football edits :)

— crappy videostar edits of my babes

Hey y’all random post sorry I haven’t posted in 146271626 years I have been so busy and a lil unmotivated but hopefully I’ll get back into it (fun fact, I don’t even play football, I do field hockey lol)
can he please father my children?? — ac: kuteaudios cc: mee — Lowkey actually kinda proud of an edit for once lol yay
doesn’t have to win the World Cup to win my heart. — ac: me | cc: shanesedits/ me — honestly I tried a few new things in this and idk if I like it?? Also, Oml there’s so many club matches wed I’m so excitedddd
champions du monde. — ac: deadaudio shakes: shanesedits cc: shanesedits/me — Ew this actually sucks I was rushing so much please excuse this disaster I’m so disappointed :(((
won the world cup and most importantly, our hearts. — dt: many. all france stans ac: I forget, sorry creds to shanesedits for many transitions — words cannot describe how grateful and proud I am that this wonderful team has gotten the opportunity to lift that golden trophy into the air. The team and players are given the recognition and happiness that they deserve. The only words that can come to mind are the words that have gotten me through the tournament. Allez Les Bleus!!!!❤️💙🇫🇷 @equipedefrance
we stan (1) world class footballer. — ac: me, I edited give creds dt: @moviescenespost.s and any Grizi fans ;) ib: @ catallystic — France is gonna win thanks to this man and nobody can convince me otherwise :)) (THAT ONE GLITCH ANNOYS THE SHIT OUTTA ME)
you REALLY thought. [ac: EPY] [my coloring] ••• y’all I’m sorry for this clickbait but did you really think i’d plotwist Thomas for Newt? Just stayin in my lane👀 lol also can we just talk about how good Dyl looks in tdc okay LOOKS HAVE BEEN SERVED - [btw pls don’t kill me for using this audio I like it (no pun) okie?] ••• #themazerunner #thescorchtrials #thedeathcure #newtmas #omgpage #newt #minho #thomas #teresa #frypan #brenda #winston #mazerunneredit #mazerunner #scorchtrials #deathcure #dylanobrien #thomasthedeathcure
s n a p p e d. [not my audio] [my coloring] ••• Y’all TDC was actually a b.l.e.s.s.i.n.g ngl we are LIVING what did we ever do to deserve this. What did we ever do to deserve such a man I’m in love. ••• #themazerunner #thescorchtrials #thedeathcure #newtmas #omgpage #newt #minho #thomas #teresa #frypan #brenda #winston #mazerunneredit #mazerunner #scorchtrials #deathcure #dylanobrien