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💜 Let your eyez do the talking 💜 Lashes • Microblading • Make Up • Threading 💜 Brixton Lashes 🎓 VolumEyez Training Acadamy 📲 07501 454799

Slaying lashes everyday and lashbae's working it, makes me a happy Techie 💜💜💜
Let the magic begin ! 💎
Full set of individual lashes. 10-14 C & D Curl mixed for a more natural and fuller lash..... keeping it real.😍💜
Focus! Achieving your goals one day at a time. 💜
A tribute to all those that allow me stand here today xx #remember #brothersandsisters #sidebyside #forevergreatful
Volume Lashes, Individual Lashes, Hybrid Lashes and Brow did it all today...am I wiped out! #pushedtothelimit #onpoint #knowyourlashes #queenoflashes #everevolving 💜💜
Birthday girl looking so on fleek, luv her xx
We in OR we out!?? ...Surprise me!
Better the Devil you know! My clients got all creative for a HALLOWEEN party. Luv it! Luv it! Luv it 💜💜
When your client opens her eyes and a big SMILE lights up her face...... Now that's Priceless 💜
Let's see y'all hands 🖐
Never underestimate yourself .....Great idea's can come from some alone time. @volumeyezlashes MUA: @Elizabethshokan
The BIG question how long do eyelash extensions last and why do eyelash extensions fall out? Well! On average you naturally lose 3-4 per day this will give you an indication of when you need to come back for an infill. Your natural lash will go through different growth phases Anagen, Catagen and Telogen and it's at the Catagen stage that the extentions are attached. 💜💜📝📝
🦇🦇 Twit Twoo ! Bat them lashes ! 🦇🦇
What is it? 👀👀 A #Strip or #Extensions ??
A fresh start.... I love Mondays !
Monday! Do it with passion OR not at all 💜💜💜
Tax comes in many forms, apply accordingly
Simply effective but not too dramatic....we know what you want! 😉
LastMinute-Lashes.Com ! 🙈🙈
Newbie in town !! 🎉🎉 @VolumeEyezLashes MUA: @ElizabethShokan 'Orange Bloom' a subtle half cut crease, perfect for the season ! 🍁🍁🍁
💜 F R I D A Y 👀 E Y E D A Y 💜
When you open your eyes and get what you wished for 💜💜
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