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Why yes, I am available for tour. 🎥 📷

Thursday night with @austinjenckes and @cbandthecrooks was so much fun. It made getting back to Seattle at 5 AM totally worth it. Can’t wait for Austin to release his new single this week for the song “In My Head”. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of music and one of my new favorite songs. I’ve mentioned before what a knack for songwriting this dude has but it’s so much more than just that. His vocals, the mood that he creates with his songs, it’s a total package. Stoked to see him again, whenever that next time might be. I’ll be back in Portland on Tuesday for a magazine shoot, but if there’s anyone else who needs work done, speak up now. Cheers! 🎸🤟🏼🙏🏼👊🏼📷
Last night was a party. The Roxy in Bremerton was packed for the MxPx/Silver City “Best Life” IPA beer release party. All the guys played and lots of funny stories were told. There was even a mosh pit for an acoustic song, which may have been the first time I’ve ever seen that. Even the kids were dancing. Swipe through to see more photos from last night. 🎸📷🙏🏼🤟🏼👊🏼
Just about GO TIME! #MxPx #SilverCity
Tonight! It goes down at the Roxy in downtown Bremerton, WA. The “Best Life” Beer release party, featuring sets from Mike and Chris from MxPx. I think the party is pretty close to sold out, because why wouldn’t it be? MxPx, Bremerton, Beer! It’s gonna be a fun one. Swipe through for another photo and a video promo I did for this show. See some of y’all out there!
Portland tonight, with Austin Jenckes! The venue we’re at is filled with country music history. Basically every legend in the genre has played here at some point in their careers. It’s been cool to catch some of Austin’s shows this summer (and now Fall) as he steadily tours on the release of some new singles. He has this uncanny knack of writing songs that ooze nostalgia, bringing back warm memories of growing up when the world was a little less chaotic than it is today. I genuinely dig his music and I’m stoked to capture some footage from tonight’s show. 🙏🏼🎸📷🤟🏼
Happiest of birthdays to my multi-talented friend, Ms. Erin Kinsey. She turned 18 today, which has to mean that she’s now officially old enough to take Nashville and the country music world by storm. Here’s a shot of her in the studio from August, while we filmed a video of her covering “Burning Man” by @dierksbentley. She played every instrument for the cover song and even did it for the video too. Dang!
HO-LEE-CRAP. I had no idea that this was dropping today, but even the director gets surprised sometimes. Tonight, over at @altpress , my first “real” music video, for the song “Best Life” by my buds in @mxpxpx is streaming to the world. We shot this, this summer at a bonfire with a whole bunch of fans, some of whom flew in from all over the country. The bonfire was a perk for people who backed the new record, through the bands Kickstarter campaign. Shot as a b-roll video with a lot of live performance shots as the sun went down, this was one of my favorite memories from the year. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the projects these guys have thrown my way and for their continued support of me as an artist. My son @christiangravbrot assisted me in the filming of this and many of the used images are from his camera as well. We worked on the editing of this together, while he was staying with me this summer, which makes this even more special. Watch the whole thing here or at the link in @mxpxpx bio. Cheers! - - - - @mikeherreratd @tomwisniewski @yurizaneruley @chrisadkins253 @audio_andy @thejakelong @tra580 @tomisnotangry @gregorywbennett @anissadawn @silvercitybrewery @altpress Thanks to all of you!
Got a few cool shows coming up this week, one of which is the @mxpxpx “Best Life” beer launch party in collaboration with @silvercitybrewery. Friday night, at the Roxy in downtown Bremerton, Mike will be playing acoustic and the rest of the guys will be drinking beer. I’m assuming they’ll be doing that at least. 😂🤟🏼🙏🏼👊🏼📷🎧🎸
Here’s a little clip from the last few days in the studio while Jesse recorded his new project. They’re all wrapped up now, so it’s on to the next project for me... just not sure what that is yet. Who needs a studio photo/videographer? 😊🤟🏼👊🏼🙏🏼🎧📷🎸 @thejesselawson @bradlygmiranda
Jesse recorded vocals today. I did learn something in the process. Apparently, he thinks he’s Drake. Video evidence if you swipe. 😂
Guitars were shredded today, my 3rd in the studio with @thejesselawson. Swipe to see the proof. Songs are coming out rad! I’ve really been enjoying my time with Jesse, his wife, their little one, and Bradly. It’s always cool to do this kind of work, but it’s also just nice to spend time in a basement with friends. 😂🙏🏼👊🏼👊🏼📷🎧 🎸
Having spent the first half of his musical career with scene heavyweights Sleeping With Sirens, Jesse Lawson left to embark on his own personal musical journey with a series of solo records. I’m in the studio with him this week as he creates the third chapter of his solo career. Bradly and him finished drums today and began tracking the bass parts and from what I’ve heard so far, these songs have a heavier edge to them than his previous efforts, while still keeping in the vein of the perfectly structured pop songwriting formula that he does so well. Leaving an internationally touring band to do his own thing has opened up his ability to truly write and record the songs that he really wants to make and I’m stoked for him to put these last few years of life experiences into musical form. 🙏🏼👊🏼📷🤟🏼🎧
Day 1 in the studio with my bud Jesse Lawson. I’ve known him for a few years now, having met him in another studio, after having just left doing work in a different studio. I guess it would be kinda weird if we weren’t hanging out in the studio to some degree then, yah? He and Bradly Miranda are working on some new songs, so I’ll be in the lab with them all week documenting the process. Can’t wait to show more stuff from them!
Starting work in another studio today, for a few days. I love the detail shots that I can get inside these spaces, so here’s one from out in New Jersey at The Barbershop Studios.
Just watched the craziest ending to the Monday Night Football game in Denver and it got me realizing I haven’t posted a photo from this session with Colorado native and Seattle based musician, Tudor, from last month. He’s been hard at work in the studio, putting the finishing touches on some new music which also signifies a stylistic change for him as well as a name change. We worked together to create these dusk images and shot into the evening to grab some other, darker frames as well. I worked a lot with reflections on this shoot, utilizing the evening light and reflective surfaces to help convey the shift that he’s going through with his music and branding. Hope ya dig. Can’t wait to hear the music when it comes out. 🤟🏼👊🏼🙏🏼📷
Eating like garbage for 3 weeks has been fun & all, but I’m ready for this gal to come back home from Europe so I can start cooking dinners again. #AlgorithmsProbablyWontShowHerThisPhoto 😂
Here’s a photo of my buds in Anarbor from this summer when they dropped by Seattle to play a show. This one was somewhat of a challenge because the setting sun was ultra bright and it created some crazy highlights and shadows. Ultimately, I think it came out pretty good though. Now that summer is over, I’m looking forward to getting out into the fall landscapes and shooting some new stuff with bands. It’s definitely my favorite time of year to shoot. 🙏🏼👊🏼🤟🏼📷 🍁
Mew // One of the best bands of all time. If you know, you know. Last week, we were all sitting in the studio, late one night playing music on the speakers in the control room, when either I, or the producer Brett suggested playing Mew. A few of the guys had never heard them before, so we cranked it and let the rest happen. I remember hearing their album “Frengers” for the first time in 2004 and I’ve still, to this day, never been blown away by music like I was that day. The follow up album “And the glass handed kites” took it a step further, with the band crafting an entire record that plays like 14 songs but ultimately runs together like 1 fluid song. It’s an insane piece of art. Their music is equal parts beautiful and cathartic, thoughtful and intricate. They’re a “bands band” but they’re so much more than that. They also happen to be the only band that I’ve dedicated two tattoos to, with the lyrics from 156 tattooed on my head and my chest piece inspired by album art of theirs. If you’ve never heard them before, do yourself a favor. 🙏🏼🤟🏼👊🏼📷🎧
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