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Signing off of social until the babes comes and settles in. Thanks for all the support + love up until now. Cheers ❤️
Consignment and thrift stores give us an opportunity for connection. A piece once loved is loved again. In the latest 100 Word Story series {link in bio ✨} five women, @dirtyflawsss @stylebychristina @annalaerophoto @sparkleeveryday + @hautenavy , all who occupy their style with care and distinction, share their story about fateful encounters with preowned pieces. || #100wordstory #linkinbio
I will be branded a mother; my husband a father. An array of emotions clashes through my body. I am nervous. I am euphoric. I have peace of mind one day, and the next day I misplace my mind altogether. Despite my mental mayhem, this is the proper time. It is a magical convergence. Selfishly, I want to cage it. I want to own this moment for the remainder of my life. But, to cage it, is to kill it. This moment’s charm exists in its ephemeral nature. More on wavyalabaster.com ✨ Wardrobe: @lexandlynne + @lexandlynne_bridal Photographer: @merrittleephoto Hair & Makeup: @mariemiclotmakeup Stylist: @alexiscorry Coordinator: @ginaungarino Location Scout: @lexandzachtravel
One of my favorites from a very memorable maternity shoot >> full shoot at link in bio. Cheers to a fresh week ✨ Wardrobe: @lexandlynne + @lexandlynne_bridal Photographer: @merrittleephoto Hair & Makeup: @mariemiclotmakeup Stylist: @alexiscorry Coordinator: @ginaungarino Location Scout: @lexandzachtravel
Maternity shoot now up on the blog! Beyond thankful for the creative women who honored my pregnancy with this beautiful evening ✨✨ Photographer: @merrittleephoto Wardrobe: @lexandlynne + @lexandlynne_bridal Hair & Makeup: @mariemiclotmakeup Stylist: @alexiscorry Coordinator: @ginaungarino Location Scout: @lexandzachtravel
There is a smooth stride in my writing lately. I am narrowing in on a voice which honors this time in my life. I hope to regularly evolve my voice and my writing, but right now, I feel content. The above is a line is from “My Unsuccessful First Year of Freelance was Successful” - read this and more, link in bio ✨ || #amwriting
Our city is full of sartorial intelligence. Pittsburgh Fashion Week highlighted this intelligence while promoting different perspectives. I was thrilled to experience it. And, Elysia Newman, I am proud of you >> a 500 word write-up about @pghfw {link in bio ✨} || photo via @elysiapandapgh
my Edward Scissorhands and I would like to send all the love right back from the birthday wishes yesterday. I look up, down and around and am ready for 33. Thank you for all love ❤️ || 📸: @jillie424 #birthdaylove
I would like to live in this @elainehealy.atelier X @kingreld look and rock this attitude for the remainder of my pregnancy. #pghfw18 well done 👊 || #pghfw @pghfw
I snapped this photo Tuesday during a feel good moment. Yesterday was a tough day. As I emerge from the haze, I remember what my friend @kellypopernik ’s mother told her about pregnancy / new parenthood, “everyone cries.” I filled my quota and then some yesterday. Here’s to a new morning and feeling more like the person in the photo 👊 || #everythingiscopy
That’s a wrap on my first year of freelance! The days were long, and the year was brief. I have notes upon journals upon scrapes of papers full of learnings and thoughts. I cannot thank the community around me enough for the encouragement and love. You have been my fuel. The link in my bio digs deeper into my reflections from the past year. I hope you enjoy, and as always thank you for reading. Cheers! ✨|| 📸: @rosecoloredcreative
last one (maybe) from the latest on the blog 🌿🌿 {link in bio} || 📸: my girl @rosecoloredcreative
forever mood via @lennyletter || #playlikeagirl
“When I look at you, and you look at me, I wonder what wonderful things you will be.” - Emily Winfield Martin || more from this maternity shoot coming to the blog oh so soon ✨ Wardrobe: @lexandlynne + @lexandlynne_bridal Photographer: @merrittleephoto Hair & Makeup: @mariemiclotmakeup Stylist: @alexiscorry Coordinator: @ginaungarino Location Scout: @lexandzachtravel
click link in my bio to read about how this @goodwillintl shirt promptly transforms me into a Trader Joe’s employee and I’m okay with it || 📸: @rosecoloredcreative #slowfashionsummer
Hawaiian print is not only my summer go-to, it’s my summer state of mind {link in bio} ✨ || 📸: @rosecoloredcreative
well said, @lunasewickley , well said 👏👏
this morning’s mood via #huji || #weekendhangover #opaltheolprospector
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