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Even if “it” doesn’t work out... “you” will work out. #stArtagAin
When you’re in the vortex and are totally connected to vibrational alignment... 🙏🏼
start again....
Mental illness touches everyone... 😢 • • RIP @macmiller - your gift got me through my rookie season slumps... • • Thank you for choosing to fearlessly be you... • • because you chose to be more of you... I got to experience a little bit more of me... 🙏🏼 • • Love ya homie 🌊 • @thafool
32nd Birthday Caption Contest... 🌊• • Best caption wins the @andy_rocco painting of @cameron1newton ✌🏼 • • • SWIPE LEFT ——> 👀
@kk_mr99 doesn’t give FEAR an inch...
Convert your Fear 2 Fuel.
You will become what you WILL to become.
Stay in your own lane. • • Run your own race... 🏃🏼‍♂️💨
when the haters say you’ll never reach your dreams.... @juice_landry #blessem
Caption this.... 🌊
There is so much pain in this world and people you know are afraid to face their darkness. - This is where you come in... - We need more Warriors of Light walking this planet with the intention of helping pull people out of the depths of mental slavery. - TAG someone you know who is doing great work in the world to help heal, redirect and inspire others towards a passionate and purposeful life... - Those of you who take the time to TAG will be an early entry to win the SWAG GIVEAWAY only for #CreatingSpaceTribe members. - No idea what the #CreatingSpaceTribe is?? - That’s cool too… - Check the link in my bio for the info on the newest wave. 🌊 - I can’t wait to spread more good vibes to ONE of you each week for the next 4 weeks! ✌🏼 - You guys deserve it.. - Vibes your way 🌊 - #Aligned #grAteful #mAnifest
Reprogramming your mind starts with a choice to approach life in a different way. The shift turns to a practice when you can celebrate the small wins during the journey. Those small wins will be what give you the belief and the confidence to survive the challenges along the way. Keep Moving Forward. • #Aligned #Present #grAteful
The ideas, the inspiration and the energy will only enter when you give them the space. • • How you approach the pause will be reflected in your time to push. • • Beating yourself up will only prolong the process. • • It’s coming. • • Will you recognize the moment when it arrives? • • Will you be ready when it does?
Yesterday I sat in a business conversation with a Charlotte 40 under 40 CEO. - I was picking his brain on a new business venture and accepting his guidance while still holding my fair place in the conversation. - I belonged there. I had earned it. - It hasn’t always been this way, though. - Just 3 short years ago today, I belonged no where else other than the locker room, the training pitch and the game field. - I didn’t know why I wanted to move on from playing. I was having a career year and playing alongside an incredible group of players, coaches and organization in @northcarolinafc ⚽️ - Something inside me was screaming. “It’s time to go”. The more I tuned in the louder the call rang. It was now too loud to ignore. I had to answer it. - So I jumped. - For the first time. - As exhilarating as it was, the first pivot ultimately led me to the next pivot. - Which then led me to another pivot. - The micro-pivots have continued all along the way. Do not be fooled, the failures have been the catapults to any successes. - However, you will only recognize how critical your failures are when looking in hindsight. - Today, I want to salute you, the individual reading this who is desperately looking to build the courage to step out and embrace the adventure of building a life they are IN LOVE with. - You most certainly CAN and you WILL as long as you don’t allow yourself to be seduced by the FEAR that ensues anytime you begin a new path. - Simply put. - If this guy can do it, anyone can. - Go get it. Desire, Belief and some Faith are the only tools you need to get started... 😤 - Don’t die with regret. There are enough DREAMS resting in the graveyard already. - I love you guys. ✌🏼 #KeepGoing
Find the gift. Develop the gift. Share the gift. #stAyAlive
Who are you when times get tough? #stAyAlive • • Tag the most #relentless person you know. 😤
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