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Quick pit stop in Chicago on my way to Nashville. This photo is from last month on St. Patrick’s Day. I’d always heard about the river being turned green on the Irish holiday, but I had never seen it in real life. We ended up getting two days in the city and one of them was a perfectly sunny day, which lit up the river in the most vibrant emerald green I had ever seen. I’m kinda infatuated with this city, so hopefully I find a way to get back there again, cause it had been over twenty years since I’d seen it last. 😂
Tomorrow morning, I fly out to Nashville to meet up with this gal (@erinkinseytx ) and her band to shoot some photo and video. She’s opening up for @hunterhayes in a big ol’ amphitheater show on Saturday night and I couldn’t be more stoked to document the next few days! I’ve been working with Erin for a few years now and I have to say that she is one of the most uniquely talented musicians I’ve ever worked with. She sings incredibly well, she writes her own songs, and she can play multiple instruments, including the banjo. She’s young, talented, and has an incredibly supportive cast of family and crew around her and I’m glad she lets me in her world to help create her visuals. See ya soon Erin!
Y’all might know this guy @featuringlno for slangin merch on Ryan’s tour, but today, he just dropped a single that was produced by @thatdjvega and it’s all about the hustle. I know it’s a real thing with this dude as I’ve seen it first hand. Shout out to some of my favorites for collaborating together on this track! Hustle does pay!
Not gonna lie, I’ve been missing scouting for a new bandana every day for Vega to wear each night. It’s only been a week and a half! 😢
My city dressed up real pretty this weekend.
My friend, who I’ve known for a loooong time, has been working in the music industry in Seattle for decades, booking bands, DJ’ing, and otherwise being a staple in the Seattle music scene. This past November, she began to realize her dream, of opening a bar/music venue and a few weeks back, it just opened. After I got back from tour, I paid a visit to the spot and promptly brought my wife to check it out too. Clock-Out Lounge is the culmination of years of hard work by my friend Jodi and I wanted to do something to help promote it in my own way. Last night, I came up and shot some photo and video of the bands playing and as the second band Sashay, continued slaying it, I figured I should put together a live clip from their set. So, here it is and here’s a look into the coolest new live venue in Seattle. Enjoy!
I’ve been kinda wondering how I get back into posting general music related content that hasn’t been related to tour and now that I’m firmly entrenched back into life in Seattle, I knew I had to figure it out. But what to post? It didn’t take much for me to figure it out. If you’ve been paying attention to The Voice this season (don’t worry, if you haven’t it’s ok), you’ll know who this guy is. If you haven’t, soon enough, you will. This is one of the most talented performers to ever land on the show and what I can only hope will become a household name soon. When you hear Terrence Cunningham (@afriendtotheworld ) sing, you’ll understand why. Without trying to compare, but inevitably I have to, he hits notes that the late, great Prince would fawn over. Every time I see him perform, I get chills throughout my entire body. If the race were won by voice and voice alone, he would steal the whole show. As it is, he’s more than just the talent in his vocal chords. He’s my age and to hear his story, about how he put his career on hold to ensure a better life for his teenage daughter, only solidifies why I love this dude. No matter how this season turns out, win or lose, he’s already won in my book. His singing success will undoubtedly be measured in years to come, but his success in life is where he’s already a champion. He performs tonight (west coast and central you can still watch). If you’re the voting type, send out a #teamterrence vote and hit the @nbcthevoice app to vote even more powerfully. I have! Love ya dude!
I thought I’d have the words for this post flowing out of my fingertips by now, but somehow, nothing seems to do justice. After spending almost 6 weeks in the van with these guys, crossing the country and back, working 28 separate shows, you’d think that one would be ready for a break. Not so. Besides a few factors (my wife, dogs, a few necessary at home tasks) I could have spent another five weeks on the road with this crew and not even batted an eyelash. You learn a lot about yourself on tour as much as you learn about the people you’re with. The one thing I knew before tour, was that I would do anything I could to help Ryan succeed with his music. I believe in him and what he writes about so wholeheartedly. After 5+ weeks out with him, I believe even more. Watching every night as fans reacted during the show and poured their hearts out after it was indeed one of the most special things. Music is so amazing in that regard. To see the way it reaches people in places that I never dreamed of visiting, from Omaha to Albuquerque on to places I’d been more times than I can count, like LA, Phoenix, or Dallas... it’s hard to put it into words. Watching Vega spin each night and light a room on fire was pretty amazing. Seeing Lo sign autographs because people loved him THAT much was more than awesome. Seeing Nph power through long drives and be ready to throw down if anything called for it was security in and of itself. And, in a world that is as polarized as ever, seeing this guy from Seattle, WA that has found a way to unite ages and races and genders under one common theme of: “You can” was absolutely mesmerizing. You can overcome. You can succeed. You can make it to see another day. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not already ready to see what’s next for him, and I’m only one of this small group of guys. I know that each and every one of them feels the same way. It’s with all that being said, that I finish with this. I wouldn’t have traded a second of this tour for anything else in the world and I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. We did it and we’re only gonna do it bigger in the future. Here’s to the next one. Thanks for believing in me Ryan. It means the world.
I’ve been sitting on this last concert video from the At Least I Tried tour for a few reasons. One, probably because I just got home and have wanted to spend some time with my wife and the dogs due to being gone for almost 6 weeks. Two, because I know that once I post it and any subsequent “end of tour photos”, it signifies just that — the end of tour, and I’m so sentimental right now that I just don’t want it to be over, despite the fact that it is. Without saying much else, I’ll let y’all watch this video and I’ll come back in a day or two with that final “end of tour” photo post. Gotta milk it for as much as I can...
Every night has been a dream. Let’s make this last show a dream that we never wake up from. The “At Least I Tried” tour wraps up tonight in LA at the Union Nightclub. With the most sincerity, thank you to everyone who has come out, stood in line, bought a shirt, and told Ryan how much his music means to them. We are so grateful. This is only the beginning. Y’all have been here from the ground up. I’m wiping away a happy tear right now as I type this. Much love.
Two days off in a row, I don’t even know what to do with myself. Thankfully, Ryan came through with the most ridiculous tattoo idea and he decided I should have it adorn my inner thigh. Phew. Boredom day averted. This was Dallas two nights ago. Tomorrow night is the grand finale in LA at Union Nightclub. I’m happy, I’m sad, and I’m grateful. I can’t believe April 10th is almost here.
With the end of tour right around the corner and two days off before the final show, I wanted to show a few candids to break up the show and portrait photos. This first photo, I realized, is one of the only photos I’m actually in and it makes me laugh a little, because I used to do hair, not just in salon, but on tour. Now, here I am, shooting photo and video on my first full tour as an actual photographer. There’s so many completely unscripted moments during a tour and I hope this shows our group of guys behind the scenes with a different perspective than usual. I’ve gotten quite used to the day-in-day-out routine with these guys as we’ve bounced around cities. Ryan and I talked at dinner tonight about how well everyone has slayed it on this run, including the fans. Putting 150-500 people in a room every night is not easy to do and somehow, we’ve all been witness to it and it’s pretty special. Scroll through these and enjoy a few smiles from behind the scenes. LA is Tuesday night. See y’all one last time before we roll home. ✌🏽✌🏿✌🏻 *Edit* If the 4th photo doesn’t kickstart @thatdjvega ’s modeling career, I don’t know what will. Look at them 👀. **
Stopped in New Orleans the other night for a quick bite to eat on our way to Houston. I’ve never been and I have no idea when I’ll ever be back, but it was pretty cool to see it with the guys. Today is another massive drive as we’re tackling the 20 hour trek to LA and won’t get in until sometime tomorrow. One final show before it’s back to the real world. Thank you to everyone who’s come out to support and show love for this tour. Swipe on through for some views of NOLA.
Tour has been such a whirlwind. So hard to believe that we only have two shows left, including tonight in Dallas. I’ll put it all into words once it’s all over and I have time to reflect, but this has been such an incredible time with an awesome group of guys. So much hard work has been put in by everyone on this tour. Proud to be a part of it. I know everything is bigger in Texas (like our hotel room tonight) so why don’t y’all show up, turn up, and send us back West with a massive show? Legggggoooooo!
Atlanta // At Least I Tried tour. Austin is tonight and we are going to eat all the BBQ. Literally, all of it. Sparing nothing. Sorry everyone.
Back in my favorite state (besides Washington), TEXAS — we here! Went to an Astros game today with Ryan, he beat me in Battleship, he didn’t buy a Nolan Ryan jersey for himself (if anyone has one, bring it and donate it), and we took some photos. Houston! It’s your time to shine tonight!
I just got done driving from Atlanta to New Orleans, but Nph is picking up the rest of the drive, getting us to Houston sometime in the middle of the night tonight. This is one of the longest drive days we’ve had this tour so far, but it’s been cool to get through 4 different states so far today. We made a dinner stop in New Orleans and I had a chance to get out and shoot a little, in a city I’ve always wanted to see with my own eyes. Tour is winding down, with only 4 shows left. 3 Texas dates and one last LA show, before it’s back to the Pacific Northwest for all of us. Here’s shot from the Washington D.C show last week. ✌️
Atlanta!! I’m so ready. Ryan’s back and feeling better. That extra day of rest was necessary. Vega just schooled us all in UNO so I know he’s ready. And the opener just threw out sandwiches to the crowd so they’re fed! It’s about to get wild, let’s gooooooooo!!
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