Rafway Mark

Love loving🤞 Hate hating✌ #kituStrong 👊💪

God's Work is sufficient upon mi life😉
Vox of Gen
EveryCity is a "SinCiTy" You wake up just to find a brothers' back turned against you...Blood is Shed for a thirsty soul...The tears,heartbreaks,Divisions all in one are just but enemies to the keyword which people find it hard to hold on tightly UNITY✌Which is decieved by LOVE too bad...#One race,One life,One world.
Call me if you want to....Say you miss me babe....💦💦Tell me i'm attractive but not cute🤓
Team so smart.
Loving it?
Yes we do them✌
Dont mistake my public figure to my personality coz it wont hurt but it may make you sorry for nothing. #kituStrong
Falling in love with every sip...#expandingmycircle
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