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@jac.sil It is possible. You can do it. Just keep going. #progression #motivationmonday @jac.sil
@weightlosstransformations has The BEST transformations, advice, humor and tips!💖 Follow for inspiration! - @weightlosstransformations @weightlosstransformations @weightlosstransformations Brought to you by @weightloss_fatloss ___________________________ Picture Shown is @regan_patterson Follow them to ask questions about their journey💖
👉 FOLLOW: @TransformationMark - What if I told you I still have the same struggles of keeping my weight down like everybody else? - I’ve had people DM me since the beginning of the year asking me why I had stopped posting on my IG and FB pages and my excuse was that I had other work commitments and therefore not enough time. - Although this is true, there had been a deeper rooted reason why I had stopped for a while... - Obesity was a major part of my life from as young as 4 years old and had been a continuing theme right up until my 30’s. This all changed once I took an interest in self development, nutrition and exercise. - In a little over 2 years, I lost 140lbs and achieved a physique the morbidly obese version of me never dreamt in a million years was possible. But the harsh reality was that I was still pretty unhappy and all I was doing was trading one addiction for another: - • I was lonely and my way of dealing with this was to post topless pics of myself on my IG and FB pages in order to boost my ego 😔 - • I have addictive traits in my personality and had learned to channel this into training and eating clean as opposed to binging, but as a byproduct, I stopped socialising and aside from the occasional ‘black coffee’ date, became a recluse all in the name of having a 6 pack! 👎 - But then I met my girlfriend Zoë and that all started to change. I wasn’t lonely anymore so the topless pics gradually started to stop. I started to enjoy life which has partly involved introducing nice food and drinks back in 👍 - I’ve gained a bit of weight since my ‘super lean’ days but I will continue to try and keep it under control but, most importantly, while still continuing to enjoy life 🍔🍷 - It’s unlikely I’ll ever put myself through what is required to achieve the ‘super ripped’ physique of my past but to be honest I really don’t care! Why? Because for the first time in my life I’m actually really happy 😊😊 - I used to think I needed to be ‘super ripped’ all the time in order to be worthy of doing social media posts, but I’ve realised that promoting balance and good health is far more important than purely the vanity of aesthetics ✅ - 👉 @transformationmark
@scott_getsfit scott_getsfit My 2018 Weightloss journey! Down 135 pounds since 11/27/17! 🔥💯 Taking back my health! Feeling amazing!!! Uncovering the athlete within. Once an athlete always an athlete! Change your mindset, change your life! ⚡️👊🏻 Believe in yourself! Set goals and be relentless in pursuing them! Be happy and enjoy the grind and the process! Don’t wait until you reach your goals to be happy. Goals are always a moving target so enjoy the journey! Lift heavy! Put in the hard work and grind daily toward your dreams! No excuses... Anything is possible! We got this! 🔥💪🏻💯. Please go follow @scott_getsfit
👉 FOLLOW: @Jgriff_Fit 👈 - You know, it’s funny, I’ve recently had someone very close to me (who’s opinion I care about) tell me that I’m FULL OF MYSELF. Tell me that I’ve CHANGED (no shit, right?). This shook me up. How could I be so misunderstood? - I spend my LIFE serving others, I’m extremely humble (if you actually know me), and I try to help/add VALUE to every situation, person & thing I ever come into contact with. This isn’t about me AT ALL, in my eyes. - I thought about this long and hard, and I came to a few conclusions 👇 - 1️⃣: Having SELF-BELIEF intimidates other people, and often gets misconstrued. There seems to be this stigma in our society that you can achieve AMAZING THINGS, but you AREN’T allowed to be proud of yourself & all the SACRIFICES you’ve made to get there. - 2️⃣: Achieving AMAZING THINGS often PERSONALLY OFFENDS other people. It’s a constant reminder that YOU did it, so they can too. But they haven’t- so they begin to spite you, rather than go get theirs. - Here I am, barely just GETTING STARTED with what I want to achieve in my lifetime.. haven’t even scratched the SURFACE- and I’m already experiencing people telling me I’ve changed on them. So once again, this got me thinking.. 👇 - OBVIOUSLY I’VE CHANGED. We all change. The only constant in life IS CHANGE. If you’re not changing over time, you’re not living & experiencing life. You’re not growing. 🌱 - So when I hear someone tell me “you’ve changed man, you’re full of yourself”- what I’m REALLY hearing them say is that they liked me better when I had very little going for me, because it made them COMFORTABLE to be around me. Now that I’ve leveled up my life & am CONFIDENT in who I am as a man- I make them uncomfortable in THEMSELVES, and god forbid- they don’t like that. 😏 - As you are on your own JOURNEY (that we call life); Keep GROWING, Keep STRIVING for more, and do not allow ANYONE or ANYTHING to stand in the way of YOU and what you want for your life. - This transformation has NOTHING to do with sets & reps and EVERYTHING to do with cutting out ALL THE BULLSHIT in my life, getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on what it is I want for my life, and going ALL IN on it. - 👉 @jgriff_fit
@weightlosstransformations has The BEST transformations, advice, humor and tips!💖 Follow for inspiration! - @weightlosstransformations @weightlosstransformations @weightlosstransformations Brought to you by @weightloss_fatloss ___________________________ Picture Shown is @claudiatomczyk Follow them to ask questions about their journey💖
@annapaulaferreira.coach I had been struggling to find a better shape until I realized how important it is to keep a mindset! Do you want to know what I’ve done? Follow me for some tips and inspiration @annapaulaferreira.coach
@activewithella.au @activewithella.au @activewithella.au . I was once a small girl, before gaining a whopping 60kgs/135lbs in under a year (2016 was the worst year of my life tbh)!!! I remember the shock of looking in the mirror as seeing somebody I didn’t recognise. I remember looking down at my calves when I sat on the floor and being shocked at how HUGE they were (check out the difference in this before and after!). I remember I couldn’t do a sit up, because my belly was in the way, and wanting to cry during every work out. . For some people when they lose weight, they change their mindset, and they keep it off forever. My story was a little different. I am an emotional eater, binge eater, food addict - whatever you want to call it, the point is food has controlled my life for as long as I can remember. . I’ve lost 25kgs and still have a longggg journey ahead. I’m learning to adapt a diet and lifestyle that is MAINTAINABLE. No fad diets here!! Restrictive diets nearly always result in me binge eating BADLY and gaining back twice as much weight. . The hardest thing for me right now is that I injured my lower back (disc bulge) and I can’t do a lot of the exercises and sports I love like soccer, running or muay Thai. Okay, maybe I lied about the running bit 😂😅 I have come to believe that this injury is the universes way of stopping me moving forward because I need to learn something about myself before I go on. . Everything happens for a reason. Every time I, or someone else becomes injured, I see it as an opportunity for personal growth. Of course it also sucks balls, but it’s all part of life and these are the things that force us to grow as people 🤗 . . If you’re interested in following my journey, follow me at @activewithella.au
@alysssamarie._ 6 years later... from eating brown sugar by the bag with a spoon, instant noodles, peanut butter by the jar, ravioli and I’m not kidding, the binge cycle/emotional eating was real and one of the hardest things probably to recover from. To now eating mainly whole foods and listening to my body, weather its workouts, what I’m eating and when to slow down and rest. Im still forever learning to listen to my body and what it needs. I stopped restricting myself. I stopped beating myself up over food I was eating that were/are labelled “bad”. I broke through all myths of every labeled weight loss diet out there. “Carbs at night are bad.” “Fat makes you fat.” “Eating small frequent meals boosts your metabolism.” I stopped putting resistance and pressure on an image and losing weight. And if workouts feel like a chore rather then enjoyable, your doing it wrong! Workout because you love yourself and your body at every shape. The second I realized that health is about what we eat and how we live ( stress/sleep/hormones ) and creating a healthy balance for myself is when my body on the outside started to follow to. SKIP. The. Diet. If how you eat now is not long term and sustainable then it won’t last. Just eat and eat well, good nourishing whole foods. Stop putting pressure on yourself nobody is perfect, health isn’t a one size fits all and it’s not going to look the same for everyone. Appreciate yourself for everything that you are, focus on what’s inside, the body will always follow a healthy happy inside. 💗 @alysssamarie._
📸: @activewithella.au I gained over 60kg in the year of 2016 and it was one of the hardest times of my life. Gaining so much weight in one year brought me to a dark place... The type of place that makes you realise you want your life back... I failed so many times but got back up every. Single. Time… I’ve now lost 25kgs to date! See what I look like now and keep up with my progress @activewithella.au where I also share more about my story and how I’m losing weight. I just started a 5 day juice and soup cleanse. I am SO SCARED, but also excited!!! I still have 35kgs until I reach my goal weight but ain’t nobody stopping me now ;) Credit: @activewithella.au Credit: @activewithella.au Credit: @activewithella.au Credit: @activewithella.au
@weightlosstransformations has The BEST transformations, advice, humor and tips!💖 Follow for inspiration! - @weightlosstransformations @weightlosstransformations @weightlosstransformations Brought to you by @weightloss_fatloss ___________________________ Picture Shown is @sheltoncarruth Follow them to ask questions about their journey💖
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