We Buy Black is the online marketplace full of Black Owned products by your favorite entrepreneurs! We are crowdfunding to produce a Supermarket👇🏾👇🏾

We have 740 people that have donated from $10-$1000 to see @soulfoodmarkets come to fruition. Let’s get this to 1000 people by tonight!! The best investment is in our own selves. Click the link in our bio to contribute. Now is our time!! ✊🏾 https://wefundblack.com/projects/soul-food-market/
Dr. Morgan, an HBCU Educated Chemist and Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity created the FIRST line of Grooming Products for BLACK MEN Infused with Pheromones. Pheromones will mix with his natural oils and increase his level of attraction. The Corporate Collection @mycorporatecollection is a line consists of EMPOWERING names such as BARON Body Cleanser, TITAN Shampoo, MOGUL Facial Moisturizer, MAGNATE Body Lotion, TYCOON Beard Wash, TOP BRASS Beard Oil, just to name a few! Ladies: Support your KING with only the SMARTEST Grooming Products ON THE MARKET. Brothers: Be that Guy or THAT GUY! Command the Room When You Walk In. Follow @mycorporatecollection for the updates and samples SHOP NOW: WeBuyBlack.com/Morgan-standard-products
Civilly Righteous Clothing (@civillyrighteous ) is a brand that is centered around black culture. They aim to capture the diverse and influential nature of the culture. If you're looking for an item that makes a statement on socially relevant issues, they’ve got you covered. If you're looking for something that brings you a sense of nostalgia, they’ve got that too. If you want an item that pays tribute to a popular black figure, they've definitely got that! Civilly Righteous aims to give customers a way to express themselves through unique clothing items that they will be proud to wear! If you had to pick one shirt which would it be? COMMENT BELOW! Get yours today at: www.WeBuyBlack.com/civillyrighteous
During your next bath, immerse yourself in the soothing benefits of GO Natural @gonatural_works ! Eczema Bath & Body Emollient Oil and let dry, itchy skin slip away. This botanical oil is infused with unique blend of super nutritious botanicals, suitable for use anywhere on the body and for all skin types and all ages (1 year+) This fabulously versatile blend of naturally nourishing oils has a multitude of uses: massage oil, shaving oil, after showering or as a facial cleansing oil. Order yours today: www.webuyblack.com/gonatural
#Light #Unity #MalcolmX Support the people that support you! There are thousands of Black Owned Businesses on WeBuyBlack.com Thousands of entrepreneurs and family owned businesses who are actively trying to make a difference in their community! Today we are making a conscious collective effort to support as many black owned businesses as possible!! Visit WeBuyBlack.com and support today!!
Everyone wants to see a Supermarket full of Black Owned products! And these two women said that our community has given them the best hospitality while they are here in America. CLICK THE LINK in our bio to learn more about @soulfoodmarkets and to donate something today! https://wefundblack.com/projects/soul-food-market/
We have 550 people that have donated from $10-$1000 to see @soulfoodmarkets come to fruition. Let’s get this to 33,000 people!! The best investment is in our own selves. Click the link in our bio to contribute. Now is our time!! ✊🏾 https://wefundblack.com/projects/soul-food-market/
@brotherbenx : “Our proper knowledge for self produces love for self which produce respect for self. The same way we see value in expensive cars, jewelry and electronics we should also see the same value in ourselves to spend what it cost to keep ourselves alive.” Let’s ensure that @soulfoodmarkets comes to fruition. CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO TO DONATE NOW!!
Rahmana Rahim (@rahmana_rahim ) is a handmade accessory line for women and men. This brand takes pride in standing out in the Modest Fashion Community. These one of a kind accessories are inclusive for men and women who want to coordinate with each other with their accessories. For the men there is a Kufi, bow tie with pocket square and for the ladies a head wrap with matching earrings. Rahmana Rahim is here to make the demure man or woman stand out! SHOP TODAY AT: www.webuyblack.com/rahmanarahim
Get up and put yourself on! TAG A BLACK BUSINESS, ARTIST, AUTHOR ETC. THAT SHOULD BE SELLING ON @webuyblack ! It’s easy... sign up today at 👉🏿 WeBuyBlack.com/sell👈🏾
Jawwaad Saleem is the man behind the Black-owned boxer line, Champ Boxers (@thechampboxers ) Inspired by his father who is part owner of the Black-owned company, True laundry detergent, Saleem sought out to provide the everyday Black Man with day to day necessities to add confidence to their wardrobe and lifestyle. Champ Boxers is a brand dedicated to elevating the experience of how well boxer briefs fit. Saleem describes his brand as, “premium, comfortable, and tasteful.” Undergarments are daily essentials and having the best premium boxers to compliment your everyday movement while providing security is a no brainer. Get yourself a pair of Champ boxers today WeBuyBlack.com/champthe1boxers
Upgrade your beard game with Trinity Hills Co. Message from @trinityhillsco : Give your beard that luxury feeling with our moisturizing Beard Balm, made from all-natural ingredients. This is guaranteed to rid your beard of that itchy feeling and breakage. Easily scoop out the light mix and apply it to end that dreaded beard itch. You’ll also being saying goodbye to breakage, leaving you with the thickness you’ve been wanting. All-natural essential oils in our beard balm recipe penetrate your skin and hair to ensure a top-notch look and feel. Order yours today: www.webuyblack.com/trinityhillsco
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