Rafway Mark

I cant brag I cant despise I cant boast I only appreciate......n let my humbleness be judged.... PRAY,SLAY n SWAY away📿🕶🕺🙏
Tergat Gang💪
TERGAT Gang💪 Squad Squad😉 We stamp authority where illegality exists🤘 We preach Love but punish the devil in HATERS🌡
Sauced...🤑 Brother dont like but i do🤘 Its a Tergat💪
Sister love❤❤ #voteMELANIN 🤣
I treasure all that i have
It takes a humble heart to live a joyous soul....
Dirty but spotless😉😄😋
A laugh a day keeps a beard away😃
Guided by a spirit🤘
Issa killer game
My paps favorite😜
Skrrtt skrrrrt!!
I just love the GnS....Gold n Silver 😝😜👑@sheikh Rafway
LA be Lateral August⌚
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