We Love Long Beach

Connecting neighbors one block at a time. (We are a grassroots 501c3 nonprofit, not affiliated with the City of Long Beach)

Neighbors’ Table is We Love LB’s newest Citywide Event taking place on May 4th. The purpose of the event is to gather around the table with your neighbors and share a meal and friendly conversation with one another. • We will give every host table $25 gift card and a custom flyer to get you started because we think neighborliness is so valuable! • Interested or more details email info@WeLoveLB.org #welovelb #neighborstablelb
Join with us as we become even better at being builders of flourishing and beauty in our neighborhood streets. #welovelb #playstreetslb
Zip lining today. Name that park! #welovelb
Meet one of the Neighbors’ Table hosts, Barrie. She has been a We Love LB block connector for many years in her neighborhood of La Marina Estates. Barrie will be having her neighbors over for a little Saturday afternoon hangout. She has lived in LME for over 20 years & loves hanging & connecting with neighbors. If you are like Barrie & want to host a Neighbors’ Table on your block or want more details please email info@WeLoveLB.org #welovelb #neighborstablelb #connectingneighborsoneblockatatime
There are 5 Neighbors’ Tables happening so far in Long Beach with the purpose of getting to know our neighbors better. • The Neighbors’ Table is We Love LB’s newest citywide event happening on Saturday, May 4th. We invite you to create a fun table & ask your neighbors to join in and share a meal and conversation. For more details, email info@welovelb.org. . #welovelb #neighborstablelb
Imagine: what if your street was transformed for a couple hours into a Play Street? It could be a place where kids could play safely and freely, like when we were kids. • #playstreetslb #welovelb
Play Streets Long Beach is a new parent and resident-led initiative created by nonprofit We Love Long Beach to recover our residential streets as places for kids to play safely and freely. • Play Streets LB is going to Los Altos next in June. Any questions or more details email: info@welovelb.org #playstreetslb #welovelb
"You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together." Anthony Bourdain Join us in our newest citywide event on May 4th, Neighbors' Table. You create the table & invite your neighbors to join in the conversation. For more details, email info@welovelb.org. . . #welovelb #neighborstablelb #longbeach #community #connectionneighborsoneblockatatime #maythe4thbewithyouandyourneighbors
Last day to pre-order your We Love LB LOVE tees. We are only making a limited amount, so make sure to order to ensure you get yours! • Link in bio. #welovelb #connectingneighborsoneblockatatime #longbeach #pridelb
It’s normal to gather around the table with our family, friends, and coworkers. But have you ever shared a meal at your ‘Neighbors’ Table? • On Saturday, May 4th we invite you to share food, drinks, and friendly conversation with your nextdoor neighbors. Neighbors’ Table is our newest citywide event. • Interested in hosting or want more details please email us info@WeLoveLB.org #welovelb #neighborstableLB
Our first Play Streets LB Pilot happened in the West Side neighborhood September of last year! We are now on a ‘Citywide Play Streets Tour’ to get residents excited about the possibility of hundreds of Play Streets in Long Beach happening all the time on safe residential streets. #playstreetslb #welovelb
Please join our newest citywide initiative @playstreetslb on Instagram. #welovelb #playstreetsLB
What do kids do with giant legos? They build LEGO Forts! • This is Play Streets Long Beach one block at a time. #welovelb #playstreetslb
Play Streets Long Beach: Where kids can be kids again! • We Love LB’s next stop on our Play Streets Long Beach Tour, we are traveling East to the Los Altos neighborhood in June. #welovelb #playstreetslb
When we turn our streets into safe places where our kids can run, build, bike, and jump and where parents and neighbors can connect and enjoy one another, we call this Play Streets Long Beach. • We want your block to be a Play Streets, don’t you? • #welovelb #playstreetsLB #imagine
Just a little glimpse of the newest #welovelb initiative. Play Streets Long Beach is our new kids play movement where kids play safely and freely in their street. Can you imagine hundreds of these happening on blocks all over our city? Join with us! #playstreetslb #longbeach #welovelb #blockparty #connectingneighborsoneblockatatime
Meet one of our Neighbors’ Table hosts @stephwazzy Stephanie Wassmuth. Stephanie and her family have lived in the SoCo neighborhood for 10 months. • Stephanie is teaming up on Saturday, May 4th with her next door neighbor Shannon to host what they are calling The Heather Street Happy Hour. Their hope is that their block event would be a great opportunity to bring their next door neighbors together for something positive, and to get to know more of their neighbors better. • If you are like Stephanie and want to host a Neighbors’ Table on your block or want more details please email info@WeLoveLB.org #welovelb #neighborstablelb
Happy to receive our two Best of LB Awards tonight from the Long Beach Post. @longbeachpost - We Love LB board and staff had a fun time connecting with fellow Long Beach lovers! Thank you for the ❤️ and recognition. #welovelb #buildingcommunity
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