Try to keep my pace, but they want it faster🗣👥👤don’t scroll down too far😂😂 President of class of 2020❤️😝& band

Merry Christmas bitch🎅🏻
Just a bit of our history project but without our horrible parody cover😂
Happy spooky season
The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole(also just let me enjoy thinking that my pics are artistic😂)
Wow three consecutive band posts, call it what you want😂
The season of marching band pictures is now here😂
My current status... insomniatic
“Superman or super trash?”😂 - @ruby_segura56
Marching band season 2018-2019!!😻 #twins
Thank you @annabelletexter for being the mother of the best person with the best heart in the world❤️the world should not only celebrate on her birthday, but everyday of her life
NSLC was great! I won’t forget it
Wow it’s been a hot minute since elementary😂
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