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#Repost @ms.drea66 ・・・ Rain Noir
#Repost @barrettweed #MeanGirls hanging @pocketbarnyc ・・・ It blows my mind daily that I have such awesome friends. It took me almost 25 years of life to develop friendships that allowed me to unclench my chest and take an easy breath. If you find people who make you feel loved, peaceful, and incredibly safe, hold them in the highest regard. Make them feel loved. Make them the priority. Encourage them to do stand up, make podcasts, make art, fall in love...and be there to catch them and help them back up when they hit the hard spot. And let them hold you accountable. Let your friends call you out when you’re not doing the right thing and seek their counsel when you aren’t brave enough to figure out the right thing. Be the safety net your friends need. My friends are my net and I try so so so hard to always be theirs. Without them my life would make no sense. I am beyond lucky. I am truly, madly, deeply blessed.
That’s a tall order! @kporzee casually blending into the background at the deli counter in #sunac @joaquinarte @sunac_nyc @liveatsky @silvertowersny @nyknicks #basketball #porzingis
#Repost @ms.drea66 ・・・ Mosaic Galaxy at The 7 Train.
International Grocery is the very best place to prepare to host a Saturday night party. No spices bought - but nuts, cheese and taramasalata galore 😍 #spices
#Repost @hkdems ・・・ A safe haven has been saved thanks to all who made it possible! @coreyjohnsonnyc @dickgottfried @bradhoylman Manhattan Borough President @galeabrewer @ebottcher #HellsKitchen
A strange juxtaposition of London and New York on #w42st #NYLON #NYC #London #art
Bang the drum🥁 Claudio’s Pizzeria 🍕 is open again on 10th Ave #hellskitchen #Pizza #drums
#Repost @pocketboxer ・・・ Some days require a different perspective. This seems like a good one. #giantpuppy #nyc #w42st #rescuedogsofinstagram
#Repost @laroyo ・・・ #sunset #sushi ♥️
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