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For me, there is no other way... 🎯
Instant repost. 🙏🏼 #mAnifest
#ThrowbackThursday • • 🔥 Turn The Page 🔥 📖
This guy. 🐐 @kingjames
If you’re brave enough, comment with your GOALS for March. 👇🏼 • • I want to double my client list by March 31. 🔥😎🔥 • • What is your mind set on?
I poured my heart and soul into this one... • • • “I wish somebody would try and take away my gratitude” - @ririzle • • • If you need some juice in your tank, plug this one in. ⚡️
HONORED to work with you @martinjreader 🤜🏼🤛🏼 • • Can I get a couple lessons on how not to spike into the net?? 🏐 🇨🇦🥇#CanadianLegends @pedlowsamuel 🙏🏼 #AudienceBuilder • • You next @caseypatt ??? 🤔 Holding it down for the 🇺🇸🥇
Email Sig Hustle 📧 • • LINK 2 VIDEO: https://goo.gl/e53xTE
The Neutral Space
@kerwinrae got me 🔥 up early this morning. TAG your inspiration below - spread the vibes 🙏🏼
think & grow rich.
Let me see what you are actually grAteful for below 👇🏼... • • Big-Ups to @dj.slinko for this TUUUUUNNNEEEEE 🔥
Singularity of focus....💣💨
I couldn’t agree with you more @tedginnjr_19 .... • • What do you guys think?? 😎
See it. Speak it. Seek it. Feel it. @thenotoriousmma
If you can see it in your mind - you can hold it in your hand... #mAnifest
Another IG hack for those of you hustlin’ out there and are looking to save yourself some time from editing all your videos into 15second clips for IG story… Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about... 🤔 [link in bio] - Wouldn’t it be nice to just record yourself in one streaming video and then have an app to cut it up for you… Well - Here ya go my bru’s… - - Got a @kylelucksfineart print coming courtesy of my bru @josephslucido to accompany the @andy_rocco prints in the studio.. - - Still some real estate left if you want to showcase your art on the studio wall… TAG an artist friend if you wanna get them involved. ✌🏼
For those of you who really need this tutorial... the link is in the bio 🤜🏼🤛🏼 #keephustlin • • • Big daps and hugs to my friends at @summitcoffee for the killer ☕️ that keeps me powered throughout the day! 😎 • • Who else likes those @andy_rocco canvas’s behind me... that white/red @jumpman23 is still available... give Andy a shout... let him know you dig his work... the kid is just getting started... 🎨 • • There’s still some wall space in the background... who knows an artist who would love to showcase some of their unsold work on the wall... Tag them in the comments 👇🏼👇🏼
Once you offer your affirmation to the Universe you awaken its collaborative spirit. @willsmith • • Burn the ships and start dying to live instead of living to die... 🔥
@lululemonmen - if I’m honest... it’s me - myself and I... • • What’s holding you back?? 🧐
#MindsetMonday • • #MLK stood up and led a nation - he told a story - narrated from the depths of his soul. What is your "WHY"? What is your DREAM and most importantly - what are you willing SACRIFICE for it?? • • Comment below with what you are willing to give to truly see your vision come into fruition?? 🧐
A little juice for your Monday... 😤😤😤 • • Which emoji best describes how this left you feeling?? re: @slamonline
It’s an inside out job... what tactics are working for you and your self-love right meow?
2.5 months ago I put down the podcast. I disconnected my mic and I shelved my message. You see, I had fallen victim to my own ambition - my own neurosis and most disappointingly, my own expectation. • • The Creating Space Podcast was developed from a sheer passion to grant a vibration to the chords of my heart. I spoke, in droves, and I was overwhelmed with your reaction. The message is most definitely not my own, however, for I am simply the conduit. • • Countless messages of inspiration, documentation’s of transformation and recounts of gratitude filled & continue to fill my inbox. I continue to respond individually in an effort to show my gratitude for your consistent loyalty to the words that flow from my connection to source energy. • • As the messages grew and the downloads strengthened, so did my grip upon my selfish desires for the direction and the outcome of the message. Ego was entering the equation and was suffocating the connective tissue between my heart and the message. Life and all it’s beauty slowly began to slip away from my craft. Can any of you relate? Have any of you squeezed something so intensely in fear of losing it that you create the loss? • • Yoga pulled me out - meditation gave me direction - and really supportive and much more experienced friends helped me find my way again... I picked up the mic again on Monday - yet this time it was my phone, and I was driving, and the flow was back. Almost as if I had scraped away the rust and removed the weathered tarnish. I’m a bit lighter - the expectations for perfection behind me, I think it’s time to revert back to the allowance of the message deciding it’s own path. • • I think I’ll take a backseat again... I hope you continue to tune in as the message evolves into much more than just personal development. I hope we can continue to support each other in our journeys to our own interpretations of what this experience should become for us. • • Whatever you connected to as your own truth for what you might be suffocating, release the grip and gently shelf your desire for control. You’ll know when it’s time to pick up the book and open that chapter again.. ✌🏼
Give @tombilyeu a few of your minutes today. • • “Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is birth the marble and the sculptor.” - Alexis Carrel
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