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“We may not have control, but we have choices. With intention and focused attention, we can always find a forward path” - Mary Pipher, The Joy of Being a Woman in Her 70s, @nytimes || 📸: @jennotter
new mom backseat life. a portrait. || #bestselfoutfit @manrepeller
🌿🌺🌷🌵🎋|| @phippsconservatory #sweetbabylou
when Ben chills with Louie at 5am and I get some extra sleep, my face looks like this too! ❤️ || #letthembelittle #sweetbabylou
❤️ || #sweetbabylou
listening to the habits episode of @theminimalists and a line from James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, resonated with me. “Over the long run, however the real reason you fail to stick with habits is that your self-image gets in the way. This is why you can’t get too attached to one version of your identity.” I’ve fed the idea that I can pick up right where I left off with writing, my style, my schedule, etc. after having Louie. But, I am changing. Motherhood is reshaping every branch of my life. I’m learning how to form new routines for old habits. This makes me nervous. I had systems which were comfortable and successful. But as James notes, I cannot allow this before image of myself keep me from forming new habits to fit a new chapter of my life. I use to write 1000 words a day. Here’s to writing 100 words a day. Let the new habit(s) begin, and let me be patient with myself. || photo by @jennotter via 2015 archives #theminimalists #atomichabits #amwriting
look to the sky and you will see, a singular piece of me flying free. It knows no limits, it knows no bounds, It fuels what’s left here on the ground. || #amwriting #instapoetry #dailydoseofpoetry Photographer: @merrittleephoto Wardrobe: @lexandlynne + @lexandlynne_bridal Hair & Makeup: @mariemiclotmakeup Stylist: @alexiscorry Coordinator: @ginaungarino Location Scout: @lexandzachtravel
Slowly returning to a routine (if that exists with a baby) and feeling the post-holiday sadness. Of course, my sadness exists because we are blessed with amazing, involved family and friends who made our first holiday season with Lou one to remember. And the memories don’t stop because the holiday has. Here’s to a new year with new branches of growth ❤️ • A great memory from break: Ben + my first silent movie as parents thanks to @dirtyflawsss. Of course we are discussing Louie’s rattail.
no surprise here, Louise was the highlight of our year ❤️ || #sweetbabylou #topnine2018
wore a beret & ordered an old fashion at the @acehotelpittsburgh before noon... it was a good first date since Lou graced our world ❤️ (also I’m going to take more #selfies in 2019... I think I may have had them all wrong.. look for an upcoming article ironing out my feelings, cheers ✨)
first Christmas Eve has our hearts so full ✨ || #sweetbabylou
“If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise.” - Rupi Kaur As I begin to write Lou’s birth story, reflections are filling my mind. This year wasn’t as successful career-wise as I hoped, but I became a mom. I didn’t make a lot of money, but I wrote some of my favorite pieces to date and will peddle the shit out of them until they are published. Having it all doesn’t exist in my opinion. Having some of it and embracing that “some,” being grateful for it, giving it the concentration and love it deserves... it’s much better. I fill myself with gratitude with where I am right now, what I have going on right now. That “some” turns into “all” I need. Photographer: @merrittleephoto Wardrobe: @lexandlynne + @lexandlynne_bridal Hair & Makeup: @mariemiclotmakeup Stylist: @alexiscorry Coordinator: @ginaungarino Location Scout: @lexandzachtravel
rattail on point 👊 || 📸: @alyssa_allworth #sweetbabylou
full festive outfit from this weekend 🧡❤️ || 📸: @rosecoloredcreative #bestselfoutfit
my first night out (aka three hours) was quite the success. So thankful for @elysiapandapgh secret housewife skills, @sarahelizacollins mermaid sparkle and her light sidekick, @yeahyelhsa band look, @lizfrompittsburgh natural hair goodness + instax godmother and @burghgal ’s enjoyable sound therapy of a skirt. Love you all 💕
A Sunday at @acehotelpittsburgh for @madeandfoundpgh market with my girl, Lou, and my main man @bgibboney17 is a Sunday well-spent. #sweetbabylou
Our lil’ family or Ben’s caption, “Lou is the glue!” ❤️ || 📸: @alyssa_allworth #sweetbabylou
my whole heart ❤️ || 📸: @alyssa_allworth #sweetbabylou
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