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Insert deep nature loving existential revelation caption here Also Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦
Morning stroll stroll down the old trestle🌲 Two hours East of Vancouver and a short hike brings you to this place, crazy to think that it was built over a century ago. Any guesses what’s on the other side of these tracks?
This abandoned trestle bridge in Hope BC is about 20 minutes hike off the highway. It stands here since 1916, all of the wood is rotten and also recently burnt. The tunnels leading up to it have been collapsed several decades ago when it was decommissioned. Now it’s a hiking trail that leads to a grassy patch on the other side. Since the wood is pretty unreliable the safest way across is via the metal girders. Although safety is a relative term when you’re strolling 300 ft off the ground on a rotten century old bridge 🤷‍♂️ Would you walk out here?
Happy Birthday @mindy I 💚 U
Exploring via helicopter is the single best way to see what’s around. It’s the ultimate freedom. I’m looking forward to the near future as human carrying drones become common place and this kind of travel becomes more and more accessible. @bchelicopters Question: If you could have a Ferrari or a Helicopter which would you choose?
About 50km north of Vancouver you can find this turquoise blue river. It’s freezing cold water originates in the coastal mountains and eventually flows out into the ocean. A short hike and a rope descend will bring you down to these hot springs right on its bank. You can jump the small barrier from hot to cold, just hold on to a rope so that the flow of the river doesn’t wash you away. There is no road from the city that leads here, so the only access is by jet boat or by helicopter. You could also hike in but that will take a few days. The lack of easy access makes this place incredibly quiet and peaceful. Do you think places like this should remain hidden or made available for everyone to enjoy?
Three hours north of Vancouver are these turquoise glacier lakes. The hike is roughly an hour to the top one, there are birds along the way that will land on your hands and eat your treats. People from all over the world come to do the hike. Something I really struggle with is holding on to the attitude of wander and wanting to go out exploring when I’m back at home. It’s something that comes so naturally when traveling, but here I tend to take my surroundings for granted. Yesterday I spent the day looking up the local tourism boards and making a list of places that I’m going to visit this summer in B.C. and Alberta. @hellobc @gohaidagwaii @tourismtofino @tourismvancouverisland @travelnorthernbc @tourismjasper @travelalberta What are some of your favourite sights around B.C. ? What should I add to my list?
Befriending the local shellfish #balilife
For about 15 years now @parkerheuser and I have been talking each other into doing stupid sketchy things 👊 #friendship #loveyou #nohomo
An open air day bar with a 5 meter diving board. Gotta Love Bali! Not sure this would ever be legal in other parts of the world. It was equally as fun watching all the drunk people bellyflop this as it was to play on! ✈️💦
I love elephants 🐘 First time I ever saw one was 6 years ago driving my scooter down the street in Goa India, an elephant was being ridden by a local on the road among cars and traffic. I’ve had multiple encounters in various places around the world with these incredible creatures. I’ve seen elephant sanctuaries and elephant tourist attractions. I’ve seen them in the wild, on farms and in captivity. And while we can safely assume that elephants don’t play soccer or paint with their trunks in the wild, it certainly is a better alternative than being a logging machine in the jungle somewhere. We spent a day washing and playing with these guys at @elephantsbali and the trainer there brought up a valid point about elephants giving rides by comparing them to horses. An elephant is much bigger and stronger than a horse and certainly feels a lot less strain by carrying a humans. Not unlike horses, elephants have been domesticated for centuries and used for farm work and for transport. We didn’t ride any here and I’m not promoting that others do either. But it definitely makes food for thought 🤔
Bottle service of the future 🍾 Pushing the payload capacity sending @rorykramer a bottle of @maliburumus from the beach bar to the pool 💦 #malibugames #becausesummer
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