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If you’re gonna smash your bass, here’s how it’s done. @teenagewrist is my favorite new band of 2018. You’ve seen me post about them before, but here’s one example of why they slay so hard. Shot this and colored it real quick before uploading it as it is. Pretty much speaks for itself. Catch them on tour with Citizen now and Thrice this fall.
It’s almost that time! For tacos you say? Well... no? But yes? Actually, it’s almost time for Ryan to rip another gig at the @capitolhillblockparty , this Sunday! Can’t wait to get out there and shoot an outdoor show in the Seattle sunshine. See ya there! 🏆👊🏼
Go figure, that I return from Nashville and the first thing I do is to shoot for Nashville based musician Austin Jenckes, playing a hometown show in Duvall, WA. He’s in the beginning of his “Home For The Summer” tour, supporting the newly released single and playing shows all around the Northwest. Jenckes is a season 5 alumni from The Voice, uniquely talented and renowned not just for his own voice but his songwriting abilities as well. So much so, that Rolling Stone named him one of Country Music’s 10 artists to watch early this year. It’s been years in the making getting to shoot with this guy and it finally happened. I’m guessing it won’t be the last, especially with my regular trips to Nashville now. 😉🤟🏼👊🏼
Y’all know I geek on portraits. I geek on creating some kind of a mood and a style with my photos. And lemme tell you, @sikworldmusic was such a breeze to shoot with. We made downtown Phoenix our bissssh and grabbed some of the coolest photos I’ve ever shot in Arizona. I’m always looking for spots that I know will translate in post to the way I like to edit. This is one of those kinds of moments. The sky, the lines, his expression and his eye so locked on target. Imagery is my jam. What’s yours?
Erin is so incredibly talented. I’ve said it before, I’ll continue saying it. Here’s a simple little video clip of her during her show on Monday in Nashville, soloing with her guitar during her performance of “T-Shirt”. @erinkinseytx
Maaaaaan, I love Tennessee. Almost as much as I love this dude. Today, on my way out of town, I got to meet up with the uber talented @mattymullins for some lunch and a cheese throwing competition 😂😂. But for real, anytime with this dude is a good time. Always grateful for his insight and friendship. Can’t wait until I’m back in Nashville again... I think I’d do alright out here... 👊🏼🙏🏼🤟🏼🤞🏼
I mean... c’mon.
If I had this much going for me, I’d be smiling like this too! Heading to Nashville right meow 🐱to link up with my favorite Texas transplant for her big day on Monday. Erin Kinsey. Remember this name. She about to do big things!
Getting a solid laugh in, with Becoming Bristol. Appreciate these dudes for having me shoot multiple times for them. This time around, they’ve added a member and undergone a name change. New music is coming soon, with a previous single released this last month. 🙏🏼🤟🏼👊🏼
“I’m focused maaaan”. Beach day today, with the @seahawks LB Bobby Wagner. I think it’s impossible to walk in the sand, so watching these guys literally run races in it is further proof that I made a good choice to follow my passion in the arts and stick to sports fandom instead. 😂🏈💯 Also, congrats on that 97 rating in Madden. Not too shabby.
Hashtag Not A Cop. 😂. Have y’all seen the new @mxpxpx video for “Rolling Strong?” If so, you’ll know why Tom is playing dress up and sliding around on fake cop cars. True story, the real cops got called on us during this scene. What did I do, you ask? I offered him a donut 🍩 cause I obviously buy into ridiculous stereotypes. 👮‍♀️ 👋🏽
So stoked to see my hometown guys, Cody Beebe and The Crooks next week in Duvall, with Austin Jenckes. I’ll be shooting some behind the scenes video for their SummerStage set! Also, I love this photo. We shot it in Cowiche, WA last month amidst the desolate backdrop of the Yakima Valley. The hawk in the sky just happened to be on the hunt behind them, which I thought added a cool little extra to the photo. 👊🏼🙏🏼🤟🏼
I love you.
Well, I was gonna wait and post this, but I don’t even care. It’s Richard Sherman and Justin Britt, putting in some off-season clock hours at the gym. As a @seahawks fan, I was pretty bummed that Richard Sherman was no longer a Hawk, but that’s simply because I have loved his fire and athleticism as well as all the things he does in the community. Selfishly, of course I wish he was suited up in blue and green but football is the most fleeting of professional sports. Guys have to go where they have the best opportunities because in an instant, the game can be taken away from you. So today, as I was shooting photo and video for JB and a bunch of other guys in the gym, seeing Sherm walk in and be greeted by many of his former teammates, put everything into perspective (even if I already knew it). It’s a game. One uniform or another, we root for these guys as fans because we want OUR team to do good, but for these guys, it’s a brotherhood, irregardless of who they play for. Watching multiple guys from multiple teams this week put in work, all the while laughing and joking is what it’s about for them. They’re family and they always will be. At some point, everyone is gone and a new guard comes in to don that same jersey, but seeing these guys working out beside each other as friends above anything else was pretty awesome. As a fan of sports, I really appreciated this perspective. 🙏🏼👊🏼
I never post two photos in the span of a few hours, so forgive my invasion of your timeline tonight. But I HAD to get an MxPx photo up, because today marks their 26th year as a band and in honor of that, they just dropped a new video for their new single “Rolling Strong”. I shot behind the scenes photo on the day of the video shoot and it was such a blast to hang with these guys for the day. I can’t wait for their new record to come out and to see the artwork and vinyl variants — including one that has a little something, something from yours truly. Cheers to my buds in @mxpxpx , I love y’all!
Was digging through the crates today and it made me think of my favorite DJ, your favorite DJ, everyone’s favorite DJ... VEGA. Can’t wait to watch this guy do his thing in a few more weeks at the @capitolhillblockparty with Ryan Caraveo! See y’all there!
As promised, here’s the video I put together for Justin Britt yesterday at their workout. I went into it aiming to get some specific shots but in actuality, I was also just feeling it out since I’d never been to a workout like this before. I wanted to be a fly on the wall, while simultaneously studying what was going on enough so that I could catch the content I wanted in a short time frame. Each part of the workout is only so long, so I found myself doing my best to shoot from interesting angles as the motion was happening. Finding focus with fast moving targets is not always easy but for the most part, I’m really happy with what I got. I loved it. This was super fun for me and I’m stoked to have been able to do it. (I colored this one specifically to fit my colors. See the more naturally toned version on Justin’s page). Also, shout out to @ryancaraveo for the music, it fits perfectly. @justinbritt68 @seahawks
Fun fact. I edited out every construction crane in the photo because I think they look terrible amidst such a stellar skyline. The more ya know...
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