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most of you probably know how much I love @soulcycle and today I finished my #soultogether goal of 10 rides in october (every ride benefits @btwfoundation !!!), and I have to tell you, I am proud of myself. a year ago I honestly didn’t think I would be in this position. I didn’t know if my body would ever be strong enough to handle a soulcycle class again after being in eating disorder recovery and not being able to exercise for a year and a half. but today, I truly think my body is the strongest it has ever been. I don’t work out every day, and I’m not a size 2. but that doesn’t matter. what matters is that, I can say for the first time in my life, I am proud of the body I have. proud that I can walk into a candle-lit room, get on a bike, and dance for 45 minutes, without having forced myself to do so. proud that I can feel confident in leading a pack of warriors on the podium (or actually @isaacboots feels that confident in me.) I am amazed and inspired by the people I have met at soul, and will continue to be in every class I take. #soulpeoplearethebestpeople also thank you @kendallbowden for taking your FIRST class on such a special day for me❤️ soulcycle, I am just getting started🚲🚲🚲 also brb going to eat a cinnamon roll #findyoursoul #soulgifted
love you forever and ever. rest easy, best friend.
shoutout to lavender essential oils & Ovid
hello. to answer your question: yes, this is me. to answer your other question: 📸 📸 by @sub_urban_photography and my beautiful face was put on by @thealexleyva
still haven’t gone to the beach 🤪
alexa, play whip my hair . . 💇🏼‍♀️📸 by @chenoh.maia.hair
rain or shine since 1989 . . . . . #taylornation #reputationstadiumtour #fearless
just your local plant lady checking in
SUPERHAMPTONSMEMORIALDAYWKND ft. me waiting for my veggie burger • • • #butilivehere #hamptons #goodbyetourists !!! #help #ihatemyself also the #burger was good
if I did my math correctly we currently add up to 6 fully trained actors. #halfway #done #bitches #myfriendsaresotalentedandipromiseimnotcryingrightnowhaha #nyu
!!!hi this is weird for me to be vulnerable and open like this and writing this scared the shit out of me!!! being confident in who you are is hard. for anyone. some of you are aware that my cousin, nicole,  died a year and a half ago due to complications from her eating disorder. her passing gave me a reality check. some of you are aware that I was diagnosed with anorexia in my junior year of high school. at first, i was embarrassed to share this. but why be embarrassed about something you can’t control? it’s fucking hard to like what you see in the mirror. it’s fucking hard to see yourself the way others see you. after nicole died, i kept thinking… “why not me? it isn’t fair to her, right? i should have gone with her, right?” but, after nicole died, something changed in me. i actively sought help for the first time since my diagnosis. god knows i didn’t want to, but i did. i had intake calls and almost went to a residential treatment center for my second semester of college(how shitty would that have been?) BUT, instead, i was lucky to have enough support at home to be able to commute to school every day(stella adler fam you are the realest ❤️). this past year has been, by far, the hardest year of my life. i’m lucky that i’m even standing here today. but i am here to say that i am worth it. today, i feel confident. today, there is a purpose in my life. today, i want to share my story in hopes that i can help someone else similarly struggling. it’s NEDA (national eating disorders association) awareness week. if you or a loved one has signs of an eating disorder, please do not hesitate to get help. you are not alone. the earlier you intervene, the better chance you have of full remission. i will always love you, nicole. you are with me, every step i take. i wake up each day stronger than i was before. (this post consists of pictures of people who make or have made me feel beautiful & and artwork by my beautiful cousin, nicole.) #nedawareness #unfilteredbabyyyy
“Crazy Kids” -Ke$ha (2012)
can I submit this as my audition instead
two vegans walk into a bar —wait, a diner—wait, where was I going with this? #veganmozzarellasticksarereal
there are no accidents..... ONLY BAD DECISIONS #2Bornot2B
what's up guys
I went home for 2 seconds! ALSO: I saw @dearevanhansen for the 3rd time tonight and I was blown away for the 3rd time. Go. See. This. Show. And one last thing: Understudies? More like FUNderstudies!¡ #youwillbefound
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