Try to keep my pace, but they want it faster🗣👥👤don’t scroll down too far😂😂 President of class of 2020❤️😝xc,& band

Prom 2k18💙💚
I will always smile as long as @_scuttle_bug_ is around❤️😊I love you so much!!!! Happy birthday
Hop in😂 let’s go somewhere
In the second pic courtnie is driving in the Jeep in the kids section of the library so we’re screaming
Brittany said yes❤️#prom
What’s wrong with being confident
Love you kaylin!! Your party was amazing and beautiful❤️❤️I guess this is my birthday post to you😂❤️
It’s starting to feel like summer
I wish I took more photos in New York but maybe 200 is enough
What a day😜
Merry Valentine’s Day!!
Nothing but love❤️😊
I love my cat❤️❤️
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