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Chinelas- On Wednesday’s we wear PINK 💕 #wearchinelas
Perfect Gift for Anyone on Your List...Even if it’s YOU!! #wearchinelas
Enjoying Chicago’s Pink Taco🌮 #wearchinelas
Chinelas- Let’s Play!! #wearchinelas
Chinelas- S’mores in Style with Friends #wearchinelas
Chinelas & Cinderella ~ A Pair Shoe Can Change Your Life ✨ #wearchinelas
Chinelas & Elf - on the road again 🚂 #wearchinelas
Chinelas - He’s Back!! 🧝‍♀️ #wearchinelas
Chinelas - ❤️ Winter White ❤️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ #wearchinelas
❤️ this photo! Can’t wait till Gabby comes back to paint some more!! #wearchinelas @creativelybygabby @bighairbigcity @esthermbell
Chinelas - Trending ANYTHING GREEN Happy Holidays #wearchinelas
Chinelas - It’s hard to just have “1” with so many colors to choose from #wearchinelas @claireperk photography @esthermbell
😍 Bordeaux Suede - Adore!! #wearchinelas
Chinelas - Rubik’s Cube and Babas - not a puzzle at all - just the right fit #wearchinelas
Chinelas - Trending Mosque Green 🔥 GOTTA HAVE IT!! #wearchinelas @bighairbigcity photography @esthermbell
Passion is where is all begins... #wearchinelas photography @esthermbell
Chinelas - Exciting News - MENS BABAS coming this December 👓 look for them !! #wearchinelas photography @esthermbell
Chinelas - You’ve got to try them on - SO comfy #wearchinelas photography @esthermbell
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