of the lessons and levels of gratitude right now, it’s still so fresh. I’m just taken back by how this is still present in our ‘modern’ world.
I’ve been taking a real close look 👀 at myself lately. I mean a deep long stare. Who is this person in the mirror? How is she perceived? What will be her legacy? Where does her ego get in the way? What triggers are noticed on a daily basis? Where are the shadows that hide? With endless possibilities, how will she let her light shine brighter? . . I know, in order for continued evolving to occur within myself, I must have open honest blunt conversations with myself... and YES I answer myself, and No, I’m not crazy 😝 . . It was harder in the beginning of my journey, when I decided to take in the mission of awareness. With bringing light to my shadows, I noticed I was extremely judgmental towards myself. A lot of forgiveness and self love along with process & pattern shifting had to take place. I can remember a time when I was super uncomfortable to look myself dead in the eyes, and say I love you. Easy right? Yeah, not so much. Try it, and mean it. If at first you aren’t able. Keep making the attempts. You deserve deep love. And that comes from within first. This is first before we can even THINK about suggesting reciprocal love and acceptance from another. . I like who I am and the evolution, daily of who I’ve become. I accept myself with all my flaws, and recognized areas of growth, the shadowy areas and all of my awesomeness(es) 😁 and gifts. And yet and still, the journey continues. . Look and love your least favorite parts and you will attract the abundance you are so deserving of. . . #forgivness #gratitude #maninthemirror #selfreflection #iamMyList #beyourowninspiration #askquestions #journeyneverends #evolving #lovedeeply #loveevol
Today I 💋 kiss what was and celebrate what IS! Today marks the commencement of a new chapter in my life. I’ll explain next week.... still waiting a few details to fully unfold. . . This previous month has been oh so adventurous. Everyday had, literally, something new to learn in the most daily survival ways. Now I am at least comfortable with many of those things. I’m that I am aware of what’s what. This can be a very exhausting experience. I had to be, an still am in a ton of ways, in high alert. Being very tedious with each and every movement. Everything dealing with water, hygiene, sanitation and food, sleeping, health it rocked my world. I have a better handle on things now and am getting adjusted. . . I wonder how this has and will change me. I know I’ll never be the same, i know that for certain. But I curious, how will I deal with coming back to American. Consider yourself forewarned, I am most definitely not the same, and the evolving continues. . . #seekadventure #stretchyourself #bethechange #challengeyourself #iamMyList #onelove ❤️ #gratefulheart #kisses 💋 #newchapter #bewilling #createyourlife #buildyourlegacy #womensempowerment #womenliftingwomen #sisterhood #loveisthemostpowerfulforceintheuniverse #spreadinglove #thicklikehoney #blowkisses #myjourney #beyourowninspiration #alignyourchakras #energyflow #gratefulaf
Life is as fun as you want it to be. I always find ways to laugh more, it’s good for my health; the mentals and the physicals! 😘 . . #lifeisgood #iamMylist #grandmarché #togo #lomé #beachside #afternoonshenanigans
Too much for you, might not be too much for me... but ‘Imma do me’ and you’re gonna ‘do you’ and we can still love each other and see the divinity in one another. #namastê #onelove ❤️ #happyweekendeveryone . . #iamMyList #gratefulheart #livelusciously #lovedeeply #letgo #forgiveness #edgyaf #goodenergyismyshit
#tbt When we keep our focus in front of us, we don’t get ourselves entangled with what was. . . #endlessopportunities #iamMyList . .
Happy 1st day of August and #humpday 🐫 , Wednesday!! Today is my 1-month anniversary for being in the motherland, Africa!! It’s a big day! Not only that, today is the day I solidified both partnerships needed to begin development of the GeoAg project. I also, now have a partnership for 2 other projects. One for my personal passion and interest in women’s empowerment (including yoga) and one pertaining to kids, health and cooking. Lots to celebrate. . . The choices we make create the life we live. Be bold to live fully your daydreams making them your reality. It’s easier than you think. Because thinking is EXACTLY what spirals into the vision manifestations. Trust yourself. We draw people to us that to support and propel us forward. It happens like magic. It happens like a magnet. . . #iamMylist #ibelieveinme #onelove ❤️ #makingmemories ❤️ #livelovelaugh #bebold #liveasif #bethechange #gratefulheart #ibelieveinmagic #womenscoach #womensempowerment #selflove#forgivenessisfreedom #letgo #createyourreality #geoag #agriculture #togo #partnerships #global_ladies #bossladymindset #everykidcancook #freeyourmind #energyflow
I never liked the saying “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. Which is one of the big reasons I enjoying living with the mantra of ‘no-regrets’ as much as possible. However, with my eye gaze toward the passing scenery, I can’t help but to think, of the above saying. When I think of my daily needs, the most simplistic ones, which I totally took for granted. I mean I THOUGHT I was appreciative. I consciously acknowledged how much technology I’ve been privy too in the states. (Not just my skin color, that’s a whole other privilege) To be mindful of having running water, napkins in restaurants, a place to pee and then wash your hands. Conscious of the health ramifications surrounding that whole scenario. With eating a meal, sharing food is a common thing, with fingers. In restaurants there’s no water offered, nor ice. It’s bottled drinks only. There are, many times where a bowl of water is standard on the table. Yet many times no soap, no towel. So If there’s no soap well there’s no soap. If there is, both cases i end up wiping my hands on my clothes to dry them as to not ingest the water. My new must do’s/haves: To think and plan ahead of when I’m going to use the toilettes 🚽, is real, so real. How will drinking this or that affect my daily activities for relieving myself? Do I have my own tp with me? Do I have my dōTERRA oils to use as anti-bacterial for my hands? Did I take my ‘mosquito-malaria ‘ daily meds.? Keeping my feet super clean. Giving them even more attention than before. Most ppl were flip-flops, open shoes even during this rainy season with a majority of roads being red dirt. Using my oils, melaleuca/tea tree, on my toe nails, just to make sure I don’t get an infection from whatever is kicked up in dirt, at the days end shower. Mind you, peeing in and everywhere (just about) is a frequent and ‘normal’ everyday way of life, that includes deification. A collective smell of human 💩 is a one-of-a-kind scent, the shit literally permeates my 👃🏼 nose. 🙄😬 So back to what I left behind... I also acknowledge, not everything in life, in fact the MOST IMPORTANT things are non of what i mentioned. It’s connection and heart to heart experiences.
Breakfast 🍳 in Kara before we hit the road to another city, this time in the plateaux region. (State) . . Appreciation of every single moment, I realize we might never have a second chance. My biggest philosophy is to live with no regrets. I have a tat on my upper inner left arm... . Live the life you love Love the life you live . . My son and I have the same one on the same place. We got it 5yrs ago before he first went off to college in Chicago. I understand that i just happen to be his mom... his life is his with his own journey. I can not push my personal aspirations onto him/them. He must discover and create the life he yearns for. . . As parents the best we can do is love unconditionally, being there to support. Be a listening hear when they request it. It is my hope for you and yours too have a closely connected open communication between you and your children. Instilling this level of mural respect early on as toddlers. Speaking to them in a way that teaches verses strict expectations. . . We set the example for them. As I live a wanderlust life and seek to serve I am also showing them they too have the power and ability to reach for WHATEVER they do choice. May you live a life that fully demonstrates the infinite possibilities, yes even after severe blunders. Sending thick love like honey and bright light to you. You are capable and worthy of deep love, peace and happiness. 💜✨ . #eggsandwich #coffeetime#onelove ❤️ #cafegratitude #togo #kara #gratefulheart #wanderlust #goodrimes #makingmemories ❤️ 🐘 @revivewithsonya @_mounteverett_
Society wants love, craves it. (Just look at many posts/social media) Yet, It’s more for self acceptance & approval verses the real stuff. Dually, the characteristics of love is viewed as weakness. . . It is the strength of a person which enables one the ability to show love without expectation. True unconditional love is so very different from ‘Love’ resting on conditions. Most don’t even KNOW they offer conditional love. They even have conditional love for themselves. Everything, I mean everything starts with us. So, IF we can’t accept our own self, there’s no way, zero ways... you can assume or accept that someone to love and accept you without conditions. . . I used to think the men I dated were supposed to make me happy. Ummm not so much. Now I know its 💯 % up to me to do that. I’ve been attracting, for some time now, more men who are happy in their lives and therefore know how to treat people. Not just a women, but humankind. There’s no difference. . . I’m sharing as I grow in deeper understanding and self acceptance, love is strength. Being kind for no reason. Without expectation. This is love. Any kind of love, It’s without expecting something back. Depending on the inaction and the type of relationship depends on how long you feed that love to a person for growth & building. If it ain’t growin, in other words, take your seeds elsewhere. . . . It’s not about being a doormat. It’s about not getting mad when it’s not reciprocated. . . Be strong y’all, love deeply. Give to Yourself first. #iamMyList #therearenostrangers #onelove
Always feels good to sweat! Even though I dread sometimes doing things that are for my best interest, it sure feels good when I practice discipline and get to it. 💕 #selflove requires me to have discipline, boundaries and vision! What areas of life do you want to increase discipline? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 share with me... would love to hear. It’s quite possible we have something in common 🤣 #selfdiscipline #vulnerability #askquestions #iamMyList #powerofself #youdeserveit
When is enough enough? What’s the thing that’s going to make you stop and shift your life? What has to happen for you to be ‘done’ with they way you are living. . . I’m the full Facebook Live I share a bit about mine and when it started for me. .. . Next FB Live- Wednesday #sonyaKehler . #facebooklive #thequestions #questionandanswer #askmenow #whatdoyouwanttoknow #liveyourlifefully
Love shows up when you’re not looking for it. And it’s everywhere. 👣 👣 I literally was walking along the beach and came across this. I did not make it, it was just there when I got there. . ❤️ ❤️ Love is like that too. When we get there, it/he/she will already be there. ✨ ✨ #ready #readyforlove #loveyourselffirst
Because one just isn’t enough. . . Sometimes, Thats how I feel. I have to remind myself to be grateful at times with exactly what I have. Not focusing what was. What Isn’t. Etc. When I focus on the ‘wrong’ things, discontentment creeps in. Then I’m all outta whack! . Going back to square one. That’s gratitude. This brings me back into the alignment that gets me in the state of allowing verses expecting. That’s always a bummer. Every single time I expect something, that means I want a certain result, outcome. And when it doesn’t happen which is most of the time. (Because you know the divine has a way of changing the plan to how more grow can occur, might I add a little laughter at life) So the unfolding for me is truly ‘testing’ my patience. 🤦🏼‍♀️😑🙃 . . I’m sharing my moMEnt of mindset shifting with you. Hopefully, I can gently remind you too, that gratitude is our grounding. Gets us back to where we feel good, where we need to be. We deserve it❣️ #smooches #iamMyList #gymlife
#tbt Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay like an octopus on your face. 🤣😂 🌊🌊🌊 . . My Costa Rican tribe #Anamaya #yogis #coconutwater #electrolytes
At first glance you might think this is about popcorn 🍿 🍿 Well it kinda is but it’s kinda not! I DO love popcorn that’s one reason why it’s in this shot. But the REAL reason I’m taking a selfie with popcorn, is because I’m SUPER grateful for the simple things. For a popcorn 💕 lover like myself...and to mentioned I didn’t cut corners, I used REAL BUTTER, Celtic salt and popped it the way I did in the states. Oooooooh the deliciousness ❣️ That ‘kool-aid’ smile is real my friends. It literally put a smile on my face. I even did a little ‘touchdown’ dance when the kernels actually starting filling up the pot after 2 prior attempts from some other kernels I’d gotten at the open market! #score #popcorn #butter #celticsalt . . All I’m saying, take the time and relish in stuff that makes you feel good. That IS pleasure. That IS LIVING life to the fullest in that moment. When we can expand the duration of ‘feel-good’ we allow ourselves to connect with our high-self. . . Listen I know this sounds whacky, but we were meant to experience to the fullest. Basically, when we ‘do’ something it’s an act we are disconnected from. For example, don’t 🎨 paint, BE ‘paintING’. Be fully present. (Cooking, lovemaking etc) I became one and present with my entire popcorn popping experience. LOL yes it’s that simple. Start with the simple pleasures and then go out there, in the 🌍 world, and go for the gusto, of what sets your ✨SOUL on FIRE! 🔥 . . #iamMyList #popcornlover @stellaspopkern Love and miss your popkern girlfriend #smooches 💕
What a difference a YEAR makes! This was almost to the day. There are several phases that has occurred between them and now. .. attention... long post... . 1) I had bought a new coach, the frame was done. I raised my sons with that one. . 2) I sold most of my belongings 3) My oldest son moved out, to Cali and then 🇫🇷 #France 4) I moved- downsized- rented a room. Wanted to become debt free 5) Decided to leave the US, Build a worldwide retreat model 6) Met a guy who discovered a new science, owns 14 patents for GeoAg. Got trained in 30 days. Decided to take his on the road with me as an economic piece for women’s empowerment. (So I’d have the mind body and financial for food insecurity areas) . 7) Several meetings with World Bank, UN/FAO (via Collegue), Several Ambassadors, and other non-Profits/NGO’s. 8) I find myself here living in Togo. . . The point is, we NEVER can fully predict our lives and the outcomes. If I stayed attached to one thing and wasn’t open to receiving what I asked, I’d probably still be in the same place. Not that it was bad. . . But, what I truly wanted was to make a difference. Live life fully, unapologetically. Full of love, laughed and learning. I say, decide what you want, in terms of how you want to FEEL. And pay attention to what unfolds. Remember, be open and unattached to the thing that you THINK is going to make it happen for you. . I’m finding that as I tap into, what I like to refer to as, my ‘inner navigation’, we bond more closely to our high self. Do it for YOU, your family and all that you love. #smooches
Happy Sunday Syncretism.... One of my ‘favoritst’ women on earth... she has a hilarious spin on the ‘coincidences in our life’s. . #shemakesmelaugh . Repost @thelifewithjenergy the model, actress, wellness coach and comedian and SO so much more 😘😘 ・・・ Walking your Divine Path, #Alignment & #Synchronicity #satire #divine #divineintervention #chakra #reiki #comedy #omg #gno #143 #msg #meditation #masturbacion #aligned #lawofattraction #loa #spirituality #cosmiclove #mindfulness @revivewithsonya
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