♥️🌼 09-20-1962 🌼♥️

Got to see my little baby nephew Julian again! He’s so adorable! I love him! ♥️💕♥️💕 #littleman #babyboy #helovestosing
I will always cherish this picture and memory of my mom and I ♥️. This was the last New Year’s Eve we spent with her before she got really sick. Two months after this everything changed, but I will forever cherish this memory because this day my mom was really happy ♥️😊. I love and miss you Mom but I know you’re in a better place. This was New Year’s Eve 2016/2017. Te amo mamá 🌼♥️
“I had a good run playing horses in my mind Left my heart out somewhere running Wanting strangers to be mine I would climb the Eiffel Tower Write letters on the sky How many turns it took to reach you” #beachhouse #sandiego
Taking it back to my third and final college graduation!👩🏻‍🎓 maybe 🤔 haha! I really like this picture of us @ajkitty ♥️ #graduationmemories
Spending Fourth of July at the Dodger game 😊💙 #dodgers #losangeles #ilovela #lovemynephew
This is Guapo 😊. I hadn’t posted a picture of him but he’s also my pet baby. It’s hard to get him to look at the camera so I did it after giving him a raspberry which he loves ♥️😊🐦 #petbaby #africangreyparrot #petsmakelifebetter
I always have fun with him hehe! ☺️♥️ #youremybestfriend #andiloveyou
My cohort and friends for the last two years in my graduate program. I’m so thankful to have met them. Everyone of them has an amazing heart ♥️. Although it was a difficult experience it was also a wonderful one because of them. We did it girls! 🤗 #csula #mastersdegree #classof2018 #childdevelopment
Yesterday was fun! ☺️ I’m so happy to have such amazing friends, you have made this school year more bearable. Thanks for all the support you have given me♥️😊
Taking a moment to acknowledge my boss, Dr. Ledesma, who has been such an amazing support to me since 2014 due to her loving and caring nature. She will forever hold a special place in my heart ♥️😊 #csula #childsevelopment #mybossisbetterthanyours
Beach House always comes through with a new album when I need them the most! Every song is perfect!🏝🏡 😊♥️🎶 🎼 #beachhouseband #beachhouse7
Horses!!! 🐴♥️ #bojack and #whitey #iloveanimals
Today was fun, saw dinosaur bones, and we ran into Nicholas Cage haha! 🤩 #naturalhistorymuseum #dinosaurs #nicolascage
Last Friday night 🌋♥️🌋 #datenight #edenvertigo
Moonlight🌕🌎 #lalune #csula #moonriver #mooninvirgo
A picture of my mom when she was a young lady❤️ I love her smile in this picture. After this my sister and i were born 💕. Thank you mom for always being my biggest motivation and strength, you will always be in my heart. Now you are my Angel. Thank you for the biggest love I’ve ever had, and for the most love I’ve ever felt. I love you and I will see you again one day 💕🌹🌼 te amo mamá, hoy y por siempre 💕
Happy New Years Eve 😊💕🥂🍾🎉 #bye2017 #twoyearsagotoday #ilovemysister #memories
Caught Luke yawning! 😹😸😻 #scarycat #funnyashell #icantstoplaughing #catfangs
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