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What if we walked? 👣👣 ➳ two slow travellers exploring the world on foot ✱ now: Italy ✎ walking travel guides & inspo on our blog:

Refresh 🌿 Our perked-up blog is up and running, with a new blog post published today too. Jeez, are we glad that that's (largely) done. The new house-warming post is about slow travel: what it actually means to us, why we feel it's important as a travel attitude in 2019, and tips on how you can be more of a 'slow' traveller. Go have a look and have a wander around the new site too. Our aim was to make it fun for you to explore, be able to show more of the stuff we've done, and give us more space to grow. We'd ~like~ to say we want feedback, but at the moment we just want to sit on the sofa with crisps watching Luther. No more website stuff, please God, no. Have a good weekend everyone! • • • • • #slowtravel #exploreobserveshare #iamtb #travelblogger #exploreshareinspire #theconstantlycurious #ichosetowander #teamkaptainkenny #finditliveit #exploremore #winterstories #coffeegram #theslowdowncollective #ofquietmoments #artofslowliving #whatitalyis #ilikeitaly #Wearetravelgirls #nomadgirls #theeverygirltravels
Squirreling away on our website as we are (is that light at the end of the tunnel? Is it a train? Who knows) is however a good time for us to reflect on travel. We've been thinking about where to go next and what we should prioritise when we do travel. For us, we try for real immersion. Getting up early and staying up late, having moments of exhilaration where your lungs explode (like here) & moments of calm where you can feel the wind, or hear the waves, or touch the rough ground beneath your feet. What do you want out of travel? And where will you go? Snowshoeing with Collett's Mountain Holidays {gifted} • • • • • #toboggan #tobogganing #snowday #somuchsnow #snow2019 #moresnowplease #dolomitesunesco #italiandolomites #corvara #dolomititiamo #whatitalyis #ilikeitaly #italiabella #dontforget2move #adventurebeautifully #creativetravelcouples #travelustcouples #couplesthattravel #instatravel #ichosetowander
A tale of two realities Snowshoeing up the Dolomites here, whereas in reality we're at home working on redoing our website. Not something we're particularly enjoying! Why is it so hard!? Send help in the form of fresh coffee, those amazing vegan Candy Kitten sweets... and maybe a web developer. Snowshoeing with @collettsmountainholidays {gifted}
Living out of the comfort zone That was us on this morning, heading out on our own on our snowshoes for the first time. So the blog post up today is for anybody that finds that idea intriguing, scary, or a bit of both. We've called it 'How to walk in snowshoes’ - it’s all the simple things you’d want to know, so you know we're explaining everything right from the beginning, no question too obvious. Because going beyond what you usually do is a whole lot easier when you have someone to nudge you into doing it (ie us). Have a look via the link in the bio now Snowshoeing with @collettsmountainholidays {gifted} • • • • • #southtyrol #dolomites #dolomiti #italia #ilikeitaly #discoveritaly #mountainviews #earthoutdoors #beautifuldestinations #stayandwander #adventureinspired #walkinthesnow #hikingadventures #worldnomads #traveltagged #iamtraveler #travelcouple #creativetravelcouples #coupleswhotravel
Adventures to the frozen lake with the cabin in the ice Used our new @homeofmillican bags all week while we snowshoed in the Dolomites. They carried our snowshoes, food, everything. Funny to see this photo though with the bottle in the side pocket - it soon froze up if you left it there! Millican bag - gifted Snowshoeing with @Collettsmountainholidays - gifted
Since snowshoeing up to this beauty point in the Dolomites we wondered: where else can you go snowshoeing in Europe? Turns out, lots of Europe is completely head-over-heels for snowshoeing. So we've featured our top 5 snowshoe destinations on the blog today, thinking about everything from budget to beauty. There are some real European beauty spots in there as well as some surprises we've thrown in - can you imagine how amazing it'd be to scoot around them in snow? Link in the bio & let us know which one is your favourite! Have to say thank you to @carmenhuter for the Dolomiti shot inspiration for this one. Snowshoeing with @Collettsmountainholidays #gifted #dolomites • • • • • #winterhiking #snowshoeing #winteradventures #mountains #cabinstyle #mountainlife #adventureenthusiasts #adventuretravel #hikinglife #mustbesouthtyrol #dolomiti #ilikeitaly #italia #discoveritaly #europe_vacations #theconstantlycurious #culturetrip #thebestescapes #travelandleisure #traveltagged #lonelyplanet #mytinyatlas
New blog posts ❅ snowshoeing ❅ What when where how Happy Sunday folks! We've been busy writing up all our snowshoeing revelations and have been thinking up all kinds of things you might want to know. All three posts we've done are up on the blog now, but we'll introduce them one by one: the first is our complete amateur experience of snowshoeing with Collett's. What is was like plus our 3 favourite day hikes we did while there. If we do say so ourselves, perfect reading for a cold evening in January. Link in the bio (where else) Snowshoeing with @collettsmountainholidays #gifted #dolomites • • • • • #travelblog #snowshoeing #takewalks #whpmovement #hikingadventures #thisismyadventure #widenyourworld #winterhiking #winterwalking #roamtheplanet #pathport #italy #italygram #ig_italia #ilikeitaly #discoveritaly #shetravels #girlswhohike #wearetravelgirls #iamtb #ichosetowander #teamkaptainkenny
In every walk in nature, one receives far more than one seeks ✾ John Muir Even now, just looking at this photo, we're still feeling the overwhelming after-glow of snowshoeing in the Dolomites. It enabled us to access views like this. This picture actually reminds us of those vintage National Park travel posters you see, the ones with the inspiring descriptions at the bottom. Like 'Glorious Horizons', or 'Protecting Wild Life' (love that space between wild and life). What would this one be called? Snowshoeing with @collettsmountainholidays #gifted
Snowshoeing: Day 1 We really didn't know what to expect. Neither of us have skied before, so strapping up our feet to long plastic planks was quite the alien concept. We'd wanted to try snowshoeing for ages but what if we couldn't ~actually~ walk? Turns out -as it so often does- we needn't have worried. Snowshoeing is just hiking, with a bit of added 'shoosh' - the little sound they make as you walk and they glide across the snow, spreading your weight imperceptibly. Swimming, not sinking. Snowshoeing with @collettsmountainholidays #gifted • • • • • #snowshoeing #winterhiking #hikinglife #walkingthesnow
❅ New adventure: in the Dolomites ❆❅ If you've caught our Insta Stories over the past week you'll know we've been out in one of our bucket list destinations: the otherworldly Italian Dolomites. We've been here trying our hand (feet?) at snowshoeing for the very first time. Tell us, have you ever been snowshoeing before? If you have no idea what we're talking about really a) stay tuned, and b) we're answering some questions up on IG Stories now! Snowshoeing with @collettsmountainholidays #gifted
'The only problem is,' the woman-at-the-start-of-the-walk said, 'You might find there isn't enough snow for winter walking. Can confirm: definitely definitely enough snow for us! In all honesty though, are you maybe a bit afraid of snow? Magical and yet intimidating? We've got a blog post for you, up now about winter walking here in Austria. And go check our Insta Stories to see us being complete amateurs at our new winter walking adventure - would love to know your thoughts!
New blog post: winter walking in Innsbruck, Austria We've written about winter walking and our recommendations for doing it while in Innsbruck on the blog today - the link is in our bio. We loved getting out there and it really is easy. But. We also are aware there has been huge snowfall in the Alps the last few days and weeks. Dangerous levels - people have died. And it continues to fall. So we have a simple caveat: be aware. Going out and exploring on foot is amazingly fun, but checking with local tourism offices for things like weather forecasts, snow levels, what is open or recommended, is vital. Wear warm clothing, don't overstretch yourself, and take advice. We've put our blog out there because we still want to encourage and inspire - but safely so. So we wrote this caption to start a conversation: what do you do to stay safe while travelling?
How to hut and hike in Austrian Tirol First we headed to the Innsbruck tourist office. They chatted to us about possible routes in the mountains that were open (also safe, which is v important) and scenic. Then we took a bus out along winding snowy roads, to a little roadside village. As temperatures hovered a few below zero we walked through the midday and afternoon over the plateaus. Iced forests, black huts, ankle-deep snow and mountain mountain mountain. We brought snacks and water. The only other people we met were walkers whose dog took fright at our tripod. "He's never seen anything like that before," they said to us. Then as the day was fading, back on the bus to Innsbruck. Simple. #myinnsbruck
What is winter walking, anyway? And what's it like? You might think once the snow arrives and the trails ice up, it's all about waiting for summer to go hiking again. But not so. We wanted to show you the fun of tramping about in snow-covered wilds, and out of all the research we did, Austria really stood out as the perfect place for it. Tirol specifically, Innsbruck even more specifically! The area has a huge variety of trails open and people are actively encouraged to walk in winter. It's walking, but on snow - simple. Surreal, pristine, wonderland-ish, with no one about. We had warm clothes, hiking boots (snowshoes weren't really needed when we were there in December) and made sure we chose walks to fit the (short) daylight hours. It was a snowy blast of joy. Blog & more posts coming soon about winter walking but let us know anything you'd like to know about our experience in the comments!
First stop in 2019: Austria! Ok, technically we visited in the back of December but we’re sharing it now, and it’s our first time in Austria ever! We arrived in Innsbruck to do some backyard exploring and this magnificence was the backyard – Austria, why have we waited so long to come here? Tell us if you’ve been to Austria before, and where?
What we do: 2019 edition Now it’s the new year, we’ve been thinking over what it is we’re actually offering out here in the travel blogging world. And y’know, the travel idea behind our Instagram, our blog, our lives even, is pretty simple. Just go out and walk. You don’t have to be fit, you don’t have to have a great deluge of gear, or be a certain ‘type’. Just go out and see a slice of the world on your own two normal feet. That’s what we did, that’s what we do, and that’s what we want to inspire you to do as well. 2019. Come with us – let us show you.
Our best of 2018: the future We’ve had an incredible year, full of adventures. We’ve also had a hard year - it’s felt like we’ve been constantly asking ourself questions about our identity, our direction. We’ve wondered, we’ve worried. But we’re curious. Still infinitely curious about what’s out there, curious about what’s next. Happy new year to us all. We hope for a brave and curious 2019!
Our best of 2018: Nell’s pick Nell’s favourite trip of 2018 goes back to April, when we arrived on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The most magical of islands, we were so excited to be back here - but we were so so tired from previous walks. Think we just sat eating hot bakery bread for about three hours after we arrived in Portree, Skye’s biggest town. So instead of a long walk we just hopped around the island, little loops or out-and-backs through mountains and seascapes. It was little bits of wild all week and reminded us walking could be light, easy, magical. Nell’s resolution: more little magic
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