leslie & dani & harri

#ftwotw to be featured @hippi.e @definitely.not.dani @harrigilbert profile pic by @elenakalis for business inquiries: wotwphotog@gmail.com

Picture by @olliesjournal // model @danifirestone It’s kind of amazing how we all have just instant access to seeing so much beautiful art. There’s so much of it on this app and just the internet in general and we all take it for granted.
Picture by @tajwarahad // model @tea.ah This pic just makes me so damn happy lmao tia is adorable!!
Picture by @itsdylanstevens How’s your weekend going? :)
Images by @dan.franco 🧡🧡🧡
Image by @aboutlight_ How do you stay motivated? With work, photography, art, school etc.
Picture by @micahphoto_ Wow!
Picture by @chrishigginsphoto
Picture by @andrewling
Picture by @ovethmartinez Go follow my talented friend!!!
Picture by @mrw.photos This is my beautiful best friend!!! And somehow her personality is even more amazing than her face. She’s been away for a month and she finally comes home tomorrow. Yay ❤️
Picture by @martyztoteles Martin has always had such a unique style. Such great work.
Picture by @tiffgifphotog Go check out her page wow
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