photos of human & things by @darkmintdaisy

you got me off track, got me thinking abstract - baby look at what you’ve done ★
you’re so retro baby ☼
your voice and my heart rate go hand in hand.
drive me home with the windows down.
your voice in my head makes me feel numb.
are you strong enough to stay on my mind?
i got the good side of life
how did i let u make me make a fool of myself?
all white noise following me
next to u, in malibu
you’re drowning me in my own thoughts 💭
electric indigo ⚡️
i need my current location to be your current location - fly back to me, come back to me then stay with me.
I can't be my hero every single time.
you’re the one that's all right but I'm the one that's going through hell.
you’re the one that fucked up but I'm the one that's missing you.
i hate the way you speak from your heart when you're drunk, but you can't talk when you're sober. -chelsea cutler
coffee friends // @dancingwithflyingcolors + @jamienkidd ☕️
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