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storyteller based in pgh for the love of vintage/secondhand open journal + blog ↡ ↡

@threadintl a #betterbackpack is killin’ it on @kickstarter —>> made with all traceable, recycled material 👊 check their feed for more! || 📸: @corymorton #threadintl #pittsburgh
🌲🌲🌲 || #throwback with @tristynalbrightphoto
I share my words with the world. It gives me joy beyond what type can describe. This crosses over to my closet. I look at clothes a bit differently since investigating this high. I am less possessive. My pieces have hidden potential even I cannot see. They are mine now, and maybe they will be yours at a future date. >> Link in bio ✨ || 📸: @rosecoloredcreative
A glimpse into a lovely collaboration { @merrittleephoto @mariemiclotmakeup @lexandlynne @ginaungarino } which made all my Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice dreams comes true. || 📸: @alexiscorry
I had a could-not-help-but-wonder-Carrie-Bradshaw moment. Can letting go of clothes, better yet clothes I enjoy and wear, produce the same high as adding new pieces? Link in Bio ✨ Huge thanks to @imanijahaan of @imanijahaanvintage + Jenn of @reelvintageshop for their insight and everlasting love of vintage || 📸: @rosecoloredcreative
#repost via @rosecoloredcreative || I can grow in this dress meaning I live in this dress, 2-3 times a week
The tale of pap’s overalls and how they came into my possession, in 500 words. The best damn overalls I’ve had the pleasure to wear {link in bio} ❤️ || #vintagestyle #overalls #slowfashionsummer
this vintage @deadbyrdvintage gives me all the room I need ❤️ || #slowfashionsummer #pghvintagestyle
thanks to these folks, @withthegrains @tmistick dan + @burghgal for their delicious story nuggets about snacks! We have everything from trade tactics in elementary cafeterias to snacks in @exploreshadyside to gas station food to freezing for fresh pastries. And. Cheetos. New 100 word series up on the blog, link in bio ✨ || #100wordstory #newpost
taking a day to be a tourist in your own city is a day not wasted. Running around town with @burghgal @yeahyelhsa @sarahelizacollins was just divine ❤️ || 📸: @burghgal
flashback to last year and bringing nightgowns to daylight. Repurposed pj’s are the best pj’s || 📸: @rosecoloredcreative #slowfashionsummer
monday serenity || #mondaymood
a #fbf to fours years ago with harsh ombré hair and a side of rocks || 📸: @tristynalbrightphoto
Our first baby ❤️ || wearing @deadbyrdvintage and my bra strap wanted to say hi 👋
Two weeks ago, I spent a day reading and writing in a remote, romantic cabin. Naturally, I wrote about the unromantic side of freelancing and how it works in harmony with the romantic. Link in bio ✨|| #amwriting #freelancewriter
welcome to Pittsburgh @rampnrize 👊 >> coming this fall to Butler St. in Lawrenceville || #rampnrize #partner #pittsburgh #pghfitness #pghfit
#slowfashionsummer starts TODAY || vintage army jacket via @highwayrobberyvintage , vintage hat via @juju_pgh & secondhand dress via @buffaloexchange >> link in bio for more info ✨
submitted a piece to @manrepeller about pap’s feel good overalls because I will never not write about these bad boys || #vintageclothing #vintagelove
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