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I remember coming home each day of my senior year to a mailbox full of letters. Yet none were addressed to me. Colleges were sleeping on me. - Gutted… I would grab my ball, some beat up cones and a water bottle and I would head to the local park. I would smash the ball against the wall for hours, in 100+ South Carolina temperatures. - - They would regret sleeping on me... - 4 shorts years later, I was one of 52 players across the United States, and the second player ever from the College of Charleston, to be invited to the 2009 MLS Combine. 2 years after that, I would be selected as a fan favorite for a club that I will always call home, @whitecapsfc. - In 2014, through a massive knee injury, I was faced with the separation from the game of soccer and my identity as a soccer player. - 16 months later and after going through the most intense injury no one ever saw, the injury to my mind, I had signed a new contract. My knee was strong again, but my soul had moved on… I lasted just 9 months. - It was time to reinvent myself. - Through deep introspection and long sleepless nights, I was guided to the discovery of how my voice and my energy would surprise, shift and inspire people. The more I leaned into this newfound gift, the more my passion for it grew. - - This time I was guided to use my gifts to help others. This time it had nothing to do with me. - That led me to a podcast which then led me to entrepreneurship which then led me to a depleted bank account and a recurring problem. How was I going to pay rent? Better yet, how was I going to put food in my stomach… - Well… I kept going. I leveraged credit card debt to pay for online courses. I could figure this new game out if I stayed long enough... Sports taught me that. - Instead of hitting eject, I chose to buckle up a second seat belt and engage the roll cage. - Since then, big brands like @lululemon , @summitcoffee , @linebergerortho , @kadifit , @bloc and @chop2chisel have entered my life to support me in my mission to help others. - Life is different now... but my hunger remains... - - I hope your hunger never dies... - - You have to #KeepGoing ... - - Your dreams await you... 🎯
Man… has it been a long arduous journey since setting the podcast microphone down. - It was time to walk away. - The pAssion that I had for my mission had shifted. Rather, it had been overwhelmed with the pressure that comes along with the risk that coincides with becoming an entrepreneur. - What risk??? - - The risk of any semblance of comfort that comes along with working for someone else. Helping someone else build their dream life. - Some of you may be familiar with the risks… - - Each of them their own 2 headed demon… - - When you step off the ledge and begin the journey of lifestyle design the likelihood of failure is high… Super high… - However, part of the journey is developing your mindset to shifting your relationship with FEAR and recognizing the true gift of FAILURE. Quite frankly you realize how failure has been demonized. - Failure, my friends is simply a recalibration. - It’s a shift in perspective that can either make or break your spirit, for a moment or for a lifetime. - You decide.... #BigFacts - However, the cost of not pursuing a pAssion filled life that you have autonomous control over is one too scary to even begin. - So FEAR and FAILURE… I continue to shift the story that I tell myself about you so that I can focus my internal dialogue on creating a story that is in alignment with the future that I want to experience. - - That being a life focused on helping you continue to Create Space for a passion filled life of your own. - So today, I have brought on one of my great friends, @CarlPaoli , along with me to help you get clearer on your purpose and give you the tools to communicate it clearly and effectively to your audience. - - (It’s a FREE workshop...) - - He is the one of the best I have ever seen at this, especially on social media. - Follow him and you’ll see what I mean. - The link is in my bio… I hope you will take the time to invest in your mind… It’s simply the best investment that you could ever make.. - Love you guys… - Wes
You don’t need anyone else’s permission to build your best life. - - Just Go. 🏃🏼‍♂️💨 - - Its not about the number in your bank account or the numbers on your social handles... - - Success in 2018 is spelled like this: - - Fulfilled... 🎯 - - If you don’t love what you wake up to each day... fucking change it... stop complaining and pivot. #BigFacts - - Do me a favor: 💬 Use the paper airplane button to send this to someone who you know needs to give themselves the permission to stop stalling and GO after their dreams. 🚀
Today is the day you stop hoarding your pAssion and your unique Ability from the 🌍.
Prioritize prAise. - - I “see” you guys hustlin’. Even more, I see those of you unabashedly being you. - Do me a favor. #KeepGoing
Your thoughts can make or break your boundaries... #mindOVERmatter @tombilyeu Type YES if you agree. 🙋🏼‍♂️
Pouring gasoline on the fire in your soul... 🔥 cc: @thebigpygmy
Shoot your Shot 🏀... cc @stephencurry30 🔥
“A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off.” - Napoleon Hill
Happy birthday to the 🐐!! #50 @willsmith
Even if “it” doesn’t work out... “you” will work out. #stArtagAin
When you’re in the vortex and are totally connected to vibrational alignment... 🙏🏼
start again....
Mental illness touches everyone... 😢 • • RIP @macmiller - your gift got me through my rookie season slumps... • • Thank you for choosing to fearlessly be you... • • because you chose to be more of you... I got to experience a little bit more of me... 🙏🏼 • • Love ya homie 🌊 • @thafool
32nd Birthday Caption Contest... 🌊• • Best caption wins the @andy_rocco painting of @cameron1newton ✌🏼 • • • SWIPE LEFT ——> 👀
@kk_mr99 doesn’t give FEAR an inch...
Convert your Fear 2 Fuel.
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